PowerSuite On-site

PowerSuite On-site
PowerSuite On-site
On-site certification software
PowerSuite® On-site
On-site certification software
Real-time Bluetooth® result capture from
Megger MFT1553 Installation tester
Support for wide range of mobile devices
(see list of supported types)
Selective certificate template installation
on mobile device
Easy to use split screen data entry
Full screen list selection
Create new certificates on mobile device
or in PowerSuite Professional
Run multiple mobile devices from one
PowerSuite installation*
PowerSuite can now be taken on-site with the On-site software. By installing On-site on your chosen device, you can
complete all your electrical testing on your laptop, PDA or
other modile device, with the added bonus of “real time”
result capture from the Megger MFT 1553 installation tester.
PowerSuite On-site has been designed to operate with
certificates in two ways.
Test certificates can be partially completed in the office
using PowerSuite and then uploaded to your mobile device,
for completion on-site.
Alternatively, new certificates can be created and completed
on your mobile device, then transferred back into
PowerSuite for printing and safe storage.
Windows, Palm, Windows Mobile, Symbian
PowerSuite On-site supports:
Palm v5 and above
Windows Mobile 2003 and 2005
Windows Mobile 5 for Smart phones
Symbian S60 Version 3 devices
as well as recommended Windows versions XP or Vista.
You can have multiple mobile devices operating from one
PowerSuite installation and you can mix and match the
types of devices if you wish *
*One licence required per mobile device.
1) They can be generated in PowerSuite and synchronised,
exported via card or e-mailed to your mobile device.
2) Alternatively new certificates can be created on the
mobile device then transferred back to PowerSuite for
reviewing and printing.
Real time Bluetooth result capture from MFT1553
By using an MFT1553 installation tester with your mobile
device with Bluetooth capability, then you can transfer test
results from the MFT1553 in “real time” directly into your
circuit test result schedule.
This feature saves time spent on manually re-entering test
result data into the certificate and eliminates errors.
Certificate Templates
You can issue selected certificate templates to individual
mobile devices.
Data Templates
Data templates are a time saving tool for entering repetitive
information for specific pages. You can save a data template
and load it into a new certificate to help speed up data
PowerSuite On-site
On-site certification software
Additional Pages
You can easily add and remove pages from any of your
The interface on the mobile device remains constant regardless of the certificate type you are editing.
Each certificate is split by its relevant sections and pages
making editing and navigation simple and straightforward.
Drop down lists are available for easy completion of most
fields and full screen lists are also available.
Dates are selectable from a calendar style input screen and
notes fields are expanded out to full screen for easy editing.
Cut, Copy and Paste
You can cut, copy and paste data from one field to another
when editing certificates.
Certificate Storage
Certificates can be locally synchronised via cable, exported
and saved onto storage cards or e-mailed to and from your
mobile device.
Many system wide settings can be reviewed and modified
using the preferences screen. Font size, e-mail settings and
other interface options can be set from the preferences
Recommended System Requirements
50 MB of free hard disk space on PC for Ultra Mobile
program installation
■ CD-ROM drive
■ PowerSuite Professional software installed
■ Pentium IV class processor 2.4 GHZ
■ Microsoft Windows XP operating system recommended
with 256 MB RAM
■ VGA or higher monitor, min 800 x 600
■ Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device
■ Default printer for viewing/printing certificates
Supported Certificates
■ IEE Electrical Installation, Single Signature Electrical
Installation, Minor Works, Periodic Inspection
■ ECA Electrical Installation, Small Installations, Minor
Works, Periodic Inspection
■ NICEIC Electrical Installation, Domestic Electrical
Installation, Minor Works, Periodic Inspection, Domestic
Periodic Inspection, Domestic Fire Alarm, Domestic
Installer Electrical Installation, Domestic Installer Minor
■ ELECSA Domestic Electrical Installation, Minor Works,
Domestic Periodic Inspection
N.B. All NICEIC certificates are supported using the
Computer Friendly certificates available for purchase from
Mobile Device
Support for Palm v5, Windows Mobile 2003, Windows
Mobile 2005, Windows Mobile 5 for Smartphones and
Symbian S60 Version 3 devices (Windows Mobile 5 recommended)
N.B. All ELECSA certificates are in electronic format and are
available for purchase from ELECSA.
64MB of RAM
The word ‘PowerSuite’ is a registered trademark of Megger Limited
Docking cradle or USB cable
The Bluetooth word mark/logo are owned by Bluetooth SIG. Inc.
Mobile device synchronisation software (Microsoft
ActiveSync synchronisation software for Windows Mobile
5 devices)
Palm is a registered trademark of Palm Inc
The word ‘Megger’ is a registered trademark
Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.
Symbian & Symbian OS are trademarks of Symbian Software Ltd.
Integrated Bluetooth or Bluetooth adapter (for Megger
MFT1553 real time result capture)
Item (Qty)
PowerSuite On-site
(additional Mobile user license)
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Sydney AUSTRALIA and the
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Registered to ISO 14001:1996 Cert. EMS 61597
Megger is a registered trademark
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