How do I setup my Technicolor TG582n router? Hard reset

How do I setup my Technicolor TG582n router? Hard reset
How do I setup my Technicolor TG582n router?
Before you can start configuring your router, you need to make sure it's all plugged in properly.
Plug the microfilter that came with your router into your telephone socket, and connect your router
to the microfilter with the grey ADSL cable. Make sure that your router's plugged into the power
and switched on. If you're not connecting wirelessly, you'll need to use the yellow Ethernet
cable to connect your router to your computer.
Hard reset your Technicolor router
It's normally a good idea to factory reset your router before setting it up. This is especially the case
if you've already tried to set the router up and failed.
1. Make sure your router is switched on
2. Push something thin like a pin, into the reset hole on the back of the router. You need to
hold this for at least 15 seconds, then release.
Setting up your Technicolor router
1. Open the Internet browser on your device. This may have a name like Microsoft
Edge, Google Chrome or Safari.
2. Type into your address bar and press enter or go. By default you should be
logged into the Technicolor configuration automatically. If you've setup a new username
and password in the past then you will need to enter these to log in. If you can't remember
them, you will have to factory reset your router.
3. Once you're logged into the router configuration, select Technicolor Gateway on the left
menu and then select Setup my Technicolor Gateway under Pick a task.
4. A small window will now open showing you the easy setup wizard. Select Next to begin.
5. For the Service Selection, choose ADSL (Standard), then select Next.
6. VPI/VCI should be set to 1.50 using the drop down menu. Connection Type should
be PPPoA (UK Default). Enter your KCOM username for the User Name, and then enter
your Password. Select Next when you've finished.
7. For the Wireless Security, you can enter any details you wish or keep them the same.
The SSID is the name of your wireless network and the WPA+WPA2 Preshared Key is the
password. Select Next when you've finished.
8. If you want to setup a username and password in order for people to log into the router
configuration in future, you can type them in now for the Access Control. If you want the
configuration to automatically log you in, the password box needs to be left blank.
Select Next when you've finished.
9. You will now see a summary of the settings and details you have entered. If you're happy
with everything, select Start.
10. Eventually you will see a message that says the setup has finished. Select Finish.
Your router will now be setup and you should be able to browse the Internet.
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