HP StoreOnce Backup Datasheet
Data sheet
HP StoreOnce Backup
Learn about how HP StoreOnce Backup systems
offer your data the “insurance” it needs.
HP StoreOnce Backup with HP StoreOnce Catalyst is the only federated deduplication solution1
providing disk-based backup for IT environments, from the smallest remote sites to the
largest enterprises. It helps our customers reduce the risk of data loss, reduce the cost of data
protection, in particular management overhead and increase their agility to move backup
data around their organization in deduplicated form providing disaster recovery and reducing
network bandwidth expense.
If unpredictable data growth has resulted in management complexity and risk then
HP StoreOnce Backup systems with StoreOnce Catalyst software will resolve these problems,
providing a simple consistent, high performance architecture that spans your organization.
You can reduce the amount of space needed to store backup data by 95 percent2 and choose
between powerful dedicated appliances for larger offices and data centers, and flexible virtual
appliances for smaller and remote offices. StoreOnce industry-leading backup and restore
speeds means that you can meet shrinking backup windows and recovery service-level
agreements (SLAs). Plus, with HP StoreOnce as the industry’s only federated deduplication
technology, you can dedupe in any location anywhere and control the movement of dehydrated
data across the enterprise using your backup application.
Seamlessly integrating with your current backup environment, StoreOnce Backup provides
flexible integration for Ethernet, Fibre Channel and iSCSI SAN, and virtualized environments.
HP internal competitive comparisons of the
places where HP deduplication can be deployed,
December 2013
HP Get Protected Guarantee program
Data sheet | HP StoreOnce Backup
Key features and benefits
Industry-leading, scale-out, scale-up architecture to meet enterprise requirements
The scale-out, scale-up architecture allows you to grow as your business needs dictate and
not be limited by technology or vendor constraints. Choose capacity points available through
virtual backup solutions or dedicated appliances that start small and allow you to add in virtual
capacity, storage, or nodes as needed.
With a range of capacity points, StoreOnce Backup suits all requirements from
small remote offices to enterprise data centers with centralized monitoring through
HP StoreOnce Enterprise Manager.
For enterprise data centers, the HP StoreOnce 6500 scales from 120 TB raw (72 TB usable)
to 2240 TB raw (1728 TB usable). StoreOnce Federated Catalyst simplifies manageability and
allows more scalability while maximizing backup and restores speeds through automatic load
balancing, all while ensuring failover and autonomic restart is maintained.
For midsize data centers or regional offices, choose from HP StoreOnce 4500 or StoreOnce
4700 and scale from 24 TB raw (16 TB usable) to 192 TB raw (160 TB usable), or the high density
HP StoreOnce 4900 to scale from 60 TB raw (36 TB usable) to 560 TB raw (432 TB usable) in a
small footprint.
For enterprises with large remote and regional offices or SMBs looking for a comprehensive
data protection solution, the StoreOnce 2900 Backup appliance provides the ideal solution
which can scale from 24 TB raw (15.5 TB usable) to 48 TB raw (31.5 TB usable) within the same
2U footprint for valuable rack space savings.
For small locations and branch offices the entry level HP StoreOnce 2700 appliance (5.5 TB)
or the StoreOnce VSA are efficient backup targets and enable cost-effective backup data
replication to a remote StoreOnce appliance for added data protection.
The StoreOnce VSA leverages the flexibility of virtual infrastructures by packaging the
StoreOnce deduplication technology in virtual appliances for VMware®, Microsoft® Hyper-V
and Ubuntu KVM environments. StoreOnce VSA is licensed at 4 TB, 10 TB, and 50 TB capacity
points and can be deployed on any industry standard server with the appropriate specification.
To enable scalability, the 4 TB license can be upgraded to 10 TB and the 10 TB license can be
upgraded to a 50 TB license. A 1 TB StoreOnce VSA can also be downloaded free of charge.
Federated deduplication across the enterprise with a single deduplication technology
Deduplicate anywhere—at the application source or at the backup server or at the target
appliance. Choose to deduplicate in a hardware or virtual appliance or in software with Data
Protector. Deduplicate where it makes sense for your business, not where technology vendors’
limitations mandate. Save time and money by moving backup data around the enterprise in its
deduplicated state.
HP StoreOnce delivers a unified solution for seamless data movement across the enterprise;
with cost-effective StoreOnce VSAs ideal for smaller remote offices, high-performance
hardware appliances for larger sites, and highly scalable, powerful systems for your data center.
Federated deduplication is supported by many of StoreOnce’s data protection software
partners. HP Data Protector, Symantec NetBackup and Backup Exec software through OST,
BridgeHead Software and using the StoreOnce plug-ins for direct backup from Oracle RMAN and
Microsoft SQL Server.
HP StoreOnce Federated Catalyst in a multi-node system allows a store that spans more
than one node, reducing the number of stores, and thus simplifying management of large
backup environments.
Data sheet | HP StoreOnce Backup
Back up within your window and meet your restore SLAs with StoreOnce industry-leading
•A broad range of superior price/performance points to meet backup windows across
the enterprise
•Up to 139 TB/hr backup speeds at the high end, with StoreOnce 6500 and StoreOnce Catalyst
•Up to 22 TB/hr with StoreOnce 4900, and StoreOnce 4700, or up to 14 TB/hr with StoreOnce
4500 and StoreOnce Catalyst
•Up to 5.8 TB/hr for StoreOnce 2900 with StoreOnce Catalyst
•Up to 3.7 TB/hr with StoreOnce 2700 and up to 6 TB/hr for StoreOnce VSA with
StoreOnce Catalyst
•HP StoreOnce Backup delivers the fastest restore performance at up to 75 TB/hr3 or up to
119 percent4 of the backup performance, and HP states the restore speed unlike other vendors.
StoreOnce Integrity Plus architecture to ensure your data is safe, secure, and recoverable
HP StoreOnce has been architected for security. Whether that is error checking to ensure that
what you save to disk is what you backed up, high availability with autonomic restart on the
StoreOnce 6500 or encryption of both data at rest or in flight to industry standards. Couple that
with secure erase of data to ensure your data is erased and cannot be accessed by unauthorized
people and file system consistency checks to validate your data, you can be assured your data is
safe with HP StoreOnce.
Automated, efficient backup and disaster recovery operations with StoreOnce Catalyst
Manage backup and disaster recovery (DR) operations from a single pane of glass with
StoreOnce Catalyst. Catalyst over Fibre Channel provides all the independent software
vendor (ISV) control and source-side deduplication benefits of the current StoreOnce Catalyst
but via your Fibre Channel fabric.
Implement disaster recovery plans that were not previously feasible due to lack of multi-site
capabilities, cost of bandwidth, and time.
One-to-many disaster recovery moves data simultaneously from one site to many sites.
Cascaded disaster recovery moves data sequentially from one site to any number of other sites.
Alerting and trending in StoreOnce Enterprise Manager enables backup capacity management.
Converged Data Protection option for HP 3PAR StoreServ
Protect your business critical applications without impacting performance using the Express
Protect feature of HP StoreOnce Recovery Manager Central (RMC) software. This automated,
non-intrusive solution combines the simplicity and performance of snapshots with the
reliability and cost-effective retention of deduplicated backups. RMC integrates HP 3PAR
StoreServ primary storage and StoreOnce Backup for converged data protection that delivers
assured recovery of application-consistent recovery points with flexible recovery options.
RMC offers a simple, efficient, and fast backup and recovery solution, which augments
traditional backup software.
HP internal engineering testing, January 2014
The 119% is derived by dividing restore speed of
75 TB/hr by VTL backup speed of 63 TB/hr
Data sheet | HP StoreOnce Backup
HP StoreOnce Backup Purpose Built Appliances
Drive description
(560) LFF SAS
Maximum, depending on model
Drive type
4 TB 6G 7.2K LFF Dual-port MDL SAS
2 TB 6G 7.2K LFF Dual-port MDL SAS
2 TB 3G 7.2K LFF Dual-port MDL SAS
Supported, depending on model
8 TB to 2240 TB raw
5.5 TB to 1728 TB usable depending on model
Transfer rate
139 TB/hr
Maximum, depending on model and backup interface
HP StoreOnce federated deduplication
Storage expansion options
StoreOnce upgrade kits and expansion modules are available
for all HP StoreOnce productions (except 2700) and scalability
is dependent on model selected
Host interface
10GbE and
8 Gb Fibre Channel and
1 Gb Ethernet and
1GbE, 10GbE vNIC
Host interface type and number of ports per controller are
dependent on model selected
RAID support
Hardware RAID 6 (RAID 5 with StoreOnce 2700 only)
Replication support
Yes—HP StoreOnce Replication and StoreOnce Catalyst
Target for backup applications
NAS (CIFS/NFS), StoreOnce Catalyst, Virtual Tape Library
Tape devices emulated
HP LTO-2/LTO-3/LTO-4/LTO-5/LTO-6 Ultrium Tape Drives in
HP MSL2024 Tape Library, HP MSL4048 Tape Library, HP D2D
generic library with HP D2D generic tape library. IBM TS3500
tape library and IBM TD3 tape drive
Number of NAS targets and virtual
tape libraries
(384) maximum, depending on model
Maximum number of source
(384) per target device
Form factor
19-inch rack
Warranty (parts-labor-onsite)
Data sheet | HP StoreOnce Backup
HP StoreOnce Backup Virtual Appliances
Licensed at 4 TB, 10 TB, 50 TB
Upgrades from 4 TB to 10 TB and 10 TB to 50 TB
Free 1 TB StoreOnce VSA (no support)
License period
3 or 5 years license to use
Can be extended at end of 3 or 5 year license term
Transfer rate
6 TB/hr
Maximum, depending on licensed capacity and backup interface
HP StoreOnce federated deduplication
Storage expansion options
Storage is allocated using virtual disks with 1 TB, 5 TB, or
10 TB sizes
Target for backup applications
Catalyst, CIFS, NFS over Ethernet, VTL
Replication support
Yes—HP StoreOnce Replication and StoreOnce Catalyst
Tape devices emulated
HP LTO-2/LTO-3/LTO-4/LTO-5/LTO-6 Ultrium Tape Drives in
HP MSL2024 Tape Library, HP MSL4048 Tape Library, HP D2D
generic library with HP D2D generic tape library
Number of virtual tape libraries and
NAS targets
16 (50 TB StoreOnce VSA)
Maximum number of source
12 (50 TB StoreOnce VSA)
Form factor
Virtual appliance
Business hours phone support included for duration of license
term. Can be upgrade with Care Packs
Data sheet | HP StoreOnce Backup
The total package
HP Storage Quick ROI Calculators
Take five minutes to calculate the potential three
year cost savings and ROI of migrating from your
current storage to the newest HP storage and
backup systems. Create migration scenarios from
your existing infrastructure to HP StoreOnce
Backup (information protection).
Data replication
Replication, is licensed by target appliance. Unlike some more expensive licensing schemes,
no replication license is required for appliances that are only replication sources. The
dedupe-optimized replication is available for the HP StoreOnce Backup systems to provide
centralized data protection and DR for remote offices. HP StoreOnce Catalyst, licensed
by the system or couplet, is one of the most efficient backup interfaces that simplifies
management and enhances the efficiency of data movement across the enterprise.
For more information on licensing replication for the HP StoreOnce Backup system, visit the
product’s Q&A page at hp.com/go/StoreOnce.
Scalable upgrades
HP StoreOnce Backup systems scale to meet the need to protect growing data volumes:
•HP StoreOnce 2700 is not scalable and there are no capacity upgrades available.
•The StoreOnce VSA has 3 or 5 year licenses. StoreOnce VSA is licensed to enable up to 4 TB,
10 TB, or 50 TB of usable capacity. Capacity upgrades are available to increase maximum
capacity from 4 TB to 10 TB and 10 TB to 50 TB.
•HP StoreOnce 2900—start with base level of 24 TB raw (15.5 TB usable) capacity using 6x4 TB
disks in a 2U unit and scale up to 48 TB raw (31.5 TB usable) capacity using an additional
6x4 TB disks upgrade kit within the same 2U chassis.
•HP StoreOnce 4500—start with 24 TB raw (16 TB usable) in a 2U unit and expand using up
to 3 additional storage expansion/capacity upgrade kits to increase available capacity to a
total of 168 TB raw (124 TB usable). You can add 24 TB or 48 TB storage expansions and it is
possible to add a mixture of both. A fully configured StoreOnce 4500 is 8U.
•HP StoreOnce 4700—start with 24 TB raw (20 TB usable) in a 4U unit and expand using up to
7 additional shelves using the corresponding storage expansion/capacity upgrade kit for up to
192 TB raw (160 TB) of total usable storage. A fully configured StoreOnce 4700 is 18U.
•HP StoreOnce 4900—start with 60 TB raw (36 TB usable) in a 7U unit and expand using up to
5x44 TB (36 TB usable) capacity upgrade kits to complete the first two storage drawers for
up to 280 TB raw (216 TB usable). If more storage is needed, add an additional expansion kit
containing 60 TB raw (36 TB usable) capacity and again add up to 5 additional 44 TB (36 TB
usable) capacity upgrade kits to complete the second set of drawers for a total capacity of
up to 560 TB raw (432 TB usable). Note that fully expanded, the HP StoreOnce 4900 includes
4 drawers of disk (2 drawers in each unit). A fully configured HP StoreOnce 4900 is 12U (or
36 TB per U in terms of density).
•HP StoreOnce 6500—start with 120 TB raw (72 TB usable) and expand to 2240 TB raw
(1728 TB usable). The HP StoreOnce 6500 120TB system consists of two nodes pre-integrated
into HP’s standard depth 42U racks. Add up to 5 capacity upgrade kits to each couplet. Each
upgrade kit contains 22x4 TB disks, giving 88 TB raw capacity (72 TB usable), allowing up to
a maximum of 560 TB raw capacity (432 TB usable) associated with the original couplet. A
fully configured couplet with 5 capacity upgrade kits, offers up to 560 TB raw capacity (432 TB
usable). Add in one more HP StoreOnce 6500 120TB system and scale up by adding capacity
upgrade kits. Giving a maximum configuration of two fully configured HP StoreOnce 6500
120TB systems of two couplets with a total capacity of 1120 TB raw capacity (864 TB usable)
in a single rack. To scale out to 2240 TB raw (1728 TB usable) add an HP StoreOnce 6500
120TB backup for extra racks and populate as before.
Data sheet | HP StoreOnce Backup
HP Data Protector software
HP Data Protector is backup software that enables customers to centrally manage and
orchestrate protection for data center and remote offices, from managing replication and store
creation, to securing data in local storage and within the network; e.g., encrypted StoreOnce
stores and IPsec. HP Data Protector provides simple management without having to rethink
how backup and restores are performed or taking on additional infrastructure spend. Data
Protector 9 delivers adaptive intelligence, analytical reporting, secure data transfer, highly
intuitive and interactive monitoring dashboard, rapid root-cause analysis and problem solving,
and ability to predict capacity needs to optimize CAPEX/OPEX investments.
Periodic copy to HP Tape for archive
The StoreOnce Backup systems are ideal solutions for regular and daily backup; there is no
longer any need to store daily incremental backups on tape. However, HP still recommends
periodic copy to tape as the most cost-effective, energy-efficient, and robust solution for
long-term archival of data to meet regulatory requirements or offsite storage for disaster
recovery where data replication is not an option. Copy to tape is executed using the backup
and recovery management software such as HP Data Protector. For more information, visit
HP Technology Services
Expert HP storage consultants and service professionals sit down with you and your team
to map your storage needs. Not only can we help you accelerate implementation and reduce
deployment risk, but we can also help you realize the full value of your storage purchases as
you transform storage for the New Style of IT.
Advise, transform, and integrate
Navigate through the complexities of storage, backup, archive, disaster recovery, and Big Data
with advisory, transformation, and integration consulting.
Deploy and implement
Access expertise to support deployment, operations, relocation, sanitization, and disposal, plus
improvement-focused education.
Data sheet | HP StoreOnce Backup
HP Factory Express provides customization and
deployment services along with your storage and
server purchases. You can customize hardware to
your exact specifications in the factory—helping
speed deployment. hp.com/go/factoryexpress
Gain the skills you need with HP ExpertOne
training and certification. With HP Converged
Storage training, you can accelerate your
technology transition, improve operational
performance, and get the highest return on your
HP investment. Our training is available when
and where you need it, through flexible delivery
options and a global training capability.
Customize your IT lifecycle management, from
acquisition of new IT, management of existing
assets, and removal of unneeded equipment.
Operate and support
Find the level of personalized, proactive, and simplified support right for your business.
Specific service availability varies by product
Foundation Care
System-level IT hardware and software support delivers flexible coverage window and
response time for more choice and simplicity.
Proactive Care
Combined reactive and proactive services provide easy-to-purchase, cost-efficient system-level
support coupled with personalized expert advice and products connected to HP to help prevent
problems and reduce downtime.
HP Proactive Care Advanced—builds and incorporates on Proactive Care and also gives
customers personalized technical and operational advice from an assigned, local Account
Support Manager for personalized technical collaboration, flexible access to specialist skills
to help optimize business critical IT, and Enhanced Critical Incident Management to help so the
business is not affected if there is a system or device outage.
Datacenter Care
Get the support you need to deploy, operate, and evolve your data center environment to
be hybrid-cloud ready with single-point-of-accountability for HP and others’ product. Get
connected and get back to business—HP Storage Technology Services provide the path to get
your HP Storage solutions and your business connected to HP. Once connected, our experts
are able to scan your system and run health checks, then use that data to create personalized
reports and recommendations for actions to take to prevent problems and downtime.
Learn more at
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