Configuration report Grandstream HandyTone 486

Configuration report Grandstream HandyTone 486
Configuration report
Grandstream HandyTone 486
The Grandstream HandyTone 486 is an IP adapter for
analogue telephones with facility for connection of one
analogue device and two networks (LAN/WAN). Used
in combination with the DoorCom-Analog interface, it
connects a Siedle door communication system with another
IP network. Connected IP telephones can be used as an
indoor call station for the door intercom.
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Connecting the device
•The device must be set up in a dry environment, and
sufficient ventilation must be ensured.
•Connect a DoorCom-Analog (DCA) using an RJ-11 cable
to the "Phone" port.
•Connect the Ethernet and/or WAN connector to the
•If the IP address is not assigned by DHCP, it must be
manually entered. This setting can not be made via the
DCA, but only by means of an analogue telephone as
described in the product documentation. When the
IP address has been assigned, the DCA can be easily
connected and operated.
•Further configuration is performed via a web interface
and an internet browser. (Tested browsers: Firefox
and IE 7.0.5730.13)
•Connect the line rectifier for the power supply to the
•Wait until all the LEDs light up in green.
•Like every network device, the HT486 requires an IP
address. In many networks, this is automatically assigned
via the DHCP server, customarily by the connected router.
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For operation of the DCA, the Grandstream HandyTone 486 must be configured in accordance with the table. The
remaining configuration corresponds to the configuration of a normal analogue telephone.
Main menu
Default value
Target value
Advanced Settings 2
FXS Impedance
600 Ohm North America
Slovakei/Slovenia/South Afrika
Advanced Settings 2
Volume Amplification
TX 0dB
TX +4dB
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