How to configure your Yealink W52P phone to

How to configure your Yealink W52P phone to
Provisioning Instructions | Yealink W52P
How to configure your Yealink W52P phone
to connect to your RingCentral account
This guide provides instructions for configuring your phone to connect to RingCentral.
From your phone
Follow these steps to access the phone menu to get your IP address.
On your handset, press the OK button.
When you see this
Select System Status and press OK. You can now view the IP address of your phone.
icon, press OK again.
From your computer
Follow these steps to finish configuring your phone.
In your web browser, type your phone’s IP address to go to the Yealink Web
Configuration Utility.
In the Yealink Web login page, use admin for the username, and admin for the password.
Provisioning Instructions | Yealink W52P
In the top menu, select the Account tab. Then select Account 1 to open the configuration page
for your phone.
Now you need to get the provisioning information for your phone from RingCentral. Open
another tab or window in your browser, and log into your RingCentral online account with
your administrator credentials.
Under Phone System, in the left panel, click Phones & Devices.
Find your phone and select Setup and Provision.
Provisioning Instructions | Yealink W52P
Select the Other Phone option.
You can now view the provisioning details you’ll need to program in your phone.
Go back to the Yealink Web Configuration Utility. On the configuration page, enter the
corresponding values from your RingCentral provisioning page. See graphic below.
• In both the Displayname field and User Name field , enter the UserName value from your RingCentral provisioning page.
• In the Register Name field, enter the corresponding Authorization ID.
• In the Password field, enter the corresponding Password value.
• In the SIP Server field, enter the matching corresponding SIP Domain value.
• In the Outbound Proxy Server field enter the matching corresponding Outbound Proxy value.
Provisioning Instructions | Yealink W52P
When you’ve entered all the values, click Confirm to save your changes.
You’re finished! You’re now ready to make and receive calls from your RingCentral account.
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