KM-2530 - Reparation de Photocopieurs, Imprimantes Laser, Plans

KM-2530 - Reparation de Photocopieurs, Imprimantes Laser, Plans
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Electrical Requirements
Output Speeds
First Copy Out Time
Copies Per Minute
Paper Handling
Standard Paper Supply
One Solution.
Today, you can have an exceptionally reliable document processing system for what
an ordinary copier would cost—a system that transforms the way you manage
Min./Max. Paper Size
Paper Weight
Input Material
Paper Output
Duplex Modes/Output Size
Optional Paper Sources
Copy Functions
Imaging Modes
Continuous Copying
Additional Features
documents. Introducing the KM-2530 Imaging System.
Kyocera Mita took the time to listen to the people in the trenches who actually do
the work—business professionals like you, who know that even in a digital world,
hardcopy documents still matter.
Hardware Options
Document Processor
Saddle Stitcher
With a KM-2530, you can produce those documents in the format you choose,
hardcopy or electronic, and seamlessly integrate the Unit into your workflow.
Start with a fast, fully-featured 25 CPM Copier. Add options like a Document
Internal Finisher
Job Separator Tray
Connectivity Options
Print/Scan System N
Processor, Stackless Duplexing, Stapling and additional paper handling that raise office
efficiency and convenience...speedy network printing, faxing, and scanning
for comprehensive document creation, duplication, and distribution from the desktop–
now, or when the demands increase.
Best of all, the KM-2530 is backed by Kyocera Mita's legendary reputation for
durability and reduced routine maintenance, ensuring the timely delivery of
your information.
The new KM-2530 does it all, from one place—from One Company, Kyocera Mita.
Print Memory
Network Operating System
Driver/Scan File Support
Additional Features
Fax / Network Fax Option
Transmission Speed
Modem Speed
Data Compression
* 6% Image Area
** ITU #1 Letter Size
Item Code # 87161586
Less than 60 Seconds. Auto start.
3.9 Seconds
25 Letter, 18 Legal, 15 Ledger
The KM-2530 offers ready support for
busy workgroups with standard 500
Sheet Drawers and a 200 Sheet Multi
Purpose Tray. A fast 3.9-second first
copy and 25 letter size copies per
minute delivers the kind of
performance business demands.
Dual User Adjustable 500 Sheet Paper Drawers plus 200 Sheet
Multi Purpose Tray (MPT). Auto Selection / Switching.
5.5"x 8.5"/11"x 17"
16-28 lbs. via Paper Drawers, up to 110 lbs. via MPT
Bond paper, recycled paper, transparencies, labels, envelopes
250 Sheet Internal Tray
Optional Stackless System. 1:2, 2:2, 2:1, Book: 2/5.5"x 8.5" - 11"x 17"
Dual User Adjustable 500 Sheet Paper Drawers or
3,000 Sheet Letter size Paper Deck
Text, Photo, Text/Photo, Auto, Manual, ECO
Up to 999, Auto Reset to 1
Full size, 5 Reduction, 5 Enlargement Preset Ratios,
plus 25% to 400% Zoom, XY Zoom
Booklet Mode, Book Mode, Covers Mode, Erase Mode,
Margin Shift, Transparency Mode, Page Numbering,
Auto Magnification Selection, Batch Copy, Interrupt,
500 Copy Management Codes, Image Combination, Image Overlay,
Image Reverse, Image Rotate, 8 Job Memory Banks, Mirror Image
70 Sheet Simplex or100 Sheet Duplex Document Processor
50 Sheet Multi Position Staple, Standard 2 and 3 Hole Punch.
3,000 Sheet Stack Capacity.
50 Sheet Multi Position Edge Staple plus 10 Sheet Center Bind.
Optional 2 and 3 Hole Punch. 1,000 Sheet Stack Capacity.
30 Sheet Single Position Staple. 500 Sheet Stack Capacity.
7 Bin, 100 Sheets per Bin letter size. DF-71 Finisher required.
Separates Print and Copy Output
If you require professional finishing for
presentations or training manuals, the
KM-2530 with optional Finisher can
accommodate. 50 Sheet Multi Position
Staple, standard 2 and 3 Hole Punch
and a 3000 Sheet Stack Capacity paired
with a 3000 Sheet Paper Deck make the
KM-2530 a high volume workhorse.
Embedded PowerPC 750CX/350 MHz Controller with
Standard 10/100 BaseTx Network Printing and Scanning.
Standard 32MB, upgradeable to 256MB via 100 Pin DIMMs
WindowsTM 95/98/NT4.x/2000/XP
NetWareTM 3.x/4.x/5.x/NDS, AppleTalk, UNIX
Scan to file (100 PCs), Scan to E-Mail (100 Addresses)
Opt. Bar Code Reader, Opt. Printer HDD, Opt. IB-22 Wireless NIC
Super Group 3
Approximately 3 Seconds/Page
33.6 Kbps w/Auto Fallback
Standard 4MB, approximately 200** Pages,
530** Pages with additional 4MB Memory
Specifications and design are subject to change without notice. For the latest in connectivity visit
All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective manufacturers.
Kyocera Mita America, Inc.
Headquarters: 225 Sand Road, PO Box 40008, Fairfield, NJ 07004-0008, USA
©2002 Kyocera Mita America, Inc.
The KM-2530 with optional Saddle
Stitcher and 3,000 sheet paper deck
allows booklet, newsletter and magazine
production in-house. 50 Sheet Multi
Position Edge Staple plus 10 Sheet
Center Bind, optional 2 and 3 Hole
Punch and 1,000 Sheet Stack Capacity
can handle a variety of applications.
Imaging System
Resolution/Gray Scale
Desktop Monochrome Digital Copier. Optional Print/Scan.
Optional Fax.
Laser, Monocomponent Toner
600 dpi/256 Levels
Standard 32MB stores approximately 122 Letter size pages.
Maximum 160MB stores 802 Letter size pages.*
23"W x 25"D x 29"H; 165 lbs.
120V, 60Hz, 11A
Copy • Print
Scan • Fax
11019_KM2530 11/01/02 09:54 AM Page 4
Many Demands.
Manage the Network
Scan over 100 letter size originals to memory, walk
away, and let the Copier do the rest. Electronic and
Rotate Sorting allows you to collate sets electronically,
eliminating the expense of an add-on sorting device.
Copy the Document
With Booklet Mode,
it’s easy to create
signature style booklets
from sheet originals
without copy waste.
The KM-2530 brings a tremendous amount of functionality and
versatility to the workplace.
Print the Document
Connected to your network, the KM-2530 improves the workflow of any workgroup by
providing all of the advanced imaging capabilities of the unit at your desktop. You’ll not
only improve productivity, you’ll significantly reduce your printing costs.
Converting paper-based documents into electronic documents that can be
shared, stored, retrieved and distributed by everyone in your organization
is as easy as making a copy.
Our optional network-ready
Print/Scan System connects
seamlessly with all popular
Network Operating Systems.
A Wireless option is also available,
allowing placement of the Unit in
virtually any location. In addition,
Internet Printing is supported.
Fax the Document
Transmit letter
size pages in just
3 seconds per page.
Receive email notification
of Printer status, including
paper and toner level.
Batch Copy lets you combine
sheet and bound originals and
output as one document,
saving time and effort.
Scan the Document
Here’s a convenient and economical way to
upgrade/supplement your current facsimile
capabilities. With the KM-2530’s
Fax/Network Fax option, you can send
and receive documents from the
Unit or your desktop with ease.
Our KM-NET Suite provides all of the tools to manage every aspect of your network
and attached devices. Highly graphical, this Suite enables administrators to locally or
remotely set up, configure and monitor all Kyocera Mita Copier-Printers, Network
Printers and any SNMP Compliant Printer with just the click of a mouse.
Selectable original
type and 200 to 600 dpi
scan resolution allows for
optimum image clarity.
Scan one and two-sided documents,
pages from books and magazines to
PC’s/Mac’s as PDF or TIFF
files. TWAIN Driver enables
the immediate use of the
image within applications
for editing or merging
with other documents.
Fax oversized and
bound documents
from the Platen.
Manage the content of Virtual
Mailboxes and Job Lists using
Printer Disk Manager.
Auto Image Rotation matches
your letter size originals with
the letter size paper available, reducing
copy waste. What’s more, you can
reduce oversize originals to letter size
copies without any slowdown.
The KX Driver, common
among Kyocera Mita Copiers
and Printers, supports all Page
Description Languages, making it easy
for everyone to print documents with
fast 1200 dpi resolution.
Solve unique printing
applications, create
forms, logos and more
with our standard
Complimenting the KM-2530’s
distinctive Control Panel design
is the ultra-wide Touch Screen
Interface. A combination of
large Touch Keys, Text Messages and Graphics makes
all feature selections error free. Shortcut Keys and a
customizable User Choice Screen means that your
most frequently used features are always at your
fingertips. Combined with numerous Automatic
Feature Selections, copying has never been easier.
Edge Stapling. Saddle Stitching. Hole
Punching. You have a choice of
Finishing Options with the KM-2530.
E-mail using the Address Book
Utility, Microsoft Outlook, or
simply enter the destination using
the Touch Screen Interface.
Optional eMPS HDD adds
Job Storage, Secure Mailbox
Printing, Proof and Hold, plus
Bar Code Printing, streamlining
document production within
the workgroup.
Shown with optional Document Processor,
3,000 Sheet Paper Deck and Finisher.
Store up to 530 pages
in memory when
fully configured.
As a Copier, the unit delivers
Included with our Scanning Suite,
PaperPort™ Deluxe enables you to
organize, search, edit and manage
scanned documents at your desktop.
extraordinary output, with
600 dpi resolution and 256 levels
of gray. With standard Dual 500
Sheet Paper Drawers and a
200 Sheet Multi-Purpose Tray,
you can achieve amazing results onto
a variety of paper sizes and stock, including 110 lbs.
And this is just the beginning.
When configured with our optional
Print/Scan System, it’s possible to
send/receive faxes at your desktop,
direct incoming faxes to specific PC
folders, store frequently
used destinations, attach
cover sheets, add
messages and more.
A component of our Scanning
Suite, the KM Document Flow
System allows you to quickly
Index scanned files on
multiple levels from the
Copier Control Panel
to a selected database.
Using IC Link, information like
forms, logos, and macros can be
stored to a Compact
Flash Card, providing
portability from one
device to another.
Optional Saddle Stitcher
with Edge Stapling, Center
Binding, and Auto V Fold.
Optional Finisher
with Edge Stapling and standard
2 & 3 Hole Punch. Shown with
7 Bin Print Mailbox option.
Six different Imaging Modes,
including Toner Save, assures
optimum output quality without
a lot of copy waste.
Photo Mode
Text Mode
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