media kit - Electric Hoof Knife

media kit - Electric Hoof Knife
Last Updated: February 11, 2014
2000: King Arthur’s Tools creates a chainsaw disc to be used on a miniature angle
grinder as part of a woodcarving set. At two inches wide, it is the world’s smallest
chainsaw, durable enough to cut through the hardest woods, PVC pipe, and even
2002: We start receiving calls from professional hoof trimmers who are using the
disc to trim cow hooves. Because the disc cuts on its side and not its face, they
find it easier and less painful to use than the other rotary discs on the market.
2006: The Hoof Boss (known previously as the Bors) is created. With six tungsten
carbide teeth, it’s designed to fit 4.5 inch angle grinders and makes maintenance
trimming much easier.
2007: We recognize a need both for a precision tool that could be used to treat
bovine laminitis issues and a smaller trimming tool that could be used in the
equine trimming industry.
2007: We discover that a putting a four-tooth tungsten carbide disc on the
original miniature angle grinder gave the best trimming results. King Arthur’s
Tools begins manufacturing the four-tooth disc and sells it in a set along with the
miniature grinder and several other discs. They call it the Merlin Hoof Trimming
2008: As the original German angle grinder is not designed for hoof trimming, it
fails to meet up to the trimming industry’s demands and expectations. We reach
out to the manufacturer to see if they will make improvements to their tool and
they decline.
2012: Recognizing the need for a hardworking trimming tool, we decide to
manufacturer our own power unit, specifically designed to be durable and
effective enough for the hoof care industry.
2014: We begin selling the new Electric Hoof Knife as a fixed speed model in six
sets: Equine, Miniature Equine, Equine Hoof Care, Dairy, Professional Hoof
Trimmer, and Complete Dairy Hoof Trimming.
 The Electric Hoof Knife is the first power tool of its kind, inspired by and
developed specifically for those who trim hooves.
 The patented four-tooth chainsaw trimming disc is the smallest chainsaw in
the world and is exclusive to the Electric Hoof Knife.
 The Electric Hoof Knife has been used across the world to trim horses,
cattle, goats, sheep, hogs and even giraffes.
 The Electric Hoof Knife has been endorsed by famous farrier Ralph Casey,
the University and the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine.
 To date, thousands of customers have purchased the Electric Hoof Knife.
After almost a decade of research and listening to customer feedback, we now
design and assemble the Electric Hoof Knife ourselves. By sourcing parts from the
US and abroad, and assembling it in Tallahassee, FL, we are now able to control
the quality of the tool and make it worthy of the hoof trimming industry. We use
only the highest-rated components and the most durable materials to ensure that
our customers receive a tool that is going to last a long time and meet their high
With an array of new upgrades that combine to provide our customers with a
superior trimming experience every time, the new Electric Hoof Knife is more
efficient, more powerful, and more durable than its predecessor. The new Electric
Hoof Knife's updates include:
Spiral Bevel Gears
The new Electric Hoof Knife utilizes spiral gears which work harder, operate more
quietly, and produce less vibration than the previous model. They are up to 99%
more efficient, making trimming smoother, easier, and faster.
Improved Safety Features
The Electric Hoof Knife now comes with a one piece cast aluminum safety guard,
designed to be more durable and to better protect the user from flying debris. A
newly designed switch guard significantly reduces accidental starting, and more
resilient materials make the Electric Hoof Knife less susceptible to damage.
Ergonomic Exterior
The Electric Hoof Knife was designed for comfort so that you can trim longer, with
less hand, arm, and wrist fatigue. Its grittier texture provides more control over
the tool so you can easily maneuver the Electric Hoof Knife during trimming.
Increased Air Flow
Through the addition of a powerful, high-capacity fan and extra air vents on both
the neck and bottom of the Electric Hoof Knife, the new model stays cooler and
works harder, allowing you to trim for longer periods of time.
Better Motor
Developed in direct response to the needs of the hoof trimming industry, the
Electric Hoof Knife’s upgraded motor effortlessly rotates at 13,000 RPMs
providing a smooth trimming experience. This motor was designed with improved
efficiency in mind and can be powered by an automobile’s AC/DC power
convertor, so you can trim anywhere, anytime.
Upgraded Electronics
The Electric Hoof Knife’s updated circuit board and electrical components are
made from eco-friendly materials and are RoHS compliant. Pulling only one amp
of power, the Electric Hoof Knife is also energy efficient. The increased quality of
the Electric Hoof Knife’s circuit board allows it to interact harmoniously with the
motor, delivering superior results during every trim.
Fixed Speed Model
By offering the Electric Hoof Knife as a fixed-speed model, we have been able to
maximize its overall power and performance. Utilizing the optimal rotational
speed for performing hoof care tasks, the new Electric Hoof Knife operates more
powerfully and smoothly than its predecessor.
These are some of our most frequently asked questions. To see more, visit us
online at
Electric Hoof Knife FAQ
Q: What is the Electric Hoof Knife used for?
The Electric Hoof Knife is a tool designed to assist in the removal of hoof material.
The Electric Hoof Knife can quickly trim the sole and wall of cow, horse, and goat
hooves. For farriers and vets, it can even be used for treating laminitis and hoof
disease, including performing hoof resections.
Q: Who can use the Electric Hoof Knife?
If you are currently trimming with or know how to trim with nippers, a rasp, hoof
knife, or hand shears and are comfortable around power tools then you shouldn’t
have any problem using the Electric Hoof Knife. We're confident the Electric Hoof
Knife can be used by anyone- all it takes is a little practice.
Q: What are the dimensions of the Electric Hoof Knife?
The Electric Hoof Knife is extremely light, weighing in at only 1.3 pounds. It is only
11.5 inches long and each disc has a diameter of 2 inches.
Q: How long does it take to trim a hoof?
Most experienced trimmers using the Electric Hoof Knife can trim a hoof in less
than a couple of minutes. Generally, using the Electric Hoof Knife will reduce the
time it takes to trim.
Q: Does the Electric Hook Knife have to be plugged in or does it have a battery?
The Electric Hoof Knife runs off electricity so you have to have it plugged into a
grounded electrical outlet or run it off a generator. The Electric Hoof Knife pulls 1
amp / 100 watts of power and can be operated very effectively with an inverter
plugged into your car or trucks 12 volt power outlet.
Q: Do the discs get hot on the hoof during the trimming?
Because of their patented designs, the discs generate little to no heat and nothing
that would be detrimental to the hoof or painful to the animal.
Q: Is the Electric Hoof Knife available for worldwide use?
Yes, the fixed speed model is available in a 110 volt 60HZ model for the North
American and Japanese markets and in a 220–240 Volt 50/60HZ model for the
European, United Kingdom and Australian markets.
Q: Is the Electric Hoof Knife loud or noisy?
When using the tool, you can expect the same noise level as from a pair of electric
clippers used to trim the bridle path, less than 100 decibels.
Q: Are the chainsaw teeth easy to sharpen?
Yes, you can easily touch up and sharpen the chainsaw teeth with the diamondcoated file available in our store.
Q: Is the Electric Hoof Knife safe?
Yes. We have never had a chain break, disc crack or tooth fly off the Electric Hoof
Knife. Not one disc has ever been returned because of a manufacturing defect.
Please read more about the safety of our tool here.
Q: Is the chain replaceable?
Yes, the chain is easy for you to replace yourself so you don’t have the send it
back to us. We recommend having one spare 4-tooth chain on hand.
Hoof Boss Trimming Disc FAQ
Q: What is the Hoof Boss Trimming Disc?
The Hoof Boss is a lightweight but powerful 6-tooth tungsten carbide chainsaw
disc that fits 4.5” angle grinders. It is specifically designed for the bovine hoof
trimming industry and uses powerful chainsaw technology that reduces stress on
the user’s wrists, back, and shoulders.
Q: Who is the Hoof Boss for?
The Hoof Boss is for the dairyman or professional hoof trimmer who trims a large
amount of cows.
Q: What tasks does the Hoof Boss do?
The Hoof Boss quickly and effectively removes hoof material during standard
maintenance trimming. It is designed to aggressively yet effortlessly remove hoof
material on non-diseased or undamaged hooves.
Q: Is the Hoof Boss safe?
Yes. We have never had a chain break, disc crack or tooth fly off of the chain. Not
one disc has ever been returned because of a manufacturing defect. Special
design features ensure the Hoof Boss does not overheat and that the chain does
not come loose during use.
Q: Will using the Hoof Boss save me money?
Yes, the Hoof Boss can trim a large number of cows before needing a chain
replacement. There are no inserts to buy, no shipping charges and no
manufacturer sharpening costs. You can easily re-sharpen the tungsten carbide
teeth by hand. With the Hoof Boss operating cost of less than a penny per hoof,
this could result in a savings of hundreds of dollars per year versus the cost of
using other rotary tools.
Q: Can I use the Hoof Boss the same way I use other rotary type cutting discs or
do I have to learn a new technique?
Your stance and position will stay the same, however, the traditional chopping
motion and wrist action currently associated with other rotary type discs doesn’t
exist when using the Hoof Boss. Because the Hoof Boss cuts on the side of the
discs instead of the face, it smoothly moves across the hoof. You can effortlessly
pull the Hoof Boss from heel to toe, making it easier and much less fatiguing than
traditional hoof trimming rotary discs. The Hoof Boss has to be at a 10º to15º
angle as it makes contact with the hoof, but it’s exactly the same position you
would use with a grinding wheel on metal or a flap sander on wood, so chances
are you’re used to it already. You can find detailed instructions on how to hold
and operate the Hoof Boss here or in the instruction manual included with your
Q: Is the chain replaceable?
Yes. We recommend having one spare chain available for the Hoof Boss.
Q: How long does it take to trim a hoof?
Once you are confident using the disc and have had a bit of practice, it takes
about a minute or less to trim a hoof.
Q: What are dimensions of the Hoof Boss?
It’s overall size is 3-1/2” (88 mm) in diameter with a 7/8” (22 mm) center hole. It
weighs only 5 ounces.
Q: Is the Hoof Boss easy to sharpen?
Yes, you can easily touch up and sharpen all 6 tungsten carbide coated teeth with
a diamond-coated hand file, available from our store.
Q: How frequently do you need to sharpen the Hoof Boss?
We recommend that the teeth be re-sharpened after every 25 - 30 cows. You only
have to run the diamond-coated file over the tooth a few times so it takes just
minutes to touch up the teeth. By sharpening the teeth more frequently you can
extend the life of the chain.
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