Maximum Temperature Setting
Before using the shower, the maximum temperature must be checked to make
sure that it is at a safe level. It has been preset to a safe showering temperature
under ideal conditions at the factory, appropriate for most systems. However,
site conditions and personal preference may make it necessary to reset this
Note! Make sure that the hot water temperature is at least 55°C and that there
is sufficient supply.
Caution! Before testing the mixer, make sure that the hot and cold water is
flowing correctly by exercising the temperature selector knob between the cold
and hot stops.
Turn the temperature selector knob anticlockwise until it stops and test
that the temperature of the water from the shower outlet is hot enough.
If not, depress the override button and carefully rotate the knob further.
If the water temperature is still not hot enough complete the following
Rotate the temperature selector knob back to the override position.
Push in and rotate the concealing cap clockwise to remove. Remove the
fixing screw.
Pull off the temperature selector knob without disturbing the stop assembly.
Replace the temperature selector knob so that the lever is the 1 O'clock
Rotate the temperature selector knob against the stop, wait for the water
to stabilise and test that the temperature of the water from the shower
outlet is hot enough.
If the water temperature is still not hot enough repeat the procedure until
a maximum safe temperature is achieved at the override position.
Refit and tighten the fixing screw, refit the concealing cap.
Many household cleaners contain abrasives and chemical substances, and
should not be used for cleaning plated or plastic fittings. These finishes should
be cleaned with a mild washing up detergent or soap solution, and then wiped
dry using a soft cloth.
Selector Knob
Stop Assembly
Important! The showerhead must be descaled regularly, keeping the
showerhead clean and free from limescale will ensure that your shower and
showerhead continue to perform to their maximum. A blocked showerhead can
restrict the flow rate and may cause damage to your shower.
If you require a Mira trained service engineer or agent, refer to section: ‘Customer
Water too hot or
too cold
Inlets reversed (hot supply to cold supply).Rework inlet
Check filters for any blockage.
Check the maximum temperature setting (If you have
a combination type boiler it may not be producing
sufficient hot water at the desired flow rate). Fit a flow
regulator to the shower valve outlet.
Installation conditions outside operating parameters.
Refer to Specifications and Commissioning
Poor temperature
Make sure that the inlet temperature differentials are
sufficient. Refer to Specifications.
Fluctuating or
reduced flow
Check the shower handset, hose and filters for any
Set at Eco position. Press the override button and
rotate the knob.
Make sure that the maintained inlet pressures
are nominally balanced and sufficient. Refer to
Air lock or partial blockage in the pipework.
Concealing Cap
Fixing Screw
Push in and
rotate to remove
Water leaking
from the shower
Normal for a short period after shut off.
Check that the pressures are not in excess of the
specifications for this product.
Mounting Pack
Components ‘A’
Multi Mode
Single Mode
Concealing Plate
and Z Connectors
Selector Knob
Hose Seal (x2)
Z Connectors
CV + Circlip
Adjusting the Temperature
Flow Knob
The adjustable showerhead has four different spray actions.
To select any of the four spray actions, turn the spray plate anticlockwise
from the full clockwise position until it clicks once.
Clamp Bracket
Hose Retaining
Your product has the benefit of our manufacturer’s guarantee which starts from
the date of purchase. To activate this guarantee, please return your completed
registration card, visit our website or free phone 0800 0731248 within 30 days
of purchase (UK only).
Within the guarantee period we will resolve defects in materials or workmanship,
free of charge, by repairing or replacing parts or product as we may choose.
This guarantee is in addition to your statutory rights and is subject to the following
The guarantee applies solely to the original installation under normal use and
to the original purchaser only. The product must be installed and maintained
in accordance with the instructions given in this user guide.
Servicing must only be undertaken by us or our appointed representative.
Note! If a service visit is required the product must be fully installed and
connected to services.
Repair under this guarantee does not extend the original expiry date. The
guarantee on any replacement parts or product ends at the original expiry
For shower fittings or consumable items we reserve the right to supply
replacement parts only.
The guarantee does not cover:
Call out charges for non product faults (such as damage or performance
issues arising from incorrect installation, improper use, inappropriate
cleaning, lack of maintenance, build up of limescale, frost damage,
corrosion, system debris or blocked filters) or where no fault has been
found with the product.
Water or electrical supply, waste and isolation issues.
Compensation for loss of use of the product or consequential loss of
any kind.
Damage or defects caused if the product is repaired or modified by
persons not authorised by us or our appointed representative.
Routine maintenance or replacement parts to comply with the
requirements of the TMV 2 or TMV 3 healthcare schemes.
Accidental or wilful damage.
Products purchased ex-showroom display.
Knob Assembly
1744.108 Nut
Stop Assembly
Hose (1.25 M)
Mira Atom EV Thermostatic Bar Valve
Installation and User Guide
Please call us on
0844 571 5000
(UK Only)
What to do if something goes wrong
If your product does not work correctly refer to this manual for fault diagnosis
and check that it is installed and commissioned in accordance with our
instructions. If this does not resolve the issue, contact us for help and advice.
Extended Guarantees
A selection of protection plans are available that enable you to cover repair
bills (excludes Eire). Ring 01922 471763 for more details.
Helpdesk Service - Ring our Customer Services Team for product advice,
to purchase spare parts or accessories or to set up service visit. You can
contact us via phone or e-mail, details below. Please provide your model
name, power rating (if applicable) and date of purchase.
Mira Showers Website (
Visit our website to register your guarantee, download user guides,
diagnose faults, purchase our full range of accessories and popular
spares, or request a service visit.
Spares and Accessories - We hold the largest stocks of genuine Mira
spares and accessories. Contact us for a price or visit our website to
purchase items from our accessory range and popular spares.
Service/Repairs - No one knows our products better than our nationwide
team of Service Technicians. We can carry out service or repair work to
your product both during and after the guarantee period. Ask about our
fixed price service repairs.
To Contact Us: UK
To Contact Us: Eire Only
0844 571 5000
01 531 9337
Fax: 01 242 282595
E-mail: CustomerServiceEire@
E-mail: Visit www.mirashowers.
The flow is controlled by rotating the flow selector knob.
The ECO mode provides an economic flow rate to save water, to get FULL
FLOW push the button in and continue to rotate.
Adjusting the Showerhead
Slide Bar
Support (x2)
Inlet Seal/
Flow Selector Knob
The temperature is controlled by rotating the temperature selector knob.For
safety reasons, the temperature is limited by an override stop. To obtain a higher
temperature, press the override button on the temperature selector knob and
continue to rotate the knob.
Adjusting the Flow
Cap (x2)
These instructions must be left with the user
Thank you for purchasing a quality Mira product. To enjoy the full
potential of your new product, please take time to read this guide
thoroughly, having done so, keep it handy for future reference.
For domestic installations, Mira Showers guarantee the Mira Atom
against any defect in materials or workmanship for a period of five years
from the date of purchase (shower fittings for one year).
For non-domestic installations, Mira Showers guarantee the Mira
Atom against any defect in materials or workmanship for a period of
one year from the date of purchase.
For terms and conditions refer to the back cover of this guide.
Design Registration GB 001225254-0003
Patents: GB 2 407 138
Recommended Usage
Mira Customer Services
Cromwell Road, Cheltenham,
Gloucestershire, GL52 5EP
Light Commercial
Mira is a registered trade mark of Kohler Mira Limited.
The company reserves the right to alter product
specifications without notice.
Heavy Commercial
FM 14648
© Kohler Mira Limited, April 2012
WARNING - This product can deliver scalding temperatures if
not operated, installed or maintained in accordance with the
instructions, warnings and cautions contained in this guide.
The function of a thermostatic mixing valve is to deliver water consistently
at a safe temperature. In keeping with every other mechanism, it cannot
be considered as functionally infallible and as such, cannot totally
replace a supervisor’s vigilance where that is necessary. Provided it is
installed, commissioned, operated and maintained within manufacturers
recommendations, the risk of failure, if not eliminated, is reduced to the
minimum achievable.
Mira thermostatic mixers are precision engineered and should give
continued safe and controlled performance, provided:
1. They are installed, commissioned, operated and maintained in
accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
2. Periodic attention is given, when necessary, to maintain the
product in good functional order.
1. Read all of these instructions.
2. Retain this guide for later use.
3. Installation must be carried out in accordance with these
instructions, and must be conducted by designated, qualified and
competent personnel.
4. Pass on this guide in the event of change of ownership of the
installation site.
5. Follow all warnings, cautions and instructions contained in this
6. Make sure that you fully understand how to operate this shower
before use, read all operating instructions and retain this guide
for future reference.
7. This product is not intended for use by persons (including children)
with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack
of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given
supervision or instruction concerning the use of the product by a
person responsible for their safety.
8. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play
with the product.
9. DO NOT perform any unspecified modifications to the shower
or its accessories. When servicing only use genuine Kohler Mira
replacement parts.
10. DO NOT fit any form of outlet flow control. Only Mira recommended
outlet fittings should be used.
11. DO NOT operate the temperature control rapidly, allow 10 – 15
seconds for the temperature to stabilise before use.
12. Care is required when adjusting flow or temperature, make sure
that the temperature has stabilised.
13. Care is required if the product is turned off and back on during
showering as this may result in unstable temperature. Ensure
temperature has stabilised before re-using product.
14. Sunburn or skin conditions can increase your sensitivity to hot
water. Make sure that you set the shower to a cooler temperature.
15. The water supplies to this product must be isolated if the product is
not to be used for a long period of time. If the product or pipework
is at risk of freezing during this period they should also be drained
of water.
16. When this product has reached the end of its serviceable life, it
should be disposed of in a safe manner, in accordance with current
local authority recycling, or waste disposal policy.
Max Static Pressure: 10 Bar.
Max Maintained Pressure: 5 Bar.
Min Maintained Pressure: (Gas Water Heater): 1.0 Bar (for
optimum performance supplies should be nominally equal).
Min Maintained Pressure (Gravity System): 0.1 Bar (0.1 bar = 1
Metre head from cold tank base to shower handset outlet).
Close temperature control is provided between 20°C and 50°C.
Optimum Thermostatic Control Range: 35°C to 45°C (achieved
with supplies of 15°C cold, 65°C hot and nominally equal
Recommended Hot Supply: 60°C to 65°C (Note! The mixing valve
can operate at temperatures up to 85°C for short periods without
damage. However for safety reasons it is recommended that the
maximum hot water temperature is limited to 65°C).
Minimum Recommended Differential between Hot Supply and
Outlet Temperature: 12°C at desired flow rates.
Minimum hot water supply temperature: 55°C.
Thermostatic Shut-down
For safety and comfort the thermostat will shut off the mixing
valve within 2 Seconds if either supply fails (achieved only if the
blend temperature has a minimum differential of 12°C from either
If pipework enters the product from the rear through a hole in the
wall, provision must be made to prevent water ingress back into
the wall structure.
8. The position of the shower and shower fittings must provide a
minimum gap of 25 mm between the showerhead and the spill
over level of any bath, shower tray or basin and a minimum gap
of 30 mm between the showerhead and the spill over level of any
toilet, bidet or other appliance with a Fluid Category 5 backflow
risk (see diagram )
9. The showerhead should be positioned so that it discharges down
the centre line of the bath or across the opening of a shower
10. Only use the inlet connections supplied with the product. DO NOT
use any other type of fittings.
11. All pipework must be checked for leaks before the product
installation is completed. The product should be pressurised &
the inlet & outlet connections inspected.
12. DO NOT overtighten connections, screws or grubscrews as
product damage may occur.
supply temperature).
Hot: Left - 1/2” BSP to pipework, 3/4” BSP to valve.
Cold: Right - 1/2” BSP to pipework, 3/4” BSP to valve.
Outlet: Bottom, 1/2” BSP Male to flexible hose.
Zone of
Backflow Risk
30 mm
Gravity Fed:
The thermostatic mixer must be fed from a cold water cistern (usually
fitted in the loft space) and a hot water cylinder (usually fitted in the
airing cupboard) providing nominally equal pressures.
Installation must be carried out in accordance with these instructions,
and must be conducted by designated, qualified and competent
The installation must comply with the “Water Supply Regulations 1999
(Water Fittings)” or any particular regulations and practices, specified
by the local water company or water undertakers.
Note! Make sure that all site requirements correspond to the information
given in section: ‘Specifications’.
1. The product must not be installed in an area where it may freeze.
Pipework to the product that could become frozen must be properly
2. Do not install the product in a position in which service access is
3. For stud partitions alternative fixings may be required.
4. Isolating valves must be installed close to the product for ease of
5. Pipework must be rigidly supported and avoid any strain on the
6. Pipework dead-legs should be kept to a minimum.
Caution! Make sure that
the supply pipework is
flushed before installing
the Bar Valve.
Assemble the bar valve
with a sealing washer/
filter in each inlet and
attach to the offset
Note! Connections are:
Hot-Left, Cold-Right.
25 mm
Suitable Plumbing Systems
Pumped System:
The thermostatic mixer can be installed with an inlet pump (twin
impeller). The pump must be installed on the floor next to the hot water
Mains Pressurised Instantaneous Hot Water System:
The thermostatic mixer can be installed with systems of this type with
balanced pressures.
Screw the concealing plates onto
the offset connectors until they
come into contact with the wall.
Spanner Flats
Installation of the Shower Fittings
deliver unstable temperatures if fitted incorrectly.
Unvented Mains Pressure System:
The thermostatic mixer can be installed with an unvented, stored hot
water system.
Tighten the offset connectors
using a suitable spanner. Make
sure that the connectors are level
and set at the correct distance
apart, using the bar valve as a
guide to spacing.
Note! This product does not allow for reversed inlets and will
Gas Heated System:
The thermostatic mixer can be installed with a combination boiler.
Toilet or Bidet
25 mm Minimum
Bath or Shower
Tray FC3
Hand Basin
Note! There will be occasions when the hose retaining ring will not provide
a suitable solution for Fluid Category 3 installations, in these instances
an outlet double checkvalve must be fitted, this will increase the required
supply pressure typically by 10kPa (0.1 bar). Double checkvalves fitted
in the inlet supply to the appliance cause a pressure build up, which
affect the maximum static inlet pressure for the appliance and must
not be fitted. For Fluid category 5 double checkvalves are not suitable.
13. Upon completion of installation, or if the product is dismantled
during installation or servicing, then the product must be inspected
to ensure that there are no leaks.
14. Having completed the installation, make sure that the user is
familiar with the operation of the product.
For new installations optimum
fixing centres 510 mm.
8 mm
8 mm
Installation of the Bar Valve
The thermostatic bar valve should be installed where it will be supported
by fixed pipework. For unfixed pipework a wall mounting bracket must
be used (available as a spare part, part number: 1744.101, contact
Customer Services).
1. Install the pipework, making sure that it is set at the correct
distance apart (150 ± 24 mm) and solidly fixed.
2. Apply suitable thread sealant (not supplied) and attach the offset
connectors to the pipework in the wall. The offset connectors must
protrude between 40 and 43 mm from the finished wall.
Note! Connections are: Hot-Left, Cold-Right. This is very
important as this product does not allow for reversed inlets.
Red Protective
before Fitting
39 - 42 mm
½" BSP Female
Apply Silicone
Sealant to seal
hole in wall
150 mm
Support Bracket
Note! Ensure an
equal length of
slide bar top and
Connection of the Shower Hose
The Mira Universal Shower Hose has slightly different sized conical
connections at each end (the smaller diameter / longer length conical
is identified with a Red protective cover).
The end with the Red cover connects to the showerhead, the clear end
connects to the valve.
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