MikroTik RB 450/750 series as a simple Router

MikroTik RB 450/750 series as a simple Router
MikroTik RB 450/750 series as a simple Router with 4 routed private subnets and 1 gateway
RouterBoard’s Ether-1 interface will be connected to the broadband modem and serve as the
gateway. It will be assigned its IP configuration by DHCP from the upstream Internet Service
Note: PoE can be supplied by this port, if desired.
RouterBoard interfaces Ether-2 through Ether-5 will each serve independent private subnets and is
capable of routing between them. No DHCP server is invoked at the RB, in this example.
Ethernet 1 IP = Assigned by Brodband Modem via DHCP (Gateway)
Ethernet 2 IP =
Ethernet 3 IP =
Ethernet 4 IP =
Ethernet 5 IP =
Restore RouterBoard using [Reset] button (see BeansTalk: MikroTik RB 450/750 series, Restore to
Factory Default) and selecting [Remove Configuration] on the initial WinBox screen. Then, continue . . .
Run “WinBox.exe” to gain access to the RouterBoard’s configuration console and follow these steps:
To: Set Ethernet Port 1 as a Gateway and DHCP Client
|IP| > DHCP Client > [+] > Interface = Ether1 > [Apply] > [Ok]
To: Configure Ethernet #2-#5 to service 10.1.2.x/24 through 10.1.5.x/24 subnets
|IP| > Addresses > [+] > (assigns the IP address and subnet for the interface)
Interface = Ether2 (associates this interface with the IP address and subnet)
[Apply] > [Ok]
Repeat (by selecting [+]) until all interfaces are configured
To: Configure Firewall/NAT for each interface (to allow routing through the Gateway)
|IP| > Firewall > |NAT|
o [+]
 Src Address = (the subnet needs gateway service)
 Out Interface = Ether1
o |Action|
 Action-drop menu = “Masquerade”
o [Apply] > [Ok]
o NOTE: Repeat (by pressing [+]) for every subnet needing gateway service (probably all of
To: Rename interface labels to something more meaningful
|Interfaces| > double-click on each one > Change Name
Rename “Ether 1” as “Port 1 - DHCP’d Gateway”
Rename “Ether 2” as “Port 2 -”
Rename “Ether 3” as “Port 3 -”
Rename “Ether 4” as “Port 4 -”
Rename “Ether 5” as “Port 5 -”
To: Rename the MikroTik device’s label to something more meaningful
|System| > Identity
Rename “MikroTik” as “Edge Router”
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