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Access Control
About ACT
Access Control
Regulate access to a premises and prevent
entry to unauthorised individuals
Gate Automation
Automate entry and exit through a gate or
Door Monitoring
Receive an alert of any breach of security e.g.
doors being forced or inadvertently left open.
Audio Door Entry
Manage access to your home or office by
speaking to any visitors at the door via an
intercom or a handset prior to granting or
denying access.
Access Control Technology (ACT) Ltd was
formed in the mid nineties to design and
manufacture high quality access control
products for the security industry.
Our extensive range of access control and
audio door entry products are to be found
in both private domestic dwellings and
busy commercial buildings.
Our international distribution network
continues to expand serving installing
companies in Europe, Asia, The Middle
East and North America.
Our objectives are simply to provide
excellence in design, manufacturing and
customer service.
Interlocking Doors
Increase security by only allowing the second
door to be opened after the first has been closed
e.g. in a cash office, clean room, etc.
Fire Alarm Interface
In the event of a fire all of the connected access
points unlock automatically.
(Panic Alert)
When used the
door opens as
normal but a silent
alarm is activated.
Access Control Technology, Unit C1 South City Business
Centre, Tallaght, Dublin 24, Ireland
t: +353 (0)1 466 2570
DL Brochure New.indd 1
UK Lo-call: 0845 300 5204
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Digital Keypads
Is the Safety & Security of Staff & Property
a concern for your customers?
ACT 10 Digital Keypad
Audio Door Entry
ACTentry A10 Audio Door Entry
• Pin only Digital Keypad
A building, its contents and the safety of staff are most vulnerable
• 10 User Codes
• Audio door entry with a built in digital keypad for access control
during opening hours. Strangers walking about freely, staff
• zinc diecast housing, stainless steel keys
• vandal resistant stainless steel panel with an integrated call wandering into restricted areas and locks being replaced due to
• supports 2 access points (2 x 5amp relays)
lost keys, are all problems.
button, speech unit & ACT 10
• connect up to 4 handsets per • keypad backlighting
door panel
• indoor / outdoor (IP54)
• keypad backlighting
• surface / flush mount options
• indoor / outdoor (IP54)
• tamper output
• surface / flush mount
• programmable inputs / outputs
ACT 5 Digital Keypad
ACTentry A5 Audio Door Intercom System
• Pin only Digital Keypad
• Audio door entry solution with a built in digital keypad and a • 10 User Codes
hands-free intercom
• keypad backlighting
• potted electronics
Unsecured Property
Visitor Identification
• indoor / outdoor (IP67)
• surface / flush mount
Digital Keypads + Proximity
ACT 5prox Digital Keypad + Proximity
• Pin & Proximity
• 50 Users (Pin & Proximity)
• operating modes: pin, Key Replacement
proximity or pin & proximity
Health & Safety
Entry Panel
• high quality audio
• hands-free operation
• 10 user codes
• volume control buttons
• keypad backlighting
How would Access Control help?
• programmable backlighting
• door / gate release button
• potted electronics
• cost effective security solution
• 2 relays to control second
• programmable 2nd button
• indoor / outdoor (IP67)
• regulates access
• surface / flush mount
• quick and easy installation
• outdoor (IP56)
• minimal set up required
• potted electronics)
• backlighting
• multiple applications
• switch Unit available for
• connect up to 4 intercoms
• provides peace of mind
• no more replacing locks if keys are lost
DL Brochure New.indd 2
entrance, lighting, etc.
second entry panel
controls second entrance, lighting, etc.
• latch open option
• latch open option
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