Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual
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Instruction Manual
Part # 500,501 Jato Sportsman Nitro Funny Car Kit
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Page 1
Here are "Tips and Tricks" that will make your installation quick and easy. Check the last page in this
instruction manual for your parts description.
1. Make sure all fuel is removed from the fuel tank in your Jato.
2. Remove all four tires.
3. Unbolt and remove the rear battery hatch cover. If you have the battery in there, remove the battery and
disconnect it from the wiring harness. Leave the battery cover off.
4. Remove the engine and exhaust system.
5. Open the radio box lid and unplug the steering servo wire from the receiver.
6. Remove the two front screws on the top plate closest to the shock tower.
7. Turn the truck upside down and remove all screws from the bottom side.
8. Remove the chassis plate.
9. Separate the front end from the mid section. Unbolt the steering servo horn from the servo. Unbolt the
steering servo and pull it completely out of the mid section. You are going to re-use the steering servo
10. Remove the stock front bumper. Install the new front bumper #4 that is supplied in the kit
Remove Old
Install New
If Our Name Is On It, Rest Assured It's The Worlds Finest
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Page 2
11. Take the new funny car chassis #5 and lay it flat with the ears up. Bolt on the new stand offs #6 to the
chassis using the two #12 counter sunk 3 mm x 10 mm screws supplied with kit. One is longer than the
other. The longer stand off gets bolted to the receiver/exhaust side of the chassis, the shorter one gets
bolted to the clutch side of the chassis. Next place the frontend shim #3 that is supplied with the kit on top
of the chassis plate and bolt the frontend back on top of the frontend shim #3.
#12 Actual Size
3 mm x 10 mm Counter sink head screws
12. Slide the chrome front bumper/fuel cell #2 over the front ears on the chassis and bolt it up using the four
#13 3 mm x 10 mm socket cap screws supplied in the kit.
Actual Size
3 mm x 10 mm Socket head cap screws
13. Unbolt the stock plastic anti-squat block from the transmission. Install the new aluminum anti-squat block
#15 that is supplied with the kit. (Warning) If you do not use the anti-squat block supplied with the kit, the
tires will hit the body. You must use the RLC Anti-Squat blocks to keep this from happening.
Stock Anti-Squat
RLC Anti-Squat
14. Bolt the mid section and transmission onto the funny car chassis. Leave the transmission and screws
loose. Leave out the last 2 screws on the end of the chassis plate, they will get installed later. NOTE:
Leaving the transmission screws loose will help you install the motor easier when it comes time.
Leave these two screws loose
Leave these 6 screws loose
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Page 3
15. Bolt the steering servo into the new aluminum top plate #7 supplied with the kit as shown. Use the
orginal screws that you removed from the Jato.
16. Take the top plate with the servo already bolted in and place it on the chassis into postion. Use the four 3
mm x 10 mm button head screws #11 supplied in the kit and hand tighten them down just a few threads.
Route the steering servo wire back through where the antenna wire comes out of the radio box. Plug the
steering wire back into the receiver. Turn the receiver and radio on to make sure the steering servo is
working. If it is working you can install the radio box lid and leave the radio and car receiver on.
Actual Size
3mm x 10 mm Button head screws
17. Adjust the steering horn onto the steering servo for proper alignment. Once you get the proper alignment
and the steering is good, bolt down the four top plate bolts. Make sure your steering servo horn is tight.
18. Install the engine and exhaust system. Hook up all your linkages, fuel and pressure lines. NOTE: If you
are using an easy start system You Must Use Traxxas Part # 4979x Ez-start wiring harness because
the stock harness is to short.
19. Remove the rear transmission gear cover. Unbolt the old battery box and wheely bar assembly from
the transmission rear cover.
If Our Name Is On It, Rest Assured It's The Worlds Finest
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Page 4
20. Install the rear trans cover and tie bar onto the new wheely bar #14 supplied with the kit. Use a small drop
of red loc-tite on the bolt that goes inside the trans case and bolts to the lower wheely bar. This will insure
the bolt does not vibrate out and ruin the gear set.
Tie Bar
Small drop of red loc tite
21. Bolt the wheely bar to the transmission case. Install the 2 screws left out earlier as this bolts the trans
case gear cover to the trans.
22. Set your gear mesh and make sure all screws underneath are now tight.
23. Install the body post mount #9 supplied with the kit. Push this through the black body mount on the funny
car body. Next, bolt it in with the screw supplied in the kit. NOTE: It is a little hard to push the body post
24. Install your 12 mm axal spacers #10 onto the rear axels. Install the pin through the axal then push the
plastic hex over the axal until it snaps on. You are now ready to install all four tires. Caution: You must use
these rear axal hub spacers or similar ones of the same width or wider or the tires will hit the body.
If Our Name Is On It, Rest Assured It's The Worlds Finest
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Page 5
25. This is how the conversion looks when it is done. The body mount is simple and easy. The body post #9
slides into the slots on top of the wheely bar mount. Once firmly in the slots just lower the front of the
body until it snaps into the front bumper / fuel cell. To flip the body up simply go underneath and pull the
plastic latch and pull up.
26. You are now ready to run and test your new funny car conversion kit. Please read the basic set up tips
as this will save you a lot of time and trouble.
Basic Set Up Tips
This will give you a good basic set up to get the car down the track. You can also visit our website and
check out the tech section on the Jato Sportsman Funny Car Conversion Kit @
Check back to the tech section from time to time for updates or call our tech experts @ (732) 269-5628
Hours: Mon-Fri 9 AM to 6 PM EST.
Frontend alignment camber: 0 -.5 negitive degrees.
Front toe In: 0 – 1 negitive degrees
Front shocks springs: Green Oil: 30W Piston: 1.4
Rear shock springs: Pink Oil: 30W 1.3 Piston
Front sway bar: White
Rear sway bar: White
Tighten slipper until the spring is bottom out. Then back off 1 1/2 turns out. Run the car and see if it
slips to much or does not slip enough. The perfect adjustment is when you can not hear it shift into
second gear. You achieve this by having it tight and hearing it shift into second gear then back off the
sliper nut small turns at a time. CAUTION: To loose of a slipper will cause your pads to get brittle and
break and or melt your spur gear.
Battery Placement:
The best is to buy an after market battery that will fit up front in the front bumper / fuel cell. There are
plenty out there that fit. If not, use a flat pack and install it in the mid section location. Add 2 oz. of
weight to the very front end. The 2 oz. is just a starting point. Depending on how light or heavy the
battery pack you put in the mid section will determin how much weight you will add to the front end.
This helps the car track straight 80 feet out and beyond.
If Our Name Is On It, Rest Assured It's The Worlds Finest
(732) 269-5628
Part #
Parts Description
1. 501
Funny Car Body
2. 6935
Front Bumper Fuel Cell Body Mount
3. 475RLC
Front End Shim
4. 5535RLC
Front Bumper
5. 450RLC
Jato Sportsman Funny Car Chassis
6. 225RLC
One Long And One Short Stand Offs For Top Plate
7. 476RLC
Top Plate
8. 6975
2 Front Drag Tires
9. 229RLC
Body Mount Post
10. 3654
2 Rear 12 mm Plastic Axal Spacers
11. Screws
4 3 mm x 10 mm Button Head Scews
12. Screws
2 3mm x 10 mm Counter Sunk Screws
13. Screws
4 3 mm x 10 mm Socket Head Cap Screws
14. 276RLC
Sportsman Complete Wheely Bar
15 210RLC
Anti Squat Block
To order parts and accessories call: (732) 269-5628 Mon – Fri 9 AM to 6 PM Est. Or go to
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