The handheld Vaisala Measurement Indicator MI70 - Test

The handheld Vaisala Measurement Indicator MI70 - Test
The handheld Vaisala Measurement
Indicator MI70
Wide selection of
measurement probes
– the HM70,
– DM70,
– MM70 and
– GM70 series
Multiprobe operation combine any two probes
May be connected to certain
Vaisala's fixed transmitters
User-friendly interface
Multiple language options
Suitable for field checking of
fixed instruments
The MI70 connected to a GM70 diffusion sampling probe measures CO2
concentration. It is a handy tool for spot-checking measurement.
The Vaisala Measurement Indicator
MI70 is a user-friendly indicator, and
when combined with a measurement
probe it is ideal for field checking
and calibration of Vaisala's fixed
instruments. The MI70 has probes
for measuring humidity and
temperature, dewpoint, moisture in
oil and CO2. In addition, the MI70 can
be used as a display when connected
to certain Vaisala transmitters.
One or 2 probes at a time
The MI70 indicator has two cable
ports, by which a combination of
any two probes (or transmitters)
can be connected to it, at a time. For
example, a humidity and temperature
probe could be connected to the
one port, and a CO2 probe to the
other. The indicator can display
the measurements made by both
probes, so humidity, temperature
and CO2 data could be displayed
Easy-to-use user-interface
The MI70 features a multilingual,
menu-based user interface, and a
clear graphical LCD display. All-in-all
three measurement parameters can
be displayed, and simultaneously
logged in the memory. The display
shows measurement trends
graphically and numerically. The
measurement parameters and units
can be selected by the user. The
MI70's user-friendly user interface
operates with menus and keypads to
change settings, logging and display
Up to three measurement parameters
can be selected by the user, and
displayed at the same time.The graphic
display shows the stabilization of
measurement and process trends.
Multiple language options
Optional connection to PC
The MI70 is programmed with
a variety of languages: English,
German, French, Finnish, Spanish,
Swedish, Chinese, Russian and
The optional MI70 Link Windows®
software and the USB connection
cable form a practical tool for
transferring logged data as well as
real time measurement data from the
MI70 to a PC.
Technical data
MI70 measurement indicator, general
Measurement probes for the MI70
Menu languages
HM70 Series Humidity and Temperature probes
General purpose probe
Long, stainless steel probe
Small probe, with 5 m cable
DM70 Series dewpoint probes
Pressure tight probes for dry air
Probe for SF6 gas measurements
MM70 Moisture in oil probe
Pressure tight, stainless steel probe
GM70 Carbon Dioxide probes
Handle for probe for diffusion sampling
Pump for probe for pump aspirated sampling
For full specifications of the measurement probes
see relevant brochures/User's Guides (use the relevant order form to define ordered probe)
English, Chinese, French, Spanish, German,
Russian, Japanese, Swedish, Finnish
LCD with backlight,
graphic trend display of any parameter,
character height up to 16 mm
Max. no. of probes
Power supply
Rechargeable NiMH battery pack with AC-adapter
or 4xAA-size alkalines, type IEC LR6
0.01 %RH, 0.01 °C/°F,
0.01 hPa, 0.01 aw,
0.01 ppm/% CO2
Analog output (w/ accessory cable)
0 ... 1 VDC
Output resolution
0.6 mV
PC interface
MI70 Link software with USB or
serial port cable
Data logging capacity
2700 points
Logging interval
1 s ... 12 h
Logging duration
1 min ... memory full
audible alarm function
Operating temperature range
-10 ... +40 °C (+40 ... +104 °F)
Operating humidity range
Housing classification
Housing materials
ABS/PC blend
Weight (indicator only)
400 g
Battery operation time (depends on chosen probe/probes)
Continuous use (one probe of
HM70, DM70 and MM70 series)
48 h typical at +20 °C (+68 °F)
Continuous use (GM70 handle)
better than
8 h at +20 °C (+68 °F)
Continuous use (GM70 pump)
better than
5 h at +20 °C (+68 °F)
Data logging use
up to a month, depending on
logging interval
Environmental settings e.g. pressure
user definable
(and temperature, if not incl.)
Electromagnetic compatibility
EN 61326-1, Portable Equipment
For more information, visit or contact
us at [email protected]
Carrying cases
for MI70 and HMP75/77, one DM70, or
GM70 probe (of black ABS)
for MI70 and HMP75/76, two DM70
probes, or MM70 probe (of aluminium)
Transmitter connection cables for
MMT/HMT330, HMT100, DMT340,
PTB330, PTU300 Series
HMD/W 60/70 Series
DMT152, MMT162
MMT/HMT310 Series, GMP343
GMT220, GMM220, GMW/D20
MI70 Link software with USB cable
MI70 Link software with serial port cable
Analog output cable
10 m (32.81 ft) extension cable for probe
Battery, NiMH 4.8 V
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