Server-less On-Demand Print
Server-less On-Demand Print
Document Handling Solution
Server-less On-Demand Print
Greater Security, Convenience
and Cost Efficiency
Manage print activities and link up
all your multifunction devices with an
innovative print solution.
Most organisations today are looking for a convenient printing solution
that will secure and speed up the workflow, while keeping all print activities
in control. This helps to prevent wastage of resources such as unnecessary
printouts and breakdown of multifunction devices (MFDs) due to excessive usage.
The Fuji Xerox Server-less On-Demand Print solution lets you manage and facilitate
all print activities from your computer to a connected MFD with ease. Through
this, you can effectively enhance the productivity and security of print jobs in your
workplace while keeping operating costs low.
User sends print
job to usual
designated MFD
Saves print job in MFD 1
Transfers to
MFD 2 for
User selects the
print job from an
available MFD
(MFD 2) to print
Benefits at a glance
• Greater convenience without the
need to wait in line to collect print
• Improve scalability with the
ApeosWare Management Suite
(AWMS) On Demand Print
• Store, retrieve and delete print
jobs with a personalised user
Take your workflow to the
next level of efficiency
Step ahead towards a smooth and convenient
process of printing with the versatile functions
of the Server-less On-Demand Print solution.
You can now send a print job from your
computer to a primary Fuji Xerox MFD,
without the need for any server software
installation. Plus, with the flexibility to connect
up to four MFDs to the primary MFD, several
print jobs can be released concurrently (upon
successful user authentication), without the
need to wait to print from the primary MFD.
This helps to improve work productivity while
keeping operating costs efficient in the long
Secure all print activities
with advanced features
Work towards a safe print environment with
the Server-less On-Demand Print solution’s
innovative and personalised security features.
User Authentication
Secure all print activities at your workplace
with the User Authentication function on
the Server-less On-Demand Print solution.
Authorised users will be required to key in
their User ID and password to access the
various features of the MFD. These include
information on the device settings, print job
status and logs, retrieval of document data
from a network folder and the print function
by file designation. This does not only help
to prevent unauthorised access to your Fuji
Xerox MFD, it also helps to protect confidential
information by minimizing the risk of your
printout being collected and read by others.
One-touch Card Authentication
Enjoy tighter security control over your
MFDs with a quick touch of a card. User
Authentication can be done by scanning an
access card on the IC Card Reader to verify
each user before releasing a print job. This
innovative feature gives way to a swift and
easy authentication process and prevents
unauthorised use of the device.
• Limit the access to your printer’s
functions with the feature access
• Effortless card authentication with
one touch on the card reader
Cost Efficiency
• Save on server maintenance costs
as no server is required
• Keep the operating cost of your
MFDs low with advanced security
• Avoid unnecessary printouts by
deleting cancelled print jobs on the
main control screen
• Keep track of all print activities with
the AWMS Usage Report
• Encourage paper-saving in your
workplace while keeping your total
cost of ownership (TCO) low
Keep your operating costs low
With a secured print environment, the Serverless On-Demand Print solution helps to keep
your costs affordable.
Eliminate Server Maintenance Costs
Setting up an efficient print environment in
your workplace has been made simpler with
the Server-less On-Demand Print solution.
Connect up to five Fuji Xerox MFDs without
the need to install any server software. Print
job requests can then be sent and stored on
a main MFD, and released from any of the
connected MFDs. This helps to raise work
productivity, while saving you from server
procurement and maintenance costs.
Minimise Unnecessary Printouts
Keeping your print activities in check to
minimise wastage of resources is just a touch
away. Upon successful user authentication,
you can manage your print jobs from the main
screen of the Server-less On-Demand Print
solution by releasing print jobs and deleting
the unnecessary and/or cancelled ones. This
saves you heaps in terms of material costs.
Store all print instructions from your
computer on the dedicated ApeosWare Print
Management server, which allows you to
promptly carry out your specified print job(s)
from an available authenticated MFD and
delete the print jobs from the server. View all
print job information (e.g. time stamp and
number of pages) and amend job attributes
such as changing full-colour prints to black
and white or switching single page printouts to
double-sided – all from the server. You can also
create multiple user IDs to help you prioritise
and maximise your print quota for a wide
range of jobs.
Analyse Your Monthly Print Usage
Stay ahead of the service maintenance
schedule by monitoring the usage of your
MFDs with the ApeosWare Log Management
software. Job logs that are recorded in the
hard disks of your MFDs can be easily collected
and stored in a centralised database through
the network. This helps to make the analysis
of the MFD’s usage status so convenient,
which can then be efficiently consolidated
by creating reports that show critical usage
The usage data can also be managed to
sort according to pre-determined categories
and lists, or turned into graph reports for
easy viewing. Job log reports can then be
customised by editing and processing in Excel
worksheets for improved compatibility with
other applications.
Put in place a green and
sustainable working environment
Move towards a smooth and energy efficient
print environment with the Server-less
On-Demand Print solution. Thanks to its
versatile and eco-friendly features, you can
promote paper-saving at your workplace by
eliminating unnecessary printouts that will
help cut costs and inefficiencies.
Supported Models:
• ApeosPort-IV C5575/C4475/C3375/
• DocuCentre-IV C5575/C4475/C3375/
• DocuCentre-IV C2265/C2263
Meet The Increased Print Workflow
• ApeosPort-IV 7080/6080
Supplement the growing workflow of print jobs
within your organisation with a comprehensive
office printing solution as your operations
expand in size, over time. The ApeosWare
Management Suite On Demand Print function
that comes with the solution lets you enjoy
the ease of connecting with up to 600 Fuji
Xerox MFDs and managing all print jobs from
a dedicated ApeosWare Print Management
• DocuCentre-IV 7080/6080
Supported Languages:
• English
• Simplified Chinese
• Traditional Chinese
• Korean
• Japanese
Job logs on device setting
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