Devilink™ FT – Floor Thermostat

Devilink™ FT – Floor Thermostat
Wireless Components for Devilink™ System
Devilink™ FT – Floor Thermostat
Devilink™ System - wireless control,
comfort and convenience.
The Devilink™ FT (Floor Thermostat) is
a device for switching heating elements and other electrically equipments ON/OFF.
Because of interference of the signals
in the system, it is recommended not
to install Devilink™ HR on or in metal
All communication in the Devilink™
System is wireless and off this reason
very easy to install.
Be aware that temperature control is
less accurate without sensor and that
all Devilink™ FTs in a room need to
have the same configuration.
The idea of the Devilink™ System is
to link together your heating system
wirelessly and control it from one
central point.
Devilink™ System is the heating
control system of the future, it builds
on a scalable platform, when new
requirements arise the system is able
to expand with its needs.
When using Devilink™ FT as heating
control, it is recommended to install
the device with either a floor sensor
or with Devilink™ RS to ensure the
required comfort and convenience.
Furthermore if combining both the
floor sensor and the Devilink™ RS it
would fully integrate the adaptive
function to the system.
Secondly you have the option to use
the Devilink™ FT as ON/OFF switch for
other electricall equipments e.g. as
electrical radiators, lights or other
switching units, manually or by
Devilink™ FT is to be mounted in to a
Build in box in the wall or an external
Box on the wall.
Devi recommends always installing a
floor sensor.
Do not install floor heating
systems without a floor sensor
when the heating element is
installed on or beneath wooden
surfaces and other surfaces
sensitive to temperature!
Devilink™ FT – Technical details
Operation voltage
180-250 V AC, 50 Hz
Standby power consumption
< 1W
ON/OFF switching
Resistive load
230 V ~ 15 A/3450 W
Inductive load
Cos Φ = 0,3 max. 4 A
Wireless connected to Devilink™ CC
PWM – Pulse Wide Modulation
Sensing unit
NTC 15 kOhm AT 25°C
Sensing values
• 0°C
• 20°C
• 50°C
42 kOhm
18 kOhm
6 kOhm
Ambient temperature
-10° to +30°C
Sensor failure monitoring
The thermostat has a built-in monitoring
circuit, which will switch off the heating
if the sensor is disconnected or short
Transmission frequency
868,42 MHz
Transmission range in normal buildings
Up to 30 m
Transmission power
Max. 1 mW
Relay switching
1 pole
IP class
Dimension (H/W/D)
85 mm × 85 mm × 21 mm
Heating regulation
Daily/Weekly overview
Daily/Weekly schedule
Minimize energy consumption
EC Conformity:
EN 60730
EN 300 220-2
Devilink™ System
Devilink™ CC
With PSU – Permanent Installation
Devilink™ CC
With NSU –Supply by Plug
Devilink™ CC
With PSU – max. 5 rooms
Devilink™ CC
With NSU – max. 5 rooms
Devilink™ RS
Room sensor-Wireless -Battery Supply
Devilink™ FT
Floor Thermostat ELKO
Devilink™ BSU
Battery Supply Unit
Devilink™ FT
Floor Thermostat ELJO
Devilink™ FT
Floor Thermostat JUSSI
Devilink™ PR
Plug in Relay
Devilink™ HR
Hidden Relay
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