K7FL Radio Stuff for Sale Battle Ground, WA Rev

K7FL Radio Stuff for Sale Battle Ground, WA  Rev
K7FL Radio Stuff for Sale
Battle Ground, WA
[email protected]
Rev. 04.20.2015
Next year, my XYL and I are moving from our 3800 square feet home on 2.5 acres, to a 400 square foot
RV. Obviously, my 40-50 years of ham radio stuff will not be able to travel with us, so (almost) all needs
to find a new home.
I can ship if required, but since I have a full year to liquidate stuff, I probably can meet many of you in
the Eugene to Seattle corridor as I travel about doing other things. I will attend Seaside which provides
another opportunity.
Feel free to mix, match and make an offer.
Radios and amplifiers
Alpha 91B 1.5 KW amplifier … low hours and in absolutely perfect condition. Amplifier sale includes the
operation manual. Factory upgraded a few years ago. $2750
Brown faced Mirage B108. 10W in provides 80W output. Preamp works. $90 firm
10M propagation beacon station, operating on IARU assigned frequency 28.2985MHz. The transmitter is
an HTX-100 running at 20 watts output … and has done this for 5 years without failure. The beacon
station includes an Astron 12A PS and Diamond SX-100 power/SWR meter. $250
Kenwood 2M handheld TH-22AT. Manual and charger $45.
W7ZOI design Little Joe QRP kit with circuit board, etc. Parts included in kit for 10/15M operation. $12
Vectronics CW (audio) Filter kit. Great addition to QRP receivers. Unopened; $15
Grundig Yacht Boy 400PE AM/FW/SW receiver. Good condition and includes compact antenna, power
supply (has internal batteries) manual and ear pieces. $40
Antennas and Accessories
Hy-Gain Hy-Tower, modified for 160, 80 and 40M. I’ve used it on the other bands with a tuner. This is
basically the antenna I used to work 9BDXCC and 6BWAZ + 325 countries. The upper mast was
redesigned to be taller and handle extreme winds without failing (90 MPH no ice). Insulators at the top
were redesigned with Teflon to permit operation on 160M without the destructive arcing encountered
on the stock Hy-Towers. All mechanical and electrical design data included + stock manuals. This is my
workhorse on 80 & 40M. $600
HyGain HAM-M Rotor, reconditioned/rebuilt by the Rotor Doctor. Control head and rotor in excellent
physical and electrical condition. $250
Hi-Z 4 square receiving antenna. The package includes four (4), sturdy 20 foot aluminum antenna
elements, phasing unit and delay lines, preamps, 75:50 ohm transformer … the complete package.
Makes a huge difference when DXing on 160-40M+. $550
Elecraft W2 wattmeter with HF and VHF/UHF sensors. Excellent condition: $275
Collins-Joslyn lightning protector. Very impressive device made by Joslyn, PN 1906-01. Original pricing
for the DOD was $1938.05! Set to 12.5 KVP. How can anyone have a classy vertical without one of
these??? $20
A high power, remote antenna tuner. I began this project before deciding to move, so it’s now surplus to
my needs. Includes L network components, including a new 20KV, 500 pf vacuum variable and new
vacuum relays. A 1000pf, 10KV fixed ceramic capacitor. The inductor (new) is used in an Ameritron
linear amplifier. For remote tuning, I have acquired two motors from TarHeel antennas … the same type
used to remote tune their mobile antennas. I also have a new MFJ Model 1924 memory remote to
control the inductor and capacitor. The MFJ will remember the component settings once established.
This is all enclosed in a locking, heavy steel enclosure measuring 9” x 14” x 18” tall (not including the
added height from the impressive insulator on top!). About the only thing left to complete is some sheet
metal bending, mounting the motors and connecting the leads. I have over $1200 in this tuner, all 100%
new, high quality parts. $600 firm.
MFJ 873 Power/wattmeter – 125MHz to 525MHz. $50
Two Ameritron RCS8 relay modules mounted together in a single Hammond aluminum box. This
provides 9 suitable antenna ports. Two Ameritron control heads included. $130 + shipping.
Rohn #25AG tower top tapered section, with home brew rotor plate. $125; Rohn 25 standard tower
section. $80. Both items painted Douglas fir green, but paint would probably come off with pressure
Test Equipment
30V 5A Precision variable digital DC power supply. Robust design (inside pictures available upon
request). With power cord. $50
HP Oscilloscope Model 1202A with Tektronix probe. $10
Eico Model 950 Resistance and Capacitance Comparator. $5
Variable Capacitors
HV air variable capacitor 300pf; spacing ~1/8 inch. 7” long + shaft. $10
HV air variable dual capacitor, 150pf per section; spacing ~ ¼ inch. Length is 15”, $15
365 pf per section, 5 section loading capacitor – perfect capacitor for an amplifier loading application.
….. all 3 for $25.
TenTec model TG-38 dual color project enclosures. I have three, still in protective wrapping. List is about
$15 each. $25 for all three.
Carlon water tight plastic enclosures. Two sizes … one 6” x 6” and 4” tall; the other is 4”x 4”x 4”.
Aluminum project box - 5”x 4”x 3” $20 for all.
Aluminum clamshell enclosure 8” x 6” and 2” tall. Quantity 2 … new and excellent condition. I’ll throw in
2 or 3 additional enclosures which need front and back panels. $20
… or all enclosures above for $45 plus shipping
19” rack mountable enclosure … black, new, box has never been open. Can use with our without rack
mounting. See at http://www.circuitspecialists.com/rackmount-enclosure-et435b.html $45.
Astron 20A Model RS20A power supply. Nice condition. Power cord included. $75
Astron 35A Model RS35A power supply. Nice condition. Power cord included. $95
Panavise … perfect for holding PC boards and other projects. Like new. $35.
Westek Z100B1 RFI choke for telephone lines. Make offer
Unidyne III model 545 dynamic microphone- mates with 4 prong connector Make offer
Optimus XTS 24 speaker. Black. Perfect condition. I use this on my K3 with a small amp. 8 ohms, 20W
RMS. Make offer.
Bread boarding kit. Comes complete with pre-stripped leads … $15
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