iPort IW-21 Product Sheet_061709a.indd
in-wall docking system for iPod
with IR and Volume Control
By recognizing early-on the need for integrating audio and video content from the iPod® and iPhone® into residential A/V
systems, iPort created the industry standard for playback and control of iPod content. iPort is the only iPod and iPhone
solution that works seamlessly with a wide variety of single and multi-zone audio/video and home automation systems. iPort
provides integrators the ultimate flexibility for including iPod and iPhone as audio and video sources in their projects.
The iPort IW-21’s RJ-45 modular connections deliver unbalanced audio and video up to 30 feet, for use with local-zone
audio/video systems. IR capability via the illuminated LED on the faceplate allows control of volume and essential iPod
menu and playback functions by an optional iPort EX-1 remote. The included wall plates provide stereo RCA audio and a
composite video connection for output of iPod video content. The IW-21’s front panel features a lighted status indicator
and is designed to accept all Apple dock connector iPod models. It includes a back support, — a rubberized adjustment
disc that compensates for the varying thicknesses of different iPod models.
iPort IW-21 Features
• Delivers local-zone unbalanced audio up to 30 feet from the iPort.
• Built-in preamplifier allows variable volume control via the iPod’s volume
control or an optional iPort remote.
• Delivers unbalanced video up to 30 feet from iPort.
• IR allows remote control of most iPod/iPhone audio functions via an
optional iPort remote.
• Regulated DC power supply charges the iPod/iPhone while it is docked.
• Designed for easy docking/undocking of iPod
• Connects to wall plates with Cat5 cables via RJ-45 connectors
• Easy to install via Roto-Lock® mounting clamps
• Paintable flange
IW-21 Includes
(1) iPort dock (faceplate and utility box)
(1) Audio wall plate
(1) Unbalanced video wall plate and cable
(1) Regulated power supply with USA plug
Available IW-21 Upgrades
• Optional Balanced Audio Upgrade Kit delivers audio up to 500 feet
from the iPort.
• Optional Balanced Video Upgrade Kit delivers video up to 500 feet
from the iPort.
• Optional RS-232 Control Upgrade Kit enables two-way communication
and control of the iPod/iPhone via compatible control systems (requires
Balanced Audio Upgrade Kit).
Compatible with most dockable iPhone* and
iPod models, including iPod nano 4th gen,
iPod classic 120GB and iPod touch 2nd gen.
For current compatibility information, visit
212 Avenida Fabricante
San Clemente, CA USA
©2009 iPort, All Rights Reserved. iPort and Roto-Lock are registered trademarks of Dana Innovations. Apple, iTunes, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.
Due to continuous product improvement, all features and specifications are subject to change without notice. For the latest iPort product information, go to : www.iportmusic.com
*The cell phone feature of the iPhone may cause interference in the audio of the iPod. Turn on Airplane Mode to ensure interference-free audio. All other iPod features of the iPhone will function normally in either mode.
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