For High Quality Posters
Opportunities are endless! Canon large format printers for general graphics
and poster printing environments. The versatility of the range ensures there’s a
production device designed to deal with all the general graphics you demand.
Big benefits with Canon
The range
When a Canon engineer, quite by
chance, left a hot soldering iron lying
across an ink-filled syringe in the mid1970’s, inkjet technology was born.
This discovery has formed the basis
for today’s Canon bubblejet printers
including our range
of Large Format Printers.
The imagePROGRAF iPF8400SE
and iPF6400SE printers are aimed
specifically at users who wish to
produce colourful, eye-catching sales
promotion posters, banners, and
point-of-purchase materials for vibrant
displays at a low cost.
Our LUCIA EX ink systems sit alongside
numerous innovations, including
Canon’s next generation colour
management system and the L-COA
system architecture, capable of
delivering unbeatable productivity
in your environment.
The new 6-color ink system adds Red
ink to the standard line-up of C, M, Y,
PBK, and MBK for posters and POP
materials with vibrant colour.
These 6-colour, large-format solutions
make on-site poster printing quick and
easy, and they offer a variety of features
to help enhance workflows.
Create whatever you want:
- Indoor signs
- Outdoor Signs
- Illuminated Signage
- Exhibition panels
- Posters
- Pre-press
- Layout visuals
In your printing environment you need quality, dependable results across a
diversity of media. And most importantly, you need to be able to satisfy the most
pressing demands of your customers on time and every time. With the capability
of prints up to a sizeable 44”, Canon’s large format printers deliver the big
performance whenever you need it.
Expect the highest quality
Why Red ink is included
A pleasure to use
Posters, graphics and pre-press always
look superb and incredibly consistent
whatever media you choose.
The SE Series is designed for the
emerging infographics market. Posters,
banners, and signage will stand out to
your customers, thanks to the Red ink
that’s featured in this 6-colour LUCIA EX
ink set. The Red ink helps make prints and
posters more vibrant to the eye and helps
bring users a simple, low-cost, yet
high-quality solution for poster printing
that hasn’t been offered before.
Operators are sure to appreciate the large
LCD operation panel providing clear
menu-driven controls that ensure quick
and simple operation with minimal
training. A thoughtfully designed fan
system ensures the quietest of operation.
Canon’s unique LUCIA EX inks set new
standards in expressiveness producing
a huge colour gamut and excellent
graduation at 2400 dpi using superfine
4pl droplets.
Automatic adjustment of the print head
Inclination The multi-sensor uses an
adjustment pattern to detect even minute
inclination of the print heads. This
measured inclination is used to adjust
the printing process and to print straight
vertical lines by eliminating warped lines
or colour misalignment.
An ink buffer system also allows inks to
be replaced without interrupting printing
on all models 24” and above.
The image on this page shows
the iPF8400SE linked to Canon’s
unique scanning solution,
creating the iPF8400SE MFP.
Convert this poster printer into
a technical drawing copying
solution with the capability
to print durable posters and
really diversify your possible
Create whatever you want for Indoor signs, outdoor signs, illuminated signage,
exhibition panels, posters, pre-press and layout visuals.
Handle media efficiently
Demand long term durability
Efficient and economical
With various print modes and the ability to
use different types of media, the SE Series
offers an array of customisation options for
poster creation needs. Our large format
printers for posters handle them all with
ease and exceptional reliability. Problems
with potential media misalignment are
virtually eradicated thanks to auto-skew
correction which automatically adjusts
for any skew in orientation and feeds the
paper correctly.
Make one of our devices part of your
production operation and look forward to
the long-term durability you would expect
from a company such as Canon. For
added peace of mind, our range of large
format printers come with a printhead
warranty. Should you buy a Canon service
pack, then the printhead is covered for the
life of the service contract.*.
A sub tank system is employed which
works as an ink buffer and increases
overall print efficiency. Ink is transported
from the cartridge to the sub tank and
then onto the print head. Because the ink
is loaded from the sub tank - instead of
the cartridge - empty cartridges can be
replaced without interrupting printing and
every last drop of ink is utilised.
And for the best results well into the
future, we recommend you always use
Canon inks.
An economy mode can be selected on all
the models, thereby reducing ink usage
and running costs – ideal for minimising
costs and maximising profits.
High speeds
and unbeatable
*Exclusions apply
Years of painstaking research and development have resulted in the numerous
innovations incorporated in our large format printers. Everything has been developed
to enable you to offer the widest range of applications to your customers.
L-COA for outstanding productivity
Print with FINE technology
Providing the optimal balance between
high productivity and high quality is
Canon’s Large format printer Common
Architecture (L-COA). L-COA helps your
imagePROGRAF large format printers
carry out large volume production work
at speeds far in excess of the levels you
might have thought attainable.
To deliver faithful image expression,
ink droplets must be extremely small
and precisely distributed. When droplets
become microscopic, however, image
quality is affected by problems such as
uneven droplet size and placement on
the paper. Conventional printing systems
compensate by making multiple passes
for each line but this adds signifi cantly
to print times.
Canon’s FINE (Full photolithograph
Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) overcomes
this problem without needing to make
multiple passes, producing bi-directional
printing at incredible speeds. An
innovation ink-nozzle manufacturing
method results in precisely uniform ink
droplets and outstanding photo-quality
print performance.
Canon’s latest LUCIA EX 6-colour
ink system*
Extensive research and fine tuning has
given birth to our latest LUCIA EX 6-colour
pigment ink system, delivering quality and
speeds required for colour production
A new formula of the pigments offers
excellent colour reproduction and
increases the colour gamut by around
20% over previous LUCIA versions.
LUCIA EX also delivers prints with denser,
sharper blacks and smooth colour
gradations, as well as the reproduction
of the finest details in the shadow areas
of photographs.
The new inks are also designed with an
innovative polymer structure that results
in greater scratch resistance and
protection from colour fading, while also
reducing bronzing and metamerism to
ensure durable, stable output. The new
6-color pigment ink system features red
ink for vibrant reproduction of the red,
oranges, and yellows often used in
in-store POP and product posters. The
system guarantees eye-catching output
when printing on low-cost media, such as
plain paper.
Canon’s FINE technology
Canon’s FINE technology uses ink bubbles that are formed at the top of the
nozzle to separate and eject the ink.
Provides high-speed printing and low downtime performance for
on-the-spot printing, essential for in-house poster production.
Notification to replace ink and
other consumables
Remote email notification of
printer status
[Draft] mode for high-speed
Users are notified when it is time to
replace ink tanks both through audio
feedback from the printer itself and
through a pop-up message and tone on
connected computers. This helps prevent
problems with users failing to notice that
ink tanks are empty (because the sub-ink
tanks enable uninterrupted printing for a
while even in this case), which makes the
system more convenient and efficient.
The printers can send notification
messages regarding printer status to
registered email addresses.
The iPF8400SE/6400SE incorporate
[Draft] mode to minimise the number of
printing passes to reduce print speed.
Achieves print speeds of six minutes
for A1 size plain paper (using [Economy
Printing] mode) and one minute for
A1 size coated paper.
Even when away from the printer, users
can be informed when print jobs are
finished, when errors occur (such as low
ink levels), and so on via email.
This system can minimise downtime if
printers unexpectedly stop printing due
to errors. This function can be set from
the Status Monitor.
Operator assistance
The printers include features that minimize downtime during printing jobs and thereby reduce
operator labour.
When you work with Canon you work with a company that carefully considers
how you run your business. That means people who understand how you
operate, products designed to get the job done and added-value software
equipped to maximise your business opportunities.
Direct Print and Share
Canon introduced Direct Print and Share
in 2013. This utility allows you to print
multiple file formats without the need to
open each one. You can simply drag and
drop the files into the utility, set your print
settings and click print to produce your
jobs in an efficient manner.
Direct Print and Share also allows
you to connect to the cloud*. Save or
retrieve files directly from the utility for
maximum effectiveness and improve the
collaboration between branches, your
customers or simply other people you
want to share files with.
Create incredible posters
Canon’s optional PosterArtist software.
Designed for users who haven’t the time
or the necessary expertise to create
highly professional posters from scratch,
PosterArtist makes everything simple.
With over 1,500 images and over 200
templates built-in and ready to use, the
poster creation process is carried out in just
four simple steps.
Drive your business forward
Ultimate control in your production environment comes courtesy
of Canon’s flexible A colour profile is included designed specifically for
posters to makes full use of the LUCIA EX ink system’s strengths in colour
reproduction. The user simply selects [Poster] as the print target in the
printer driver, to achieve stunning, vibrant colour reproduction optimized
for poster printing. The same profile is also provided in PosterArtist and
the Print Plug-In for Office.
• In [Easy Settings]: Select the print target [Poster]
• In [Advanced Settings]: Open the [Colour Settings]
The same profile is also provided in PosterArtist and the Print
Plug-In for Office.
• PosterArtist — At the [4. Print] step, select [Saturation]
for matching method.
• Print Plug-In for Office — Check the [Saturation] checkbox.
By redesigning the mechanical structure of the device the minutest
vibrations have been cut which means that the frame is resistant
to any vibration caused during printing thus enhancing ink placement and
accuracy. The incredible precision coupled with
the outstanding colour quality means the device can be used as
a colour proofing solution.
Canon has developed new colour conversion technology which ensures
accurate colour reproduction and smoothness by utilising the full
colour gamut of the imagePROGRAF printer, whilst maximising output
performance and ensuring the black channel is accurately maintained
through the workflow.
* Direct Print and Share uses GoogleDrive as it’s preferred cloud-based storage system
Some images are simulated for clarity of reproduction. All data is based
on Canon’s standard testing methods. This leaflet and the specifications of
the product have been developed prior to the date of product launch. Final
specifications are subject to change without notice. ™ and ®: All company
and/or product names are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their
respective manufacturers in their markets and/or countries.
For information and services
Canon Australia Pty Ltd
Canon New Zealand Ltd
1300 363 440
0800 222 666
Canon recommends you use Canon Media for the best results. Please
check media (paper) compatibility list to see which variety of paper/media
is recommended.
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