Tempest®2400 - Gencom Technology

Tempest®2400 - Gencom Technology
Tempest 2400
Available Worldwide
Superior Performance and Dependability
For Wireless Communication with No Compromise
Tempest 2400 Wireless System
The Tempest Wireless Platform
Wireless communication is an essential part of modern day productions
and has become a vital piece of most intercom systems. With fewer
resources and larger production areas, crew members need to do more, go
farther and be mobile—and do so without missing a beat. Having reliable
wireless intercom systems
has never been
more critical.
Areas of the frequency spectrum that have traditionally
been used for wireless intercoms are crowded and more
difficult to use. Licensing requirements, radio spectrum
reallocation and the wide variety of technologies compete
for the same air space.
Uninterrupted and Interference-Free Communication: Tempest is the foremost wireless intercom system.
It conforms and operates in digital radio technologies,
Tempest Wireless intercom systems are primarily
unaffected by interference from other wireless devices.
Ease of Configuration and Use: Tempest requires virtually
no user RF knowledge or intervention, making setup and
user operation simple and fast. T-Desk, PC software for
real-time system configuration and monitoring is included. System updates are easily downloadable via Internet and
installation via USB port.
2 Clear-Com Tempest2400
Comprehensive Wireless Intercom Options: The
Tempest2400 BaseStation offers intuitive operation and
menu structure. Systems are available in 2- and 4-channel versions. The Tempest systems offer a wide range of
interconnectivity to 2- and 4-wire intercom systems and
other audio device I/O compatibility. Full-Duplex, Dual
Listen and Dual Talk, highly-durable and weather-resistant
BeltStations, and more.
High User Capacity in Multiple Modes of Operations: The Tempest platform provides multiple modes of operation
to meet users’ needs, and allows many more simultaneous
users than other wireless intercoms. Five (5) full-duplex
communication paths are open in ‘Normal’ mode while
an unlimited number of BeltStations is achievable in Split
or Shared Mode.
Highly Scalable and Expandable: Offering a host of
features and technology to ensure that it performs well in
virtually all environments, Tempest is designed to make
expansion in growing productions easy and effective by
connecting multiple BaseStations and interfacing with
compatible 4-wire or 2-wire intercoms.
Available Worldwide
Proven to Work Even in the Most RF-challenged Environments
Tempest2400’s robust and reliable RF technologies make it the ideal wireless
intercom system for indoors, outdoors and touring applications. Operating
license-free in the 2.4GHz frequency band, the unique Tempest2400
RF technology uses Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum and 2xTX
Transmission Voice Data Redundancy to assure uninterrupted and
interference-free communications. No frequency coordination required.
CM-222 (2-ch BaseStation)
CM-244 (4-ch BaseStation as shown here)
Tempest2400 BaseStations
Features available in the Tempest2400 BaseStations:
Tempest CM-222 (2-channel) and CM-244 (4-channel)
BaseStations can support up to 5 wireless BeltStations
per BaseStation in full-duplex, simultaneous operation
in Normal Mode. A total of 11 stacked Tempest2400
BaseStations and 55 Tempest full-duplex wireless
BeltStations can operate in close proximity while
maintaining excellent system performance.
• Seamless Roaming and iSelect Roaming
Shared and Split Modes are additional modes of operation
to provide expanded user capacity and operational flexibility
(More details on pages 10-11).
• Audio dynamic range of greater than 94dB
• Stage Announce output with available relay
• Assignable Aux-In and Aux-Out
• Remote Mic Kill
• Minimum and Maximum volume levels adjustable
on a per BeltStation basis
• Wired BeltStation Call
• Optional Remote Transceiver up to 1,500 feet
from base on standard CAT5 wiring
CM-222 and CM-244 BaseStations are compatible
with existing 4-wire matrix or 2-wire Clear-Com, RTS
or AudioCom partyline intercom systems.
Clear LCD display makes setup easy and efficient while
providing real time status of active BeltStations.*
Battery monitoring is available at the BaseStation
and through the T-Desk software.*
Omni-Directional Whip antennas are standard and a Remote
Transceiver that can be placed up to 1,500 ft (460 meters)
from the BaseStation are available as options.
*Only available for BeltStations operating in Normal Mode.
Clear-Com Tempest2400 3
Tempest 2400 WIRELESS
Wireless SYSTEM
Available Worldwide
CP-222 BeltStations (for use with the CM-222 2-channel or CM-244
4-channel BaseStation) and CP-242 BeltStations (for use with the
CM-222 2-channel or CM-244 4-channel BaseStation) provide
users with full-duplex communications.
Tempest2400 BeltStations
Comfortable and rugged for the most challenging
production environments, the BeltStations are made
of a durable, weather-resistant ABS co-polymer blend
with a high performance polyurethane overmold.
BeltStations are provided with rechargeable Li-Polymer
battery capable of 9+ hours of operation or can be
powered by (3) Standard AA Alkaline batteries.
Back-lit display and menu functions allow settings to
be changed at the BeltStation locally as well as from
the BaseStation and T-Desk software in Normal Mode.
An independent volume control is on each BeltStation
for controlling talk and listen levels.
CP-222 BeltStation (2-channel audio) is capable
of true dual talk/listen functionality, allowing each
user to simultaneously monitor and/or talk on both
channels (A and B).
CP-242 BeltStation (4-channel audio) is capable
of true dual talk/listen functionality, allowing each
user to simultaneously monitor and/or talk on two
of the four channels (A or B and C or D).
Tempest2400 BaseStations and BeltStations
Compatibility Summary:
4 Clear-Com Tempest2400
CP-242 (4-ch)
CP-222 (2-ch)
Tempest2400 Seamless Roaming
Available exclusively in the Tempest2400 products, the new
Seamless Roaming feature enables Tempest2400 users to
move freely from a given coverage area to another, with no
manual switching between BaseStations required.
This new product breakthrough delivers
uninterrupted coverage for large scale productions
and allows users to talk on the Tempest2400
across an expansive production space.
Powered by the new ZSync™ Technology, BeltStation
users can roam between as many as 16 different
BaseStations (coverage areas or zones). BeltStations
operate as they normally do while roaming. There is
no interruption of audio or control when a BeltStation
migrates from one zone to another.
Tempest2400 Seamless
Roaming Coverage
in a Large Facility
Key Features of Seamless Roaming:
• Roaming group assigned at the BeltStation
• Different users can have different roaming assignments
• Each BeltStation may be configured uniquely for
individualized zone configurations
Tempest2400 Remote
ZSYNC™ Technology
The ZSync Technology provides a zero sync reference
that coordinates the hopping patterns of all connected
BaseStations every time the system is powered up,
irrespective of random time variation in power up
sequences, to provide improved system performance
and a seamless wireless experience.
New Features in Version 3.0:
• Call on TALK initiates a hardwired CALL(s) to the
hardwired intercom when a BeltStation TALK
button is pressed
• Program Volume Control available on each BeltStation
Version Support for Seamless Roaming
• CALL Button as a Relay Trigger
Version 1.18 or higher
• 4-channel BeltStations Work on 2-channel BaseStations
Version 3.0 or higher
• Single Listen Mode Option for 4-channel BeltStations
Clear-Com Tempest2400 5
Tempest 2400 MasterBelt ™
The Tempest2400 MasterBelt™ (CB-222) is ideal for mobile productions
and offers advanced features, reliability and robustness of the Tempest2400
rack-mount BaseStation in a compact, portable, and easy-to-deploy
package that can be conveniently worn on the hip.
The Tempest2400 MasterBelt provides mobile users
the ability to coordinate and communicate hands-free,
allowing users to move together within the same workspace. The MasterBelt can be paired with any standard
Tempest2400 CP-222 two-channel BeltStation to create
a full-featured two-channel system in the 2.4GHz band.
The MasterBelt also functions as the 6th full-duplex
wireless user in the system.
Additional higlights about the MasterBelt:
• Operates in 2.4GHz frequency band
• Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology
• 2xTX Transmission Voice Data Redundancy
• Normal, Split and Shared modes of operation available
• Rechargeable Li-Polymer battery and AA Alkaline
batteries accepted
Tempest2400 MasterBelt
• The Remote transceiver has never been required;
no cabling or A/C power required
Ideal Applications:
• Tour Guides
• Film Crews
• Reality Television Production
• Any application where users need wireless
communication and require some group mobility.
6 Clear-Com Tempest2400
T-Desk Software (Included with all Tempest systems)
All Tempest Wireless Intercom Systems are supplied with T-Desk,
a PC-based desktop application for monitoring and managing
Tempest devices. Not only does T-Desk simplify the configuration
and management process, it provides ultimate flexibility by allowing
these functions to be performed from a remote location via a LAN
(Local Area Network) connection. T-Desk provides an intuitive,
self-evident method of optimizing multiple Tempest BaseStations
and their associated BeltStations.
T-Desk Benefits
• Real time system monitoring and management
• Load and Save BeltStation and BaseStation profiles
• Visually friendly and easy to use interface
• 2-wire/4-wire and Auxiliary level control
• Mic Kill functionality
• Battery alert status
• Remote Beltpack sidetone and microphone adjustment
(Normal Mode BeltStations only)
Profiles Screenshot
BaseStation Screenshot
BeltStation Screenshot
Clear-Com Tempest2400 7
Modes of Operation
Unique to Tempest, all BaseStations offer 3 modes of operation:
Normal, Shared and Split Mode.
Normal Mode
In Normal Mode, users can have up
to 5 BeltStations per BaseStation.
All BeltStations in this mode are in
the standard operating mode giving
the user control of the channels on
which they operate and dual listen/
talk functionality at any given time.
• Each BeltStation has full-duplex
capability at all times
• BeltStation talk buttons may be
operated in either momentary
or latching mode
• Sidetone and microphone gain
can be set individually for
each BeltStation
• Full BeltStation telemetry is available
in real-time at the BaseStation and
T-Desk; settings can be adjusted
from the BaseStation and/or T-Desk
Shared Mode
Shared Mode utilizes only BeltStations • All Shared BeltStations:
set as Shared, allowing an unlimited
»» Are inherently full-duplex
number of BeltStations per BaseSta(talk/listen at the same time)
tion. Only 5 Shared BeltStations may
»» Can easily be set into Shared
talk at any given time; however, they
Mode instead of Normal Mode
have all four channels available with
from BeltStation menu
dual talk and dual listen capability.
»» Operate in PTT (Push-to-Talk) only
»» Feature Stage Announce,
Wireless ISO and Relays
»» No Telemetry or remote control
from BaseStation and T-Desk
Split Mode
In Split Mode, users are operating
in a combination of the other two
modes: Normal and Shared Modes.
This mode offers the use of 4
BeltStations (per BaseStation) that
utilize the full functionality and
allows an unlimited number of
Shared BeltStations to operate
on the final slot.
• BeltStations are inherently
full-duplex (talk/listen at
the same time)
• Four full functionality BeltStations
operating in Normal Mode
• Telemetry and remote control
available from BaseStation
or T-Desk for Normal Mode
• Unlimited number of shared
BeltStations may be used
on a single channel
8 Clear-Com Tempest2400
• Shared BeltStations operate
in Push-to-Talk (PTT)
• One user of the common channel
can speak at a time. Normal Mode
users can be latched.
CCT-RT (2.4GHz)*
T-BC5A: 5-Bay Battery Charger Tempest 5-bay battery charger for charging LithiumPolymer batteries outside of the BeltStation.
*Charger and batteries sold separately
CCT-RT: Remote Transceiver Tempest Remote Antenna Transceiver is powered
by Tempest BaseStation via CAT-5 cable up to
1500 feet (460 meters).
*Includes 15ft (4.5m) CAT-5 cable and two whip antennas.
CCT-DAKIT1: Directional Antenna Kit 9 dBi directional antenna kit:
(2) 9 dBi directional antennas (w/mounting brackets),
(1) L-bracket (w/ (2) 5/8" (15.9mm) dia. mounting posts),
(2) 10ft (4.5m) coax cables, (1) Bogen “C” clamp.
T-LP1: Lithium-Polymer Battery Tempest 3.6VDC, 2000mAh rechargeable Lithium-Polymer
battery. The T-LP1 provides up to 9 hours of active use.
*Not available in EU countries.
ZSync Dongle
Only available for Tempest2400
The ZSync Dongle provides an External Zero Sync
Source for multiple Tempest BaseStations. One ZSync
Dongle is required per system to sync all BaseStations
in a daisy-chain configuration. Strongly recommended
for linking multiple BaseStations.
Parallel Sync Generator Only available for Tempest2400
The Parallel Sync Generator provides an External Zero
Sync Source for multiple Tempest BaseStations. One
Parallel Sync Generator supports up to 12 BaseStations
in a star configuration allowing removal of individual
BaseStations without interrupting sync to any other
BaseStation. Multiple Parallel Sync Generators may
be linked to support larger installations.
Clear-Com Tempest2400 9
Technical Specifications
Frequency Range
Number of Discrete Frequencies
Number of Hopping Patterns
Number of Co-locatable Bases
Dual Antenna Technology
2xTX Technology
Propagation Tendencies
Reflects off hard surfaces
Band Adjustment Capability
SYSTEMS Specifications
RF Frequency
Effective Radiated Power
Radio Certification
100mW EIRP using 2dBi antenna
FCC Part 15.247 and ETS 300.328 rules, license free
RF Scheme
Receiver Sensitivity
-93dBm for 10BER
Audio Dynamic Range
Transmission Range
Audio Frequency Response
Up to 1,000ft (305m); 500 - 900ft (150 - 275m) typical
300Hz - 3.8KHz with proprietary audio voice shaping
BeltStation Specifications
Model Number
RF Frequency
Intercom Audio Channels
Headset Connector
Microphone Type
4-pin male XLR
Dynamic or Electret, Auto-Selected
Internal Patch
Supplied Battery
Lithium Polymer
Battery Charging
via mini USB connector using supplied charger
Battery Life, RechargeableLithium-Polymer
Battery Life, Alkaline
Charge Time, Rechargeable Lithium Polymer
Alternative Power
Up to 9+ hours
Up to 9+ hours
Up to 4 hours
2 3/4 hours in BeltStation with mini USB charger; 2 1/2 hours in 5 bay charger (from empty)
3 Standard AA Alkaline cells
14.3oz (0.41kg)
-4˚ – 122˚F (-20˚ – 50˚C)
4.0" (W) x 6.1" (H) x 1.75" (D) (102mm x 156mm x 44.5mm)
Charger Input
100-240V, 0.3A, 50/60Hz
Charger Output
5V, 1.25A
10 Clear-Com Tempest2400
Technical Specifications
BaseStation Specifications
Model Number
RF Frequency
Intercom Audio Channels
No. of Antenna Ports per BaseStation
No. of Synchronized BaseStations
No. of BeltStations (Normal)
5 per BaseStation/55 max
5 per BaseStation/55 max
No. of BeltStations (Shared)
Antenna Connector Type
BaseStation/BeltStation Pairing
3.5mm Mini-jack/cable
Programming Port
Stage Announce and GPO Closures
6 relays via DB15
2-Wire Intercom Interface
4 channels
2-Wire Intercom Compatibility
2 channels
Clear-Com, RTS and Balanced compatible
4-Wire/Matrix Connection
4 ports via RJ-45
Aux Output
2 ports via RJ-45
1/4" 3-conductor jack nominal -12 to +8dBV, balanced, transformer isolate
Front Panel Headset
4-pin male XLR
Microphone Type
Dynamic or Electret, Auto-Selected
10.5lb (4.75kg)
-4˚ – 122˚F (-20˚ – 50˚C)
19" W x 1.75" H x 12" D (483mm x 44mm x 305mm)
100-240V, 50/60Hz, 11-32V, DC Power
Tempest2400 MasterBelt System Specifications
RF Frequency
RF Scheme
2400 to 2480
Intercom Audio Channels
Simultaneous Listen Paths
True Dual Listen
Effective Radiated
100mW using 2dBi antenna
Receiver Sensitivity
-93 dBm for 10BER 5-
Radio Certification
FCC Part 15.247 and ETS 30.325 rules, license free
Transmission Range
Audio Dynamic Range
MasterBelt (CB-222) Specifications
1000ft under ideal conditions
(200ft to 400ft typical)
Audio Frequency
300Hz-3.8KHz with proprietary audio voice shaping
System Latency
Less than
50m direct
Headset Connector
4 pin male
Microphone Type
Dynamic or Electret
Internal +2 dBi patch
Input 100-240V, 0.3A, 50-60Hz output 5V, 1.25A
Battery Charging
Via mini USB connector using suppled charger
Battery Life, Rechargeable
Charge Time for
Lithium-Polymer Battery
Optional Power
Up to 8+ hours
3 hours
3 Standard AA Alkaline cells
Battery Life, Alkaline
Approximately 4 hours
Dimensions (Inches)
H 6.1" x 4.0" x D 1.75"
Weight (with LithiumPolymer Battery)
14.3 oz
Operating Environment
-20˚ to 50˚ C (-4˚ to 122˚ F) ➝ 10% to 90%
RoHS compliant
Clear-Com Tempest2400 11
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