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6F22 9V battery or DC eliminator 2.1 mm plug
center negative and positive sleeve.
RRB is protected against wrong DC eliminator
polarity. Fuzzy sound is a sign of low voltage.
Maintain recommended voltage for best results.
The manufacturer claims that the above
mentioned product fulfils the requirements as
set by EN 55013, EN 55020, EN 60555-2 and
EN 60555-3, RoHS and WEEE.
Mad Professor pedals carry a 1 year limited
This product is manufactured by
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Ruby Red Booster (RRB) is a combination of
two boosters and a switchable buffer.
The boosters are based on the BJF Little Red
Trebler and Red Rooster Booster, connected in
that order and with a master volume control.
You can use the pedal as a treble booster, a clean
boost or an overdrive unit or any combination of
the above. Also it can be used with or without the
The Treble Booster is a fine-tuned booster for just
the right treble frequency with carefully designed
bandwidth and an optimized slope of bass cut.
The booster circuit is designed to overdrive
the amplifier inputs from nice shimmer to heavy
overdrive, thanks to the massive 40dB of boost.
The booster is tuned so that it produces musical
distortion by itself on higher boost settings.
You can control the total level of the two boosters
with the Master Volume control and also use the
Master Volume to achieve distort-ion from the unit.
The controls are:
• MASTER – this is a volume control that is
located directly after the booster circuit and
when set to max it is just a resistor to ground.
This control sets the final output and it can be
used to control the output when the pedal is used
for overdrive (Boost turned up).
• TREBLE – set treble boost from zero to about
15dB. The treble frequency and bandwidth are
carefully tuned with an optimized bass slope.
• BOOST – the gain of the booster and can be set
from unity to about 40dB of boost. When this
control is cranked the unit will distort within itself.
• BUFFER – inside the pedal there is a switch for
a high quality buffer. You can set the pedal for true
bypass mode or “buffer on” in bypass mode.
We recommend using a buffer in your signal chain
to help with the treble and gain loss from using
many pedals and/or long cables.
The Mad Professor RRB Buffer is an amplifier with
a voltage gain of exactly 1x (times).
The RRB buffer output impedance is set a little
lower than the Dc resistance of a standard guitar
pickup to equalize the effect of following load
impedance. Input impedance is set at 500K for a
medium load to standard guitar pickups. This keeps
the tone and guitar volume taper natural.
Treble boost: Set Boost to minimum and Master to
maximum and adjust for desired treble boost with the
Treble knob.
Straight boost: Set Treble to minimum and
Master to maximum and adjust Boost to desired
Distortion: Set Boost to maximum and adjust
output level with Master to unity, then adjust
Boost for desired depth and overdrive. Treble
can be used to enhance distortion effect.
Never operate the unit with its bottom removed
or damage will most likely occur.
• Input impedance approximately 500K Ohm’s
• Recommended output load 50K Ohm’s or
higher, effects output and buffer output
• Current consumption@ 9V DC approximately
• DC supply voltage range 8 - 18V
• Voltage gain approximately +40dB
• Treble boost peak +15dB@4KHz
• Signal to noise ratio 110 dB
• Effect 3dB bandwidth 70Hz to 7KHz
• True bypass or buffered (switchable inside the
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