Warranty Information
Wave 3
Wave 6
Wave 8
Olympian™ Wave Catalytic Safety Heater
and Warranty mail-in card
Warranty Information
Owner’s Copy (retain for your records)
Camco Mfg. Conditional Warranty
36-Month (Three-year) Conditional Warranty
OLYMPIAN™ GUARANTEE: Camco Mfg., Inc. warrants the original purchaser that each Olympian Wave heater is free of
defects in manufacture and workmanship for a period of three (3) years from the date of consumer purchase.
To ensure your warranty being in force, upon purchase please complete the Owner Registration Card and send it at once
to Camco Mfg. The terms and conditions of this warranty are in effect only if the heater is installed and operated in
accordance with the printed instructions furnished with this heater.
The Camco Mfg. heater warranty covers the replacement of all parts (except catalytic pad) free of charge. This warranty,
however, does not cover damages resulting from:
• Misuse
• Alteration
• Improper installation
• Improper operation
• Accidents, fire or acts of nature
• Exposure of the catalytic pad to spills, salt spray, immersion in water, use of incorrect fuel, aerosol sprays, waxes, holes,
excessive vibration, contamination due to sulfur or heavy oil, LP gas residues or other forms of catalyst bed “poisoning”
or physical damage to the catalytic pad.
Camco Mfg. will pay for all parts (except catalytic pad), labor and return shipping charges and make every effort to repair
and return your heater within a maximum of five (5) business days from receipt. Please allow three (3) weeks total time
for repair and return of your heater in event of warranty or service needs.
This warranty does not cover repairs made by unauthorized persons or dealers, and specifically excludes liability for
indirect, incidental or consequential damage to property.
This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state.
Camco Mfg.
Heater Warranty Department
121 Landmark Drive
Greensboro, NC 27409
Dear Customer:
Congratulations! You have just purchased what we firmly believe to be the safest, most
efficient catalytic heater ever made. Properly installed and operated, your Olympian™
heater will provide years of comfort, safely and efficiently.
Your heater is guaranteed conditionally against defects in workmanship for three years.
Should your Olympian heater require warranty repair within the warranty period from
the date of purchase, carefully box and ship the heater, charges prepaid, to Camco Mfg.
at the address below. Please include a concise description of the heater problem. Your
Olympian heater will be repaired and returned to you within a maximum of five (5)
business days from its receipt at our facility. Return shipping charges will be prepaid by
Camco. While it is unlikely that you will ever need to send your heater to us for repair,
please be assured that if you do, we will be responsive to your needs.
Camco Mfg.
Send heater to:
Heater Service / Camco Mfg.
121 Landmark Drive
Greensboro, NC 27409
Owner’s Copy (retain for your records)
warranty registration
Your warranty card (below) should be completed on both sides and mailed within ten (10) days of purchase to be valid.
Failure to submit warranty card within 10 days of purchase will void warranty. Warranty applies to original purchaser only!
Simply detach the card, affix the proper postage and mail. Fill out the information below, and retain this portion for your
files. Remember, your Olympian Catalytic Heater is guaranteed against defect in manufacture and workmanship for three
(3) years. (See guarantee section for specific details.)
Purchased from
Date Purchased
Retailer’s Address
Installed by
Model Number
Serial Number
If service is requested during the three-year conditional guarantee period, send your heater directly to:
Heater Service / Camco Mfg.
121 Landmark Drive
Greensboro, NC 27409
Important: When sending your heater for warranty service, be sure to properly box and pack your heater to ensure no
damage will occur during transit. Send freight prepaid. Collect shipments cannot be accepted.
Camco Mfg. Wave Heater Warranty Card
Olympian Wave Heater
Serial Number_ ___________
Please complete and mail this card to Camco Mfg. All information will be kept strictly confidential, and used only by Camco.
My Olympian Wave Heater was purchased
for the following:
Recreational Vehicle:
Installed by
Mobile Home
Travel Trailer
Truck Camper
Van Conversion
Fold Down Camper
E-mail Address
Primary Heat Source
I purchased my Olympian Wave Heater from:
Secondary Heat Source
Power Boat
Retailer’s Name
Sail Boat
Retailer’s Address
Primary Residence
Vacation Home
Primary Heat Source
Secondary Heat Source
Name area heated: (Garage, addition, etc.)
Installed by
Model Number
Serial Number
Date Purchased
Price Paid
How installed:
Who installed:
Wall Hung
Industrial: (please give application)
Agricultural: (please give application)
Dealer as above
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