WARS ,m~~~~
Reference Card: IBM/Tandy & 100% Compatibles
U PGRADE S: We will rcplaf.: c your Dragon Wars 5.25" di sks with one 3 .5" di s k if you send us yo ur original dis ks
(n ot thl' box) and a check for $5 .00. See th e address on the manu al's ins ide front cover.
Yo u must play with a non-write-protected backup of Disk One, and we
recomm end yo u pl ay onl y with backups of both di sks. Back up your dis ks onto
blank dis ks. (Refer to your DOS manual on how to make backups.) If you want to
play Dragon Wars from your hard dis k, copy all th e fil es from both di sks into a
subdirecto ry. (We suggest m aking one called DW). Refe r to your DOS m anual on
how to make directori es and copy fil es.
I. Boot your co mputer with DOS . If you have a m ouse, make sure it is conn ected
and the drive r install ed.
2. Insert your backup Dragon Wars Disk l , and type DRAGO N <Ent er>.
,1 . T o configure D ragon Wars to your sys tem, type DRAGON CO NFIG <Enter>.
The fi rst tim e you play Dragon Wars, it w ill autom atically run th e
configu ra ti on program .
4. Follow th e instruct ions on the screen for th e configuration progra m . If you
would li ke to save your sel ec ti ons to di sk so th at you don't have to run the
configu ratio n program each ti m e you want to play, type "S" at th e main screen .
T o transfer charac ters from Bard 's T alc I or II, use th e following steps:
From a floppy di sk:
l . Form at a blank disk.
2. Copy th e fil es Datal and dwtran from Dis k One onto th e blank di sk.
3. Copy • .tpw from your Bard 's T ale I Charac ter di sk and • .tw from your Bard 's
T alc II Character disk ..
4. Run th e dwtran program fro m your newl y crea ted disk and follow th e direc tions
on screen.
5. Copy Datal from your new di sk onto your backup D is k One.
From a hard disk:
I. While in yo ur DW subdirec tory, copy • .tpw fro m your Bard 's Talc I Charac ter
disk and • .tw from your Bard's Tale II Character disk ..
2. Run dwtran from the DW subdirectory and follow th e directions on screen.
Note that transferring characters will destroy any existing charac ters and saved
gam e . Your characters will not be transferred perfectly, either; expect them to
lose all of their magic items and m ost of their power and spells. Transferred
characters get 12 character points. Once your party has starte d the game, press "X"
to distribut e the points.
If you are playing for the first time, the computer will list th e four starting
characters and ask if you wan t to begin . You may press "B" to begin a ga me of
Dragon Wars with this party, or you may delete some or all of th e characters and
create your own. (See "Creating Characters.") T o delete a character, press the
character's number and then press "D " to delete. From this list, you can also
rename and vi ew characters with the " R" and "V" keys. lA quick note
throughout Dragon Wars: Whenever you 're prompted to hit ESC, you may also
press the space bar.)
If you have a gam e in progress that you have saved before, the computer will ask if
you want to Begin a new game, or Continue your old ga m e. Pressing "C" will
resume the game where you left off; pressing "B " will destroy your saved game
and start your characters from scratch with a new game. Any acc umulated
experience will be retained, but all items will
be lost.
You can create a character if there are 3 or fewe r
characters in your current party. (You can
make room by deleting so me characters.) ·Press
"C" from the character list at the start of th e
game to creat e a character. N ew characters
cannot be crea ted in a continued gam e.
After deciding on a nam e and sex for yo ur
character, you'll be presen ted with a list of
skills, as shown to the right. Use the keys A
through E. your mouse. or th e up and down
arrow keys to select an abi lity, and then usc the
Bonehead has 50 left.
Amount Cost
A) Strength
: 10
B) Dexterity :10
C) Intell .
: 10
D) Spirit
E) Health
+ add 1
- subtract 1
z next menu
: 10
+/-keys or the left and right arrow keys to spend points to increase yo ur skills.
The number under" Amount " shows your current level of that skill, and the
number under "Cos t" shows how m any points it will cost to increase that skill by
one level. The other skills arc shown on the other two skill screens, which you
can reach by pressing the "Z " key. (The sam e keys arc used to select your skills
on the ot her two skill sc reens, too.)
When yo u have adjusted yo ur character to you r satisfaction, press ESC or the space
bar to return to the initial character m enu.
(through door)
T he m ovem en t keys shown to the left will take
yo u where you want to go when walking around
the Dragon Wars world. If there is a door in
front of you, the "K" key or the up arrow key
will make yo ur party try to open it. If th ere is a
secret or concealed door in the wall in fro nt of
yo u, "K" will try to sm ash it in. You may also
use the arrow keys to navigate aro und. The left
and right arrows turn you to the left an d right;
the up arrow docs a "Kick forward, " and th e
down arrow makes you do a 180 degree
about- face .
The number keys and keys in this table correspo nd to th ese ac ti ons:
Key Effect
Key Effect
Cast spell
S Save game
Dismiss character
U Use item or skill
X Experience screen
Quit game
<CTRL>-S Combat sound on/off
<AL T >-<Fl> ... <Fl 0> Create macro
Cast spell: The program will prompt yo u for who should cast th e spell, what class
of magic you wish to cast, what type of spell (Com hat, Heal, or Miscellaneous),
and finally the spell name. Type the first letter of the selections you wish. If the
spell lets you invest variable amounts of power in its casting, you 'll also be
prompted for a number of power points.
Dismiss character: If you want to get rid of a character from yo ur party, pick this
option . It will work on both player characters (t hose you create) and NPCs (those
you recruit in your journeys). Warning: If you dismiss a character, that character
is gone forever, along with all items, spells, and abilities'
Order: This option lets you pick a new marching order for your characters. You'll
want to put the characters with the best AV, DV, and AC in the first four
character slots, because only the first four slots can hit opponents with weapons
or be hit by opponents. Magic and missile weapons can be used from any slot.
Quit: Exits Dragon Wars, abandoning the present game to DOS. Be sure
Save Game before quitting if you want to save your progress'
Save game: Saves your current characters and position so you can resume later.
Only one game can be saved on the Dragon Wars di sk.
Use: This multipurpose command lets you usc an item, skill, or attribute. After
pressing " U" for " Use, " you will be prompted for which character (type a number)
and whether an item, skill, or attribute is being used (press I, S, or A). If you pick
"S" for Skill, you'll further be asked whether the skill is a Lore skill, a Knowledge
skill (including the Magic skills and Bureaucracy), or an Ability (most other skills).
Then you'll be asked what you want to do from a final list of skills or items. After
picking what you want to do, you may be asked for a target; for instance, with
Bandage skill, you'll be asked which character you want to bandage . When you
find a spell scroll, Use the scroll to read it. If you have the appropriate magic skill,
you will then remember that spell forever.
Experience: This command brings up the character point allocation screens (sec
Creating Characters on page 2). If you ' re notified that a character gains a level,
you may wish to go to the Experience screen so yo u can usc the newl y gained
character points to learn some skills immediately.
Automap: This brings up the overhead view that shows where you have travelled
on the present map. In Automap, you may usc the 1-J-K-L keys or arrow keys to
move up, left, down, and right on the overhead view. Black areas are places you
have not entered; you must walk through an area to place it on the automap.
Number keys and arrow keys: You may press any number key to bring up the
View screens for a character. The left and right arrow keys adjust the speed of
message display during combat. You may also advance to the next message simply
by pressing any key.
Creating macros: Type <ALT>- <Fl> ... <FlO> to begin creating a macro for that
function key. (e .g. Type <ALT>- <F3> to begin a macro for <F3>) . The macro may
contain up to 32 keystrokes, but may not include an existing macro. when
finished, type <ALT>-<Fl> ... <FIO > to save it off, using the same function key you
used to start the macro. NOTE: Macros will not be saved when you save your
View . ..
General overview
To use your macro, simply press the appropriate functi on
key (<Fl> ... <FIO>) to play it back exactly as you recorded
Low magic
When viewing a character, either by typing the character' s
Sun magic
number or clicking on the character with the mouse, you 'll
Mise magic
first be presented with the choices at left. Choosing
" Abilities " will give you a list of the character's skills and
levels; choosing one of the magic
classes will give you a list of the
Kreeplowe's statistics
known spells in that magic class.
Spr : lO
.str : l4
Picking "General Overview" wi ll
Attack: 6 Defense: 6 Level : 1 AC : 2
bring up a list of most of the
Health 12/14
Stun 6/14
character's attribu tes and equipment,
Power: 0/0
Exp: 573
and it's on this screen that your
Carried items
character can equip items for use.
High magic
Druid magic
A) Gold
B)-Battle Axe
C) Bolts
The screen to the right is an example
of a General Overview for Kreeplowe .
At the top of the screen arc his
attributes . "Attack " shows his AV and "Defense" shows DV . Note that a " 12/
14" Health means that Krecplowe has been hurt for 2 points of Health . If he 's hit
for 12 more points of damage, he will die. You may press any letter that 's ne xt to
a carried item if you want to Trade the item to another character, Drop the item
for good, or Equip the item so you have it ready for usc instead of just toting it
around .
If you press " A" for your gold when looking at the General Overview, you 'll get a
screen wh ere you can:
Pool gold:
Share gold:
Trade gold:
All party members give all their go ld to one character
That character's gold is divvied up equally to all party members
Give any amount of gold to one other character
The minus sign next to Krceplowe 's battle axe means that he cannot equip the
item- in this case, it's because you need a 17 Strength or higher to use a battle
axe. The plus sign next to the gauntlets means that Krceplowe has successfully
equipped the gauntlets - he's wearing them so they protect him in combat. The
" #10 " next to the "Bolts" means that Kreeplowe is carrying 10 bolts.
Note that you can equip one each of armor, shield, gauntlets, boots, weapon, and
helm, and you can equip as many miscellaneous items as you want . To equip a
weapon that launches missiles, like a bow and arrows or a crossbow and bolts, you
must first equip the weapon, then the missile .
One final note about viewing characters: At almost any time, you can press
another character's number to jump to that character, even when you 're looking at
spells or items or your gold.
Under each character's name will be two or three colored bars. The first (purple)
indicates the character's current health, the second (green) indicates stun, and the
third (blue) indicates power and will only be listed if the character has a magic
skill. If the bar is all the way to the right, that statistic is at 100% of its
maximum value.
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