SB10P Starter Battery er Battery Iron Lithium
SB10P Starter Battery
super B offers a breakthrough lithium ion battery
technology that provides engineers and racers
significantly weight saving, higher power, and an
order of magnitude longer life.
Iron Lithium Phosphate
Key features
Low weight
Small volume
Enhanced life cycle
Fast charging
Low self discharge
1,75 Kg
120 x 80 x 145 mm
over 5 years
60 minutes
Operation Conditions
Racing cars up to 2.0 Litre using alternator,
Motorcycles, Pit Equipment
Operating Voltage
Nominal Capacity
Minimum Power
Maximum Power
Continuos Discharge
Pulse Discharge 10 sec.
Charge Current
Charge Voltage Cutoff
Discharge Voltage cutoff
High Operating Temp
Low Operating Temp
13,2 V
10 Ah / 137 Wh
2244 Watt
7920 Watt
170 A
600 A
20 A
14.6 V
+60 °C
-20 °C
SB10P Life Cycle Performance @ 23 °C
10 A Charge, 20 A Discharge
super B B.V. • Diamantstraat 1e • 7554 TA • Hengelo (Ov) • the Netherlands • Tel: +31 (0)74 8200010 • Fax: +31 (0)74 8200011
Kvk. Gooi- en Eemland 32096612 • Rabobank Amersfoort 3822,06,649 • IBAN: NL53RABO0382206649 • SWIFT: RABONL2U • BTW Nr: NL
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