MANUFACTURING Zebra Printing Solutions

MANUFACTURING Zebra Printing Solutions
Zebra Printing Solutions
Thousands of companies worldwide use Zebra Technologies’
printers for mission-critical reliability and quality demanded by
world-class manufacturers. Zebra’s broad and versatile range of
printers helps manufacturers improve their production process
with barcode and RFID technologies.
Whether you need to track materials through your
facility or through your supply chain, Zebra has the
solution to provide accurate, end-to-end identification.
Our printers and labels stand up to the extreme
temperatures, moisture, chemicals, shock and
vibration found in industrial environments.
Secure Wireless Printing
The wireless capability in Zebra printers means you no longer
have to locate your printers beside a network point, enabling
greater flexibility for your printing needs. Zebra printers support
802.11 wireless networks and the latest security standards and
“We switched to Zebra® printers five years ago
and since then we have never had a problem.
The printers work first time, every time.”
Jimmy Collins, Warehouse Supervisor
Fujitsu Services, United Kingdom
Mobile Printers
Zebra not only offers mobile direct thermal label printers but
now also offers a mobile thermal transfer printer, the P4T™.
This means that your workforce can be truly mobile within your
facility, printing durable synthetic labels anywhere using secure
wireless connectivity.
RFID Smart Labels
Zebra’s radio frequency identification (RFID) printer/encoders
help you implement instant, measurable improvements in
operating efficiency, accuracy and supply-chain visibility. You
can digitally encode error-free data in an RFID tag (smart label),
then wirelessly transmit that data to an RFID reader—even in
harsh environments. RFID is ideal for applications where you
have non-line-of-sight, need to read multiple items quickly or
need the ability to write data back to the label. Zebra’s family of
RFID printers, including the high-performance R110Xi4™, the
R110PAX4™ print engine, the industrial RZ400™/RZ600™, and
the world’s first mobile printer/encoder (RP4T™), help ensure
the right asset is in the right place at the right time.
Zebra Manufacturing Solutions Brochure
Zebra printers are used across industries including
electronics, pharmaceuticals, automotive, food,
aerospace, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG),
chemical, steel, timber and many more. Although
these industries are varied they share common
processes, such as receiving raw materials, materials
management, work in process (WIP), asset tracking
and compliance labeling. Each industry also has its
own specific requirements (such as “rating plates”
within the electronics industry). Common industry
applications include:
• Top-/bottom-side circuit board labels
• UL/cUL and CSA compliance labels
• Serial plate labels
• Odette and GM 1724 compliance labels
• Parts labeling
• Vehicle identification number (VIN) plates
• Under-hood labeling
• SPEC 2000 parts identification labels
• Drug bottle labels
• Packet labeling
• Surgical tools and equipment
• Diagnostic kits
• Chemical drum/HAZMAT labels
Zebra Manufacturing Solutions Brochure
Mission-Critical Printing
Unattended Printing
Manufacturers require 24/7 on-demand printing to keep
production lines running continuously. Zebra delivers unrivalled
quality and dependability with its all-metal Xi4 series and
105SLPlus™ high-performance printers. These printers are
suitable for most manufacturing applications in any environment
and print labels for anything from circuit boards to large
chemical drums.
Zebra offers the ZE500™ series print engine for automated
print-and-apply systems. Delivering the same mission-critical
reliability and performance as the Xi4 series, the ZE500 is ideal
for automated high-volume carton, case, pallet and product
identification labeling.
Industrial Printers
Streamline shipping/receiving, put-away and picking operations.
Mobile printing of item, case and pallet labels improves worker
productivity by saving steps to and from a centralized label
printer and improves accuracy by ensuring the right label is
applied to the right item.
Zebra also offers the economical yet rugged and reliable
ZM400™ and ZM600™ to meet the demands of manufacturers
in less harsh environments, while still delivering high-quality,
high-speed and high-volume printing to enhance productivity.
For lower-volume applications and space-constrained
environments, the ZT220™ and ZT230™ offer outstanding value.
Mobile Printers
Zebra's line of durable and dependable mobile printers includes
the QLn420™ for 4-inch-wide direct thermal labels and the
P4T™/RP4T™ for long-life barcode labels and documents and
on-the-spot RFID labeling.
Mission-Critical Printing
Industrial Printers
Mobile Printers
Xi4 Series
Unattended Printing
Zebra Manufacturing Solutions Brochure
Zebra offers a complete range of thermal materials for
direct and indirect product identification labeling that
meet the requirements of extreme environments. We
offer labeling solutions that withstand temperatures
from -320° F (-196° C) to 500° F (260° C). In addition,
select material and ribbon combinations can withstand
extreme chemicals such as xylene and acetone, in
addition to abrasion. For small text and high-resolution
graphics, we recommend 600 dpi printheads available
on our 110Xi4™ and ZM400 printers.
Our four plant locations and extensive manufacturing
capabilities give us the ability to support our
customers’ requirements wherever they are.
Some of the most common industries that we provide
labeling solutions for include:
Zebra offers a complete range of thermal materials that are UL/
cUL and CSA approved.
On electrical products, labels with UL/cUL and CSA marks are
often required. Plus, it is required that the supplies utilized are
tested and approved by UL/cUL. Zebra is one of only a few
global label convertors that can offer many UL/cUL and CSA
pre-approved label and ribbon combinations. In addition, we are
approved to pre-print the UL mark.
Pharmaceutical/Medical Devices
Zebra can provide a labeling solution to meet FDA requirements
that will survive the product's useful life.
Zebra specializes in flexographic printing on thermal materials.
We can print up to 8 colors and up to 8 UV inks. In addition,
we can custom-manufacture a label to the requirements of
the application, including size, perforations, slits, lamination,
adhesive deadening and spot coating.
Zebra offers specialty thermal materials that provide superior
abrasion resistance and print quality. They meet the demands of
VIN, air bag, harness and general parts labeling to ensure they
are readable and scannable during their useful life.
Zebra provides long-lasting, reliable identification and tracking
for chemical manufacturers and distributors.
Our specialty thermal materials and adhesives stand up to
exposure to extreme chemicals and outdoor storage conditions,
providing lifetime identification.
Genuine Zebra™ Supplies
Eliminate downtime due to inconsistent print
quality, reprints or scannability issues, and increase
productivity by using genuine Zebra™ supplies.
Our supplies have been extensively tested and
approved by Zebra Supplies R&D to ensure highquality, crisp images and text. Once selected, we
never substitute materials, ensuring consistent
print quality and eliminating the need to adjust
printer settings. With more than 800 combinations
of high-quality and reliable labels, tags and ribbons,
including over 400 stock products, Zebra can meet
the durability requirements of most manufacturing
Zebra Manufacturing Solutions Brochure
SAP® Compatibility
Zebra Programming Language (ZPL II®) is the only
native barcode printing language supported by
mySAP™ Business Suite (SmartForms), ensuring that
integration with a Zebra printer is faster, easier and
ultimately more cost effective than with any other
printer. As a long-time SAP-certified software partner,
Zebra has worked hard to produce a variety of practical
and relevant printing options for SAP customers and
today is supported by:
• SAPscript (requires ZebraDesigner™ for mySAP Business Suite
label design software for use with the SAP Business Suite
family of business applications)
Unicode™—International Manufacturers Need
International Languages
In the ever-expanding global marketplace, many
manufacturers now require the ability to print charactersets outside the standard Western alphabets, such as
Polish, Greek, Turkish, Hebrew and Arabic. Typically,
barcode label printers require reproduction of these
characters as large graphic files, affecting performance.
Zebra printers are Unicode™-compliant, allowing
printing of international characters with maximum
performance straight out of the box.*
*Asia Pacific fonts require the factory-fitted 64 MB onboard Flash memory
option and the Andale® WorldType® font option.
Easily integrate, manage and maintain your Zebra
devices with Link-OS™ and ZebraLink™ software
Our solutions enable you to:
• Simply design labels utilizing our intuitive plug-and-print
software products that require no programming.
• SmartForms
• SAP Interactive forms
• SAP automatic identification infrastructure
• SAP mobile infrastructure
• Maximize uptime and reduce total cost of ownership by
maintaining remote Zebra printers in a distributed environment
with Zebra's advanced centralized printer management tools.
• Integrate complex printing solutions into your enterprise
resource planning (ERP) systems, such as Oracle and SAP,
quickly, easily and cost-effectively—without the need for
additional middleware or the cost of per-printer seat licenses.
Oracle® Compatibility
Zebra printers have seamless integration with Oracle
Applications via the Zebra Enterprise Connector
Solution. This allows customers to quickly design label
formats in the ZebraDesigner for XML GUI environment
and upload them to the Oracle-server-based Enterprise
Connector environment.
Corporate Headquarters
+1 800 423 0442
Asia-Pacific Headquarters
+65 6858 0722
• Create custom applications with embedded support for Zebra
printers utilizing our Software Development Kits (SDKs).
Our source code samples, documentation and on-phone
demonstration modules make it simple and straightforward.
• Connect your Zebra Link-OS device to the cloud quickly and
For more information about
Zebra's solutions for
manufacturing, visit
EMEA Headquarters
+44 (0)1628 556000
Latin America Headquarters
+1 847 955 2283
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