product overview

product overview
GE Energy
<I> to HMI Upgrades
product overview
GE Energy’s Human-Machine Interface (HMI) is the window to
can be installed from CD-ROM. Updates include software
the control system, allowing all operator and maintenance
enhancements, bug fixes, virus protection updates, and overall
interfaces to be viewed on one, user-friendly platform.
security updates to ensure site compliance with new
Replacing outdated <I> interface applications, the HMI enables
government security standards.
uncomplicated operation with enhanced functionality based
on a standard Windows® operating system.
Upgrade Benefits
• Improved operator interface, graphics, and alarm/event
Whether your existing <I> is used for gas or steam turbines,
generator-excitation, compressors, heat recovery steam
generators, or balance-of-plant equipment, GE Energy’s HMI
can be configured to meet your needs.
• Industry standard platforms, including Windows and
• Easy to upgrade software packages
Enhanced Functionality, Sustained Product Support
Support of <I> operator and maintenance stations for Mark V
turbine controls is now severely limited due to production
discontinuation of ISA board 90C198 ARCNET® chips.
Specifically, this includes chips on <G> gateways used for
DCS communications, as well as BIOS, DOS, IDOS, and other
software packages.
• Eliminate outdated 90C198 ARCNET chip on ISA boards
• Available cyber security programs for full compliance with
U.S. government regulations
• Faster service by a larger pool of trained engineers
Simplified HMI Integration
• Retain: ARCNET topology, source files, I/O configuration
Available to replace the <I>, the HMI is standard on all current
GE turbine and generator controls, providing vastly improved
• Change: Mark V PROM set, compilers, editors, screens
display graphics, screen navigation, alarm management, and
• New Ethernet ports on HMI
overall ease of operation. Animated, full-color graphic displays,
• New hardware options
enhanced alarm and event management, and versatile
• New communications options
trending and data analysis tools deliver real-time monitoring
and performance evaluation of the system. Pre-configured
graphic building blocks facilitate consistent screen
development and modification for an easy-to-use,
standardized platform.
With GE Energy’s HMI, you have access to critical HMI
upgrades to keep your software up-to-date with current GE
and industry standards. GE’s engineers are continuously
trained on the latest software packages, enabling precise and
immediate service for your specific HMI. Additionally, an HMI
Maintenance Program is available with regular updates that
product overview
Seamless System Integration
Hardware Options
GE Energy’s HMI is fully compatible with your existing controls
A variety of hardware options are available for tower or rack
system. The stage-link for the Mark V or EX2000 controls can
mount enclosures, including:
easily be connected to the interface. For sites with multiple
• PC Hardware: Processor, hard drive, keyboard, mouse,
HMIs, an independent Ethernet TCP/IP link can be added for
internal speakers, CD-RW & floppy, up to six USB ports, one
file transfers and to connect with third-party computers.
serial port, one parallel port, and two Ethernet ports
GE Energy’s HMI can be used to replace any existing <G>
gateways with GSM protocol and add a variety of additional
protocols not available with the <I> product.
• Monitors: Desktop screens available in 17", 19", 21", desktop
LCD screens available in 19", 20 / 21", 18" panel & rack
mount (with or without touch screen), and dual monitors
Unlike the proprietary software utilized by the <I> interface,
the HMI leverages industry standard software packages for
seamless integration, including a Windows operating system
and a CIMPLICITY HMI Plant Edition™ graphical user interface.
• Printers: Black and white or color lasers, inkjet (8 ½ x 11),
and dot matrix for logging
• Time-Synch Boards: IRIG-B input or GPS receiver
The transition to GE Energy’s HMI is straightforward; the <I> file
structure, source files, and I/O configuration are all retained
from the existing interface, while the compilers, editors,
screens, and Mark V PROM set are upgraded.
Flexible Communications Options
The HMI can communicate with other systems with the
existing serial MODBUS® or GSM interface. Some additional
protocol options include:
Physical Layer
Ethernet Serial/
DNP 3.0
Time Tags
Alarm Queue &
Exception Reports
HMI client to PI server interfaces are also available. Using PI
API node buffering, the server interface transmits 500 points
at 1Hz without local time tags.
GE Energy
3800 North Wilson Avenue
Loveland, CO 80538
ARCNET is a registered trademark of Datapoint Corporation.
MODBUS is a registered trademark of Schneider Automation, Inc.
Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other contries.
CIMPLICITY HMI Plant Edition and CIMPLICITY are trademarks of GE Fanuc Automation North America, Inc.
GEA-14049 Rev NC (03/2005)
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