Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual
IMAX Intelligent Digital Balance Charger
This instruction manual is for the following range of IMAX chargers.
iMAX B6+
Separate ports for Temperature sensor and Charger to PC port
The above chargers use the same port for Temperature sensor (Temp Cut-Off) and USB to
PC interface. Therefore, only one function at a time can be activated. The Default function
is Temp Cut-Off. Diag 1
1.When in USB mode, the temperature graph is at 0.
Diag 1Temp Cut-Off selected (Default)
Diag 2 USB Enable
To Use the USB to PC interface, please do the following.
1.Press the Dec or Inc button till you reach User Set Program option.
2.Press Start/Enter
3.Press Dec or Inc till you reach USB/Temp Select.
4.Press Start/Enter. You should see the Temp Cut-Off going on and off.
5.Click Dec or Inc once.
USB Enable will appear on the screen. See Diag 2
6.Press Start/Enter to confirm. Then press Batt Type/Stop to Exit the set up.
Installation of the IMAX Intelligent Digital Balance Charger Drive
Step 1
Insert the CD into the CD/DVD drive. Double click the drive icon to open it. You should
come to a window like the one Shown below.
Step 2
Double click the Setup.exe icon.
Setup Icon
Step 3
The Setup-chargerMonitor window will come up. Please follow the rest of the setup
procedure to complete the installation. Click next.
Step 4
In Case you want to install in another partition other than C, you can use the next window to do
Step 5
Click Next
Step 6
Click Install
Step 7
Click Finish to launch the software. Or recheck
the program at some other time.
Launch ChargerMonitor
to launch
Operation of the software
Step 1
If you clicked Finish without unchecking the Launch ChargerMonitor , you should come to
the window below.
Alternatively, you can also open the software by double clicking the ChargeMonitor icon on the
desktop or from the start button.
All Programs
To create a folder and file for your immediate charging session, Click on
Step 2
Please register by inputting the serial number which is contained in the file of SN.TXT to use this
Step 3
You should come to a window like the one below.
Click on the Create New Folder icon to create a new folder. (Other sessions can also make use of
this same folder)
Step 4
Give the folder a new name to identify it. In this case, we call it
Charger To PC Interface.
Step 5
Double Click the folder, in this case
to open it.
The opened folder
Charger To PC Interface
Step 6
Create a file for this session by typing a name in the
In this case, we name this session File 1
Click Save.
Step 7
You should come to the window below.
File name
Step 7
To make sure that the charger will operate on the right port number, please do the following.
a) Right click My Computer
b) Then right click Manage . You should come to Computer Management window.
c) Left Click Device Manager .
d) Locate Ports (COM & LPT) and click the box on its left.
e) Take note of the following port number Silicon LabsCP210 x USB to UART Bridge COM3
this case COM3)
Diagram step by step illustration
Computer Management (Local)
Device Manager shown
Ports (COM & LPT) Shown
What you should see after Clicking the
we have COM3. Close the window.
Step 8
Click on the Com option
Box close to Ports (COM & LPT). In this case,
s down arrow and select the appropriate Com setting.
Step 9
Connect your charger to the power supply and connect the Charger to PC interface cable to the
charger and USB port of the PC. Then Click on start.
A program window like the one below will come up.
Program Window
Charging Process
Step 1
After connecting your batteries, and start charging them, you should see some information
in the overview window.
Note: Please confirm that the number of batteries on the top right of the overview window
is the same with the actual number of batteries connected to the charger.
Overview window
Step 2
Please click on Detail Window to view more information.
Detail window: Voltage
Step 3
To see the exact figures at a particular point in time on the overview window, right click on
the point you want to check. You should see an intersection of two lines at the clicked point.
Illustrating how to view the actual figures for a certain point
Step 4
When the battery is fully charged, you should see the notification window below. Click ok to confirm.
Charging successfully completed
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