Onyx series factsheet

Onyx series factsheet
Onyx® series
All-in-one fingertip pulse oximeters
The Onyx series from Nonin® incorporates
electronics and sensor into one unit,
providing a cost effective solution for
spot-checks and short term monitoring of
blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate.
Features and benefits
Easy to use with automatic on/off
Accommodates wide range of
finger sizes.
No additional sensors required.
Very durable and comes with a 5
year warranty.
The Onyx vantage and Onyx II are
portable and can be carried anywhere.
Each unit weighs less than 57 grams.
Bright LED display provides quick and
accurate assessment of patient readings.
Free annual calibration check and
Assured quality/standards
All Nonin pulse oximeters are designed and
tested to the exacting requirements of ISO
9919. This enables them to be CE marked
as a class IIb device to the Medical Device
To find out more call
0161 930 6010 or visit
Battery life*
Battery life (stored)*
Onyx II 9550
Onyx vantage 9590
3.30 cm
3.23 cm
5.59 cm
21 hours or 2500 spot-checks
9 months, typical
3.30 cm
3.23 cm
5.59 cm
36 hours or 6000 spot-checks
4 years, typical
BOC Healthcare is an authorised distributor of pulse oximeters manufactured by NONIN®.
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Onyx® series – All-in-one fingertip pulse oximeters
Oxygen saturation display range
Pulse rate display range
Oxygen saturation declared
accuracy range (Arms)**
Low perfusion oxygen
declared accuracy range (Arms)**
Pulse rate declared accuracy
range (Arms)**
Low Perfusion Pulse Rate
Declared Accuracy
Range (Arms)*
Onyx series
0 – 100% SpO2
18 – 321 Beats Per Minute (BPM)
70 – 100% ± 2digits
Order code
70 – 100% ± 2digits
20 – 250 BPM ± 3 digits
40 – 240 BPM ±3 digits
Measurement wavelengths and output power***
660 nanometres @ 0.8 mw
maximum average
910 nanometres @ 1.2 mw
maximum average
Temperature (Onyx II 9550)
Storage and transportation
Temperature (Onyx vantage 9590)
-5 to +40ºC (+23 to +104)ºF
-40 to +70ºC (40 to + 158)ºF
Storage and transportation
10 – 90% non-condensing
10 – 95% non-condensing
Hyperbaric pressure
up to 12,192 metres (40,000 feet)
up to 4 atmospheres
0º to +40ºC (+32º to +104ºF)
-30º to +50ºC (-22º to +122ºF)
Nonin Onyx 9590 Vantage with soft carry case
Nonin Onyx 9590 Vantage with soft carry case (Blue)
Nonin Onyx 9590 Vantage with soft carry case
Nonin Onyx 9590 Vantage with soft carry case (Red)
Nonin 9550 Onyx II finger pulse oximeter with soft
carry case
Nonin 9550 Onyx II finger pulse oximeter with Justice
Mark II
You may also require our LIFELINE oxygen kit
LIFELINE from BOC Healthcare allows healthcare professionals and
trained first-aiders to administer oxygen to patients in the event of
an emergency such as CPR, asthma attacks and anaphylaxis. The
LIFELINE oxygen kit is contained in a purpose-made rucksack style
carry case for easy transportation to the casualty and comes with:
• A lightweight oxygen cylinder with an integral regulator
• Next working day refills within mainland UK
• Variety of oxygen masks
Classifications per IEC 60601-1 / CSA 601.1 / UL60601-1
Degree of protection
Type BF-applied part
Mode of operation
Enclosure degree of ingress
protection (Onyx II 9550)
Enclosure degree of ingress
protection (Onyx vantage 9590)
Onyx vantage is available in four colours
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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* Based on using two AAA alkaline batteries in continuous
operation. Spot checks are calculated at 30 seconds per check
** ± 1 Arms represents approximately 68% of measurements
*** This information is especially useful for clinicians performing
photodynamic therapy
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