Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications
1. General Information
Our technical specifications meet the market standards.
To be able to clearly allocate advertising funds, please state the following
Information during the delivery of:
Customer name
Campaign name
Booking period
Advertising format
Time for delivery and address:
Default Ads: at least 3 working days
All others:
at least 5 working days
Delivery Address:
Rich Media
Roll over ads must have roll over hotspot of up to 1/8 size of
the ad. Entire ad cannot be roll over
Must include clear CLOSE X button in at least 10 pt type (single "X" not
Mouse-Over Creative Must Retract On Mouse-Off
Mouse-Over Expansion Should Include Language Specifying
Functionality (e.g. Rollover To Learn More)
All video must be user initiated
All sound must be user initiated
Pavo Ivkovic
Product- and Trafficmanagement
+49 221 801 821 10
+49 221 801 821 20
2. Display Format
40 kb
Medium Rectangle
40 kb
Super Banner
40 kb
Half Page Ad
80 kb
Banderole Ad
100 kb
120 kb
728x90 + 120(160)x600
160 kb
Expandable Wallpaper
728x90 + 160x600
180 kb
Flash Layer
Up to 800x600
80 kb
Pop Up/Pop Under
60 kb
80 kb
Pushdown Ad
728x90 > 728x300
80 kb
3. ADITION Specifications for Flash Banners
For the correct integration and click-counting of Flash banners in ADITION adserving,
the following requirements must be met:
To avoid Internet Explorer popup blocking, a Flash banner using Actionscript 2
must be exported for Flash Player version 8 or older. When using Flash banners
with ActionScript 3 the following click-counting specifications must be met. When
only using the function navigateToURL in ActionScript 3, the Internet Explorer
popup blocker becomes active in a “windowless-wmode” (transparent, opaque)
and the forwarding is blocked.
Click Counting
clickTag using ActionScript 2
In this case, the ADITION click URL is embedded into the flash banner URL:
The function “getURL“ must be used when creating click actions. For counting
clicks the following settings are required:
a) the parameter “clickTag“ is in the URL field
b) the target window is set with the variable “clickTarget“ or can be set to
a fixed value such as “_blank“
The following screenshot shows the Flash CS 3 user interface (MacOS) with the
recommended by ADITION technologies:
If the getURL function call is not at the top level, the variables “clickTag“ and
“clickTarget“ must be preceded by “root“
clickTag using Actionscript 3
To avoid popup blocking in the Internet Explorer we recommend implementing the
following functions:
var clickTag:String = root.loaderInfo.parameters.clickTag;
var clickTarget:String = root.loaderInfo.parameters.clickTarget;
function openUrl(url:String, target:String=null):void {
if(!target) {
target = "_blank";
var req:URLRequest = new URLRequest(url);
if(!ExternalInterface.available) {
navigateToURL(req, target);
var userAgent:String =
if (userAgent.indexOf("msie") != -1) {"", req.url, target);
else {
navigateToURL(req, target);
// clickhandler-function
function clickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void {
openUrl(clickTag, clickTarget);
// connecting the clickhandler with the button
button.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, clickHandler);
Several click-through areas
If your Flash banner has more then one clickable area, you can create several of
them with different definitions
Example using ActionScript 2:
getURL(clickTag, clickTarget);
getURL(clickTag1, clickTarget);
getURL(clickTag2, clickTarget);
Example using ActionScript 3:
//Implementation of the function and connecting
different clickHandler with the buttons
// ClickHandler-function
function clickHandler1(event:MouseEvent):void {
openUrl(clickTag1, "_blank");
function clickHandler2(event:MouseEvent):void{
openUrl(clickTag2, "_blank");
Expandable flash banners
The expansion of the flash banner is triggered by a mouse rollover. When leaving
the flash banner with the mouse (rollout), this will collapse to its original size. The
following function is used for expanding:
on (rollOver)
getURL("FSCommand:expand", "");
// jump to scene
The following function is used for collapsing:
on (rollOut)
getURL("FSCommand:contract", "");
// jump to scene
Please make sure to load the image for the expanded banner into the flash banner
Note: IAB-Standard LayerAd
According to the IAB standard, Flash banners with layer functionality are required
to have a “close button”, running the FSCommand("adlayerhider") action.
Alternatively, ADITION can provide a “close button” and an auto-closing option,
which will activate and close the layer after x seconds.
The user interface of our ADITION adserver contains a Flash parser, which
automatically recognizes the click action configured in the Flash. If the common
method for the “clickTag” is not used, the Flash parser will search for the
corresponding Javascript / FSCommands adding them into the banner code.
However, if the “unable to determine clicktag” error message appears, it means
that the automatic detection of the click action failed. In this case, the methods
for click-counting mentioned above should be used.
For compatibility reasons, the Flash Parser is not able to recognize click actions in
Actionscript 3 banners. To successfully count the clicks, the methods described
above for ActionScript 3 should be used.
Click counting with Microsoft-certified websites (OOB Click
For delivering Flash banners on Microsoft-certified websites a certification is
mandatory. To use the certification within ADITION, the following code has to be
included into the Flash banner, in order to activate the Out Of Band Click
on(release) {
Delivery without click counting
If click counting is not necessary, ADITION can deliver the Flash
banners if:
a) the campaign is booked with 0 clicks
b) the target URL is already defined in the Flash file
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