Personal Locator Beacon
Personal Locator Beacon
acr plb200 i/o
406 Mhz Personal Locator Beacon with
internal GPS receiver
✔ The most reliable way to alert SAR services.
✔ Combines precision of pinpointing by GPS with fast
transmission to GEOSAR satellites (COSPASSARSAT geostationary Satellites).
✔ Sends both identity & position of distress.
✔ World wide coverage thanks to 48 terrestrial stations
(LUT) located in 26 countries. The LUT's are
monitoring 24-hours-a-day the signals transmitted
by beacons and forwarded by the satellites.
✔ Positioning within 125 meters.
✔ Alerts transmitted in about 3 minutes.
✔ Free of charge alert service (no subscription fee).
✔ Beacon must be registered (user, aircraft
registration, phone number in case of emergency...)
this can me done on-line.
✔ Works in severe conditions (cold temperature, rain,
✔ Heavy duty proof (High impact resistant, and
✔ 11 years battery lifetime (replacement every 5 years
for maximum security).
✔ 5 years Warranty
Technical Specifications
Dimensions: 44 x 145 x 77 mm
Weight: 380 gr (with holster)
Storage temperature: -40°C à + 70°C
Radiated Power: 5W (406 Mhz) / 50 mW (121,5 Mhz)
Material: Glass reinforced polycarbonate blend
Operation:Deploy antenna, press both test buttons simultaneously
Auto test: TEST button, green LED (OK) or red (Fail)
Model: PLB-200 (P/N 2799-4)
US Patent: 6 501 340
COSPAS-SARSAT Type approval : 143 & 156
Sierra echo
place jean monnet - bat f - 56270 ploemeur - france
phone : +33 297 860 866 - fax : +33 134 295 485
email: - web:
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