Page 1 man Franke Triflow man Care and Maintenance Page 2

Page 1 man Franke Triflow man Care and Maintenance Page 2
mam Franke Triflow
вин Care and Maintenance
mmm Installation Guide
mam Important
Please read all sections of this document, study the typical installation and plan your layout prior to
starfing work
1 Toke care with the plastic tubing — scralches and
scores where the connections are made will cause
leaks. If you need lo cut the tubing, vse a sharp
blade and chamfer the cut end.
2 Push the plastic tube completely in when making
the “Push Fil connections info the cop - Diagram В.
3 Position the plastic tubes neolly to avoid side
strain and the possibility of accidental damage.
4 If you need to remove the tubes from the ‘Push Fir’
connections, use your thumb ond forefinger to hold in
the collar [see diag B) while gently pulling the tube
out. Before re-inserting the tube, trim the length back
by 1” and chamfer the end
5 ‘Water must flow through the filter in the direction
of the arrow molded in the top of the cap.
6 For optimum filler performance use the service
valve lo set the pure water flow al 2%-3% pints/min.
7 Recommended minimum pressure to housing 25psi
[1.7 bar. Maximum pressure 75 psi [5 barl.
8 Connect tube with RED end cap to HOT supply
Connect tube with BLUE end cap to COLD supply.
Connect tube with BLACK end cap to Non return ‘
connector to RINSE сийе!
Connect tube with GREEN end cap to FILTERED supply
9 The recommended maximum temperature of the
hot water supply to the Triflow mixer tap is 185°F.
10 Check system carefully for leaks.
11 After installation, if building work is to be carried
oul near the Franke Triflow Faucet, it should be
covered lo prevent paint, tile adhesive elc.,
damaging the surface finish.
This is particulary important for finishes other than
12 Please ensure that the installation complies with
the local Plumbing Codes.
Diagram A - Non return housing;
Washer positions and connections
Diagram B - Push fit connections
Diagram C - Sink support;
For use with sheet metal sinks
L=1" Blue L
58" Green |
Tuba with black cap
In‘ = Осаго
Flex from rinse
mmm Introduction
The Franke Triflow is the first of a new generation of appliances designed for today’s
modern kitchen. Sophisticated production techniques, modern processes, and
advanced filtration materials are used in the manufacture of the product to allow
maximum durability, reliability and effectiveness. Attention to the notes and
diagrams printed in this leaflet will assist you in maintaining both the appearance
and operating efficiency of your Franke Triflow system — please read them carefully.
mun Operation
A unique feature of the Franke Triflow is the three operating valves — one each to
un the flow of hot, cold and filtered water. Each handle is clearly labelled: hot,
cold and pure for the Tradition model, or color coded: red for hot, blue tor cold,
and green for filtered for the Corinthian model. The flow from full-off to full-on is
adjusted by simply rotating the handles a quarter turn — forward for hot and cold, to
the left for filtered.
Important. Each time the filtered water is turned on, allow it to run for a few
moments to drain the small amount of residual water in the pipework between the
faucet and the filter. |
mun The Rinse Spray |
The rinse is operated by simply pressing the button on the back of the spray unit
while the Triflow mixer is in operation. This diverts the water from the outlet of the
Triflow to the rinse.
mam Care & Maintenance
You will find a freepost card in the white plastic customer wallet, on which is printed
a unique serial number — please return it to register your purchase. Registration will
ensure you receive a reminder when a cartridge change is due, and will assist us in
dealing with your inquiries.
mun The Filter
Cartridge Changes — The housing of the filter contains a replaceable element. This
cartridge is constructed in two parts — an outer shell of microporous ceramic that
removes particles down to below 1 micron in size, enclosing an extruded core of
filtration materials, dedicated to the removal of a range of chemicals, includin
chlorine. You will find instructions explaining how to change the cartridge in he
customer information wallet.
Important. In order to maintain ml performance and flow rates from your
system, it is necessary to change the cartridge every six months.
After six months use the ‘Matrix’ core begins fo lose its effectiveness, coincidental to
which you may notice a significant slowing down of the filtered water flow as the
ceramic outer section of the cartridge begins to clog with contaminants.
Premature Clogging — This may be a problem where contaminant levels are high. It
most commonly occurs where extensive plumbing work has been carried out, in a
new home, or where a new kitchen has been remodeled, and may. necessitate the
purchase of a replacement cartridge inside the standard 6 month service interval.
mmm Spare Parts
mum *Where indicated specify color
Corinthian Nozzle
(8 lpm Flow Control)
Blue-FR9435* —
Green-FR9436* FR9444" Hot
27 Seal Kit FR9445* Cold
— fFroa0o FR9446* Pure
говне (О) ú «13 B
(Porcelain) au
Corinthian +
Handle FR9437
FR9146 FR9145 FR9146 FR9145
Cold & Pure Hot Cold & Pure Hot
a «1 a «y ¿09 4 «Ma
Valve Valve
Replacement Kits Replacement Kits
FR961 Fi
Йа о-ва
FR9615 —— —
Tube Kit Serial
Traditional Nozzle
(8 lpm Flow Control)
Tee Seal Kit
mam The Triflow Faucet
Cleaning — The Franke Triflow 3 way faucet itself requires little routine maintenance
beyond the occasional cleaning of the plated or painted finish with a soft cloth and
warm soapy water. Do not under any circumstances use abrasive liquids, powders,
or scouring pads to clean the faucet.
Limescale — The aeration screen fitted to the hot/cold water outlet may need
occasional cleaning, especially in hard water areas. This is accomplished by
unscrewing the outlet in an counter direction, dismantling and leaving the inner mesh
screen immersed over night in vinegar or lemon juice. Do not use chemical
descaling liquids.
mmm General Information
1 The Franke Triflow is not a water softener, and unlike some jug filters, does not
remove the minerals essential fo good health and taste. In hard water areas, calcium,
erhaps the most essential of these minerals forms a precipitate when the water is
boi . Most commonly this forms a scale in the kettle, and in extreme cases,
appears as white flecks in the boiled water or as a surface film on tea and coffee.
A convenient remedy for this problem is to use one of the new generation of ketfles
now available. These kettles incorporate a special screen which removes the
precipitate but not essential minerals thereby complementing the use of your Triflow
2 If you plan to be away from home for more than 3 - 5 days we recommend
turnirig off the main water supply to the filter. Once turned on again allow the water
to run for a few moments belore use.
3 Take care when moving things under the sink unit or you may cause a"leak by
damaging the plostic tubes leading to and from the filter housing.
4 When comparing the taste of the filtered water with the untreated water use a
clean glass and drink the filtered water first.
mmm Service & Parts
For outotwarranty maintenance and repairs, other than routine cartridge chonges,
we recommend you employ a Registered Plumber {you will find your warranty card
in the customer wallet).
Before ordering spare parts, determine the correct reference number from the
exploded diagram on the inside front cover. Quote this number, and where
appropriate, the color of your faucet.
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