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VisionMaster FT ECDIS
Efficient and Safe
Route Planning
VisionMaster FT ECDIS
Start your journey with the
VisionMaster FT ECDIS
A unique electronic chart display and information
system, providing effective support for safe and
easy route planning.
The VisionMaster FT ECDIS (electronic chart
display and information system) offers you a
complete solution for easy route planning and
paperless navigation.
The VisionMaster FT ECDIS is simple to operate
for any type, size or class of ship, whether new
build or retrofit.
Developed with the varying needs of different
users in mind, the VisionMaster FT ECDIS is
designed and manufactured to the highest
performance standards, to ensure you will have
absolute confidence in its regular use over
many years.
Features & Benefits
The ECDIS provides many important benefits,
•Fast, accurate route planning
•Improved safety and efficiency
•Ease of operation
•Flexible functions and upgradability
•Personalised settings
•Flexible configurations
•Exceeds IMO performance standards
Fast and Accurate Route
Improved Safety and
The multiple chart display system allows charts
in vector or raster formats to be displayed
simultaneously, enabling fast and accurate
route planning and execution in all seas.
Alternative routes can be added and displayed
during the voyage, and waypoints can be
moved, added or deleted quickly and easily.
The unique display format, with intuitive user
controls, offers the watchkeeper a complete
navigation solution allowing for immediate
response to virtually any situation.
Charts can be displayed in different formats and
in all presentation windows, including S63
(encrypted S-57) and Digital Nautical Charts
(VPF) as well as Jeppesen and Admiralty charts.
The ECDIS automatically associates radar and
automatic identification system (AIS) targets to
minimise mistaken identity and simplify watch
The high-resolution type-approved VMFT ECDIS
is designed to improve navigation safety
whether navigating confined channels or
charting courses on the open seas.
The VMFT ECDIS display offers various
functions to ensure safety and efficient
of chart scales from 1:8,000,000 to
1:500 via manual and automatic selection
of presentation modes from bright
light to dusk and night, for optimum usability
representation such as north-up
and course-up
custom zooming for quick
scale changes
by selecting maximum view
ahead, re-centring, panning, offsetting and
‘go to’ latitude/longitude positioning
Various screen modes are available:
(vertical or horizontal) with
independent scale or area of interest
mode to display secondary
chart as separate movable and scalable
Picture in Picture Screen Mode
Ease of Operation
The VMFT ECDIS will display exactly the
information you require, in a clear and
uncluttered format, reducing the risk of
accidents. The navigational process is
streamlined to reduce confusion and risk,
enhancing situational awareness. The clever
design of graphic interface and colour coding
allows you to assess data at a glance, and enjoy
stress-free navigation.
Providing high standards of navigation, the
VMFT ECDIS allows users to create, edit,
safety-check and monitor routes. A range of
features can be accessed, such as up to 100
adjustable positions, geographically-referenced
objects, variable range markers (VRM),
electronic bearing line (EBL), electronic range
and bearing line (ERBL).
Flexible Functions and
Recognising that you have different needs over
time, we have incorporated a simple built-in
upgrade path, to upgrade the ECDIS with new
features or to a complete TotalWatch
multi-function workstation.
Optional upgrades for VMFT ECDIS include:
•Radar overlay
•Multiple CCTV connections
•Route-based speed control
•Track control
•Fuel navigator
•Predicted areas of danger (PADs)
•Propulsion control
•Third party application support
•3D vision sonar terrain
Fuel Savings
An additional, optional, feature is the Fuel
Navigator, a voyage decision support system
that we have developed to provide savings on
ships’ fuel costs, by optimising route, speed and
engine mode. The system uses an intuitive
interface that integrates with the VMFT ECDIS
Radar Overlay
The VMFT ECDIS offers practical radar overlay,
when interfaced with Northrop Grumman
Sperry Marine radars. The optional radar overlay
is displayed without obscuring priority objects
of vector charts, increasing situational
awareness. Furthermore, it provides flexible
functionality that allows connection to a wide
range of navigation equipment to acquire
additional information.
Conning Information Display
The multifunction VisionMaster FT
TotalWatch easily displays radar, chart radar
and ECDIS in any combination and
configuration to suit different navigational
The TotalWatch offers complete control and
flexibility for bridge manning.
The ECDIS may be configured to suit different
vessel needs and operational requirements,
providing Deck Standing options with a 25.5”,
23” or 19” screen, or a 19” Tabletop option or Kit
Format compact console.
The VisionMaster FT series are the only
products available that provide the Conning
Information Display (CID) tab, which displays
key readouts for efficient vessel monitoring.
The VMFT ECDIS is easy to install, whether in
new-build or as a fully-compatible retrofit.
The CID can display information from most of
ship’s sensors, to provide a range of important
information, including docking, propulsion,
voyage plan status, primary navigation and
manoeuvring. The CID also reduces the cost of
systems that permanently display the CID
The VMFT ECDIS provides a complete IMOcompliant type-approved electronic chart
display and information system meeting the
following requirements:
Instant Help
We have incorporated an extensive, contextsensitive iHelp facility, which allows the user to
quickly search the operator’s manual or access
information relevant to the functions on the
ECDIS screen.
Personalised Settings
Each officer can have their own personalised
operational settings for voyage plans, which can
be saved and taken from watch to watch, or
vessel-to-vessel, ensuring continued operator
efficiency and vessel safety.
Type Approved Performance
•IEC 61174 Ed 3
•IEC 62288
•IEC 62065
•IEC 60945
•IEC 61162
The VMFT ECDIS provides advanced
capabilities for voyage planning and chart
management. It is the digital alternative to
paper nautical charts when installed with a
backup ECDIS.
ECDIS Training
Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine provides free
licences for Type Specific ECDIS training
courses via the e-learning specialists
Safebridge. Safebridge offers certified online
VisionMaster FT Type Specific ECDIS training to
meet the requirements of the industry.
Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine also works
together with training providers around the
world for classroom, on-board or on-site
training. Our various dedicated training
establishments provide both generic and
Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine type-specific
courses, in addition to other training courses.
24/7 Service
The VMFT ECDIS, like all Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine systems and products, is supported by one of the world’s most extensive worldwide service networks,
with help available around the clock, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our global service network provides prompt shipboard maintenance and repair services in every
major seaport in the world. We also offer comprehensive maintenance contracts, as well as support for all products for at least ten years after any is discontinued, so
providing continuing peace of mind to all our customers.
For more information, please contact:
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A division of the Northrop Grumman Corporation, Sperry Marine provides a range of navigational solutions for mariners around the world:
autopilot and steering control systems, compass systems, integrated bridge and navigation systems, integrated platform management systems,
speedlogs, navigation radar and ECDIS. Working with mariners around the world for over 100 years.
Specifications and features subject to change without notice.
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All rights reserved.
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