Industrial Micro-Rider Scrubber

Industrial Micro-Rider Scrubber
Industrial Micro-Rider Scrubber
• Maximum machine life from innovative
engineering and industrial-grade
• Dramatically increased floor safety
from foam-based FaST™ technology
• Superior cleaning performance from
aggressive scrubbing system delivering
up to 200 lb of down pressure
Foam Scrubbing Technology
The Safe Scrubbing Alternative®
Superior performance and reliable
operation from the benchmark in
micro-riding scrubbers
The industrial-grade, heavy-duty 7100 sets the standard for microrider scrubbers, providing consistent, quality cleaning results even
in the harshest industrial environments.
Maximum versatility
Rugged, industrial-strength durability
Shock-absorbing steel frame, and durable polyethylene construction
enable the 7100 to withstand the most severe cleaning environments.
Maximum uptime for years of worry-free operation
Superior engineering, proven results and an exclusive 10/2/6 warranty
mean you can count on the 7100 to clean day after day.
Increased productivity with innovative FaST
In addition to increasing safety, scrubbing with FaST foam requires so
little water that operators can clean up to three times longer between
empty/fill stops.
Choose from either disk or cylindrical scrubheads to
meet your specific cleaning challenges.
30% greater pick-up
The optional dual vac fan delivers up to 30% more
vacuum lift providing better pick-up over uneven or
damaged floors and also to capture tough, bulky
soils found in industrial facilities.
Extend your cleaning reach
Customize with an off-aisle power wand or a V-mop
to extend your cleaning reach.
FaST is the only automatic scrubbing system certified to increase floor traction up to
21% by the National Floor Safety Institute, reducing the risk of slip-and-fall.
FaST foam cleans so well, it uses 70% less solution to remove existing soil, as well
as old, slippery detergent residue resulting in clean, higher-traction floors.
With the self-contained FaST-PAK™, operators are safer, never handling chemicals.
FaST foam uses up to 70% less water and 90% less detergent – conserving water,
reduce waste disposal, and making it the safest choice for your environment.
Withstand the
harshest cleaning
environments with
thick polyethylene construction, a rugged,
shock absorbing frame
and scrub-head linkage.
Delivers one-pass
cleaning even in the
dirtiest environments
– with fully adjustable
down pressure up
to 200 lb. and brush
speeds of up to
750 rpm.
to meet your unique
needs – choose from
two path widths and
either disk for smooth
floors without debris
or cylindrical scrub
heads for capturing
light debris.
Maximizes operator
productivity with
features like true onebutton scrubbing
operation and an
ergonomic, sliding
seat for improved
operator comfort.
Reduces maintenance
costs with breakaway
squeegee and scrub
heads that provide
long-life corrosion
Foam-based FaST:
Your Key to Peak Productivity and Safety
Using innovative foam-based detergent, scrubbers
with FaST increase productivity, eliminate the need
for operators to handle chemicals, and leave justcleaned floors immediately dry and safe for traffic.
Genuine Tennant Parts Advantage
Operate your machine with confidence by choosing
genuine Tennant parts. Only authentic Tennant
parts are engineered in conjunction with Tennant
equipment. For years of worry-free operation,
accept only genuine parts and supplies.
Industry’s Only Factory-Direct Service Network
Tennant offers the only factory-trained, locally
based network of 400+ service techs dedicated to
keeping your cleaning program up and running.
All parts (excluding batteries) have a 24 month / 1,000
hours of operation warranty under normal use and
service – 10 years on rotationally molded polyethylene
housings. On-site service labor coverage of warranty
items for six (6) months.
28-inch/710 mm
32-inch/810 mm
Productivity (per hour)
Theoretical max
Estimated coverage* (Conventional)
Estimated coverage* (FaST)
49,280 ft2/4,578 m2
25,740 ft2/2,391 m2
30,030 ft2/2,790 m2
56,320 ft2/5,232 m2
29,700 ft2/2,759 m2
34,650 ft2/3,219 m2
30 gal/114 liter
30 gal/114 liter
320 rpm
200 lb/91 kg
14-inch/355 mm
0.75 hp/0.55 kW
320 rpm
200 lb/91 kg
16-inch/405 mm
0.75 hp/0.55 kW
750 rpm
90 lb/40 kg
6-inch/150 mm
0.75 hp/0.55 kW
750 rpm
90 lb/40 kg
6-inch/150 mm
0.75 hp/0.55 kW
30 gal/114 liter
15 gal/57 liter
0.8 hp/0.6 kW
70-inch/1780 mm
30 gal/114 liter
15 gal/57 liter
0.8 hp/0.6 kW
70-inch/1780 mm
4.5 mph/7.2 km/h
2.5 mph/4.0 km/h
1.6 hp/1.2 kW
4.5 mph/7.2 km/h
2.5 mph/4.0 km/h
1.6 hp/1.2 kW
8 deg/14%
4 deg/7%
8 deg/14%
4 deg/7%
66.5-inch/1690 mm
33-inch/840 mm
33-inch/840 mm
54-inch/1370 mm
853 lb/385 kg
1285 lb/580 kg
72.5-inch/1840 mm
66.5-inch/1690 mm
36-inch/910 mm
40-inch/1020 mm
54-inch/1370 mm
853 lb/385 kg
1285 lb/580 kg
72.5-inch/1840 mm
Scrubbing System
Solution tank
Disk scrub head
Down pressure (variable to)
Brush diameter (2)
Brush motor (2)
Cylindrical scrub head
Down pressure (variable to)
Brush diameter (2)
Brush motor (2)
Recovery System
Recovery tank
Demisting chamber
Vacuum fan
Vacuum water lift
Propelling System
Propel speed forward (variable to)
Propel speed reverse (variable to)
Propel motor
Transport at gross weight
Working (scrubbing)
Machine Dimensions
Machine width
Squeegee width
With standard 235 Ah battery
Minimum aisle turn
*Estimated coverage rates use the practical speed and empty/fill time standards from the 2004 ISSA Cleaning Times handbook.
FaST is the first and only
automatic cleaning system
certified by the NFSI to
dramatically improve overall
floor traction by up to 21%.
See for yourself how the 7100 rider scrubber
delivers clean, safe floors in your most challenging
environments. For a demonstration or additional
information, call 800.553.8033.
7100 Brochure
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