ESPN XDS Satellite Receiver Configuration Information

ESPN XDS Satellite Receiver Configuration Information
ESPN XDS Satellite Receiver Configuration Information
To access the web-based scheduler for the ESPN XDS receivers, go to the following website:
Example #1
Login with the receiver’s serial number and the XDS receiver daily password obtained from the receiver
front panel.
Press the SET button, right arrow to SETUP, press SET.
Press the 3 button under PWD to display the receiver’s daily password.
Only the last six (6) digits of the ESPN XDS receiver S/N are required to access the ESPN XDS Affiliate
Website. After logging in to the ESPN XDS Affiliate Website, set up a friendly password for future
scheduling access.
TIP: If the friendly password is lost or forgotten, repeat the process above for obtaining the receiver’s
daily password.
There is additional ESPN XDS information available from the Help menu on the ESPN XDS Affiliate
Website. Hover the cursor over the help button to view and access Receiver Quick Start Guide, complete
XDS receiver User’s Guide, ESPN Netcue List and other information.
After login, the receiver may request the user set a day and/or time when the receiver if off-air and
available for maintenance. This is not a requirement, but if no time is set, this window will popup at each
Go to Programming and Scheduling. The website will provide a drop down for selection of sites mapped
to the receiver (see Example #2). Select the site to schedule and click OK.
ESPN XDS Satellite Receiver Configuration Information
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Example #2
Once a site is chosen, the screen will display a grid of weekdays with columns of time indicating the
existing audio schedule for that port. In example #3, the ESPN Radio schedule is displayed. Moving the
cursor over one of the schedule hours will provide additional information about that show and how it is
scheduled on the receiver (the receiver can be programmed to play live or store content for playback at a
later day/time.)
Example #3
ESPN XDS Satellite Receiver Configuration Information
Page 2
Special Events
ESPN airs all play-by-play games and events on “Alternate Channels”. To simplify game and event
scheduling, the Special Events tab should be used. This option will override all other scheduling for an
audio port.
Click the “Special Events” tab. A list of events with dates will display, such as [CBB1] College Basketball
and [NBA1] NBA Regular (see example #4). Scroll down until you find the desired event(s) on the day(s)
it will be broadcast. Click on the area below the event which says ‘Create a new special event using this
Special Events can be sorted by the Program Name or Date. During sports seasons where there are
numerous special events, sorting the events by Date can make scheduling easier.
Example #4
For specific game information, refer to PxP event schedules on the ESPN Radio Affiliate Zone website.
Once a Special Event is selected (a confirmation window will open (Example #5). Scroll down to review
the changes and press OK. The Special Events screen for that event will now display green that it has
been scheduled. (Example #6)
IMPORTANT: ESPN strongly recommends stations schedule PxP via the Special Events tab and not the
Calendar View. Special Event channels are scheduled in the ESPN XDS system to allow for internal testing
prior to actual broadcast start, and several extra hours to allow for any delays or overtime. If a station
schedules the entire event via the Calendar View, there may be extended silence on the station.
Special Netcues are sent at the start of each PxP broadcast which commands the receiver audio port to
switch to the game channel. A second special Netcue is sent at the end of the PxP broadcast to switch
the audio port back to the regular 24/7 program channel.
ESPN XDS Satellite Receiver Configuration Information
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Example #5
Example #6
ESPN XDS Satellite Receiver Configuration Information
Page 4
Program Lists
To schedule a program to air on a desired audio port, select the Program List tab at the top of the page.
This will present a list of programs authorized for that port. IMPORTANT NOTE: In the ESPN XDS
platform, each port is considered a separate site, so authorized programs can vary from one port to
Example #7
Scroll down until you find the desired program name and select the program. PxP events will also be
displayed in this list, but all PxP should only be scheduled via the Special Events tab. Once a program is
selected, the available hours for that program will be displayed (Example #8)
Example #8
ESPN XDS Satellite Receiver Configuration Information
Page 5
Select the individual hours of the desired program to air on the audio port. To add all hours of the
program at once, click on the Add All… tool near the Calendar View tab.
Click the Commit Schedule to Receiver button to push the updates to the receiver (Example #9)
Example #9
IMPORTANT NOTE: The receiver will not allow you to schedule conflicting events to an audio port. The
website will alert you to any scheduling “conflicts”. In this case, you will be prompted to specify priority of
the program in the schedule.
To Delay / Record a Broadcast for playback
Follow the process above for scheduling a live program. At the screen in Example #8, click on ‘Create a
new station schedule using this feed…’
Select the radio button ‘Broadcast the program delayed…’ The screenshot in Example #10 shows this
selected. For this example, the first hour of Russillo and Kanell will be delayed by one hour. The times in
this example are all Eastern.
Under local Air Start, change the time to 2:00 PM. Leave the Feed Date information unchanged.
(NOTE: If the hour was to be played the next day at 3:00 AM, then the Local Air Start would be changed
to 3:00 AM and Feed Date information would be changed to 1 day after feed date.)
The Local Air End information will change automatically.
If only a portion of the feed is required, uncheck Use Complete Feed and fill out the desired Air Start and
End times.
Select the days of the week to use the Network feed for this schedule.
If the delayed feed is only used for a short while, un-check Open Ended, and enter the desired End Date.
ESPN XDS Satellite Receiver Configuration Information
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Example #10
Netcue Relays
There are a total of 32 relays, via two 16-port relay connectors, that can be programmed through the
ESPN XDS Affiliate Website. Click on the Relay Mappings tab to bring up the configuration tool (Example
Example #11
Click the Edit button to make Netcue relay configuration changes (Example #11). Once the changes are
made, click Save. To add more Netcue assignments for a single relay, additional cells in the field can be
added by saving, then clicking Edit again.
ESPN XDS Satellite Receiver Configuration Information
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