Initial Login and Basic Instruction Manual

Initial Login and Basic Instruction Manual
Initial Login and Basic Instruction
Initial Account Activation
You will receive an email from Emdeon Client Support with the subject:
Emdeon 24/7 New User Setup
It will include the following information:,
The following user's account is now set up and ready to be used:
Thanks for your recent inquiry into our new online support website (Emdeon 24/7). This website
was created to give our customers the ability to effectively manage their cases online, as well as
provide additional access to tools that were previously unavailable to our customers.
In order to access the tool, please go to, and login with your
username and password that was supplied to you.
Click the link, or type the address into your web browser.
Initial Login
This will bring you to the ON24/7 login screen.
Enter your username (your email address)
Enter your temporary password
Create New Password
The system will prompt you to supply a new password. Please enter it twice and click save
Create Security Questions
Select two security questions and provide answers. This will allow you to reset your password in the event
that you forget it. If you forget the answers to your security questions just give us a call and we'll reset it
for you.
Welcome Screen
You will now be at the Welcome Screen
Creating a New Service Request
Under the Service Requests Header click Create
Creating a Service Request (cont)
Choose the option that best matches your criteria
Creating a Service Request (cont)
Choose a more detailed option
Creating a Service Request (cont)
Enter the Details of your
Service Request
Creating a Service Request (cont)
Review your entry. If necessary click edit to change the information. Otherwise click submit
Creating a Service Request (cont)
Your Service Request has been created.
You may now create a fax cover sheet to fax additional information
You may now also upload any supporting documents as attachments.
Create Cover Sheet
Click the link "Create Cover
Sheet" and print the
resulting page
Upload Attachment(s)
Click the link "Upload
Browse for the file on your
type a description/instructions
for the file you are uploading
Click SEND
Upload Attachment(s) (cont)
You will be provided with visual confirmation that the file upload was successful:
Viewing Service Requests
On this screen you can see your Service Requests (SR's)
You can filter your requests by status, beginning and ending date, and specifically yours or all SR's
You can also sort the SR's by clicking on the column headers.
When you mouse over an SR it will turn green.
Viewing Service Requests (cont)
When you click on
an SR you will
be provided
with the details
of that SR
Viewing Real Time Transaction
Communications from Emdeon
Under the Communications Header
click Real Time Transactions
Viewing Real Time Transaction
Communications from Emdeon (cont)
This section provides information on individual payers.
Clicking on a payer in the list will give you more detailed information
Administrative Tasks
If your account has been granted administrative privileges you will be
able to add users to the system.
Mouse over Account Options and Click Manage Users
Administrative Tasks (cont)
From this screen you will be able to manage user access to the system
User Account Settings
To change your password or security
Mouse over Account Options and click
My Account
You will be able to change your password
and security questions from this
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