Installation and Maintenance Purity C

Installation and Maintenance Purity C
 1. Definition of Terms
All Filter Head types:
Filter head
Locking Handle
Water outlet (63/8" or JG8)
Water Inlet (63/8" or JG8
Wall Mount
Filter Cartridge
Protective Cap
Flush Valve
Flush Hose
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Additionally for filter head types PURITY C 0-70%
10. By-pass setting
2. General Information
2.1 Function and Application
Purity C is a filter system specially designed by BRITA for use in food and
beverage environments to ensure constantly high water quality for individual
customer applications as well as reliable and simple operation.
The unique IntelliBypass ensures a constant by-pass proportion for the
entire usage period, irrespective of the volumetric flow of the terminal
equipment used. The result is consistently high water quality specially
tailored to the requirements of the application and the local water
By reliably locking the filter cartridge in the filter head and controlling the
water flow, the innovative locking handle ensures simple and reliable
The Filter cartridges of the PURITY ¢50/150/300 Quell ST reduce the
carbonate hardness in Drinking water, thus preventing scale deposits in the
downstream terminal equipment. Using the flow method, calcium, magnesium
ions and heavy metal ions (eg. Lead and copper) are selectively removed from
the drinking water via an ion exchanger. Furthermore, the filter material
binds contents that impair odour and taste.(eg chlorine residues in the
filtrate and the by-pass water), as well as organic impurities and cloudiness.
3. Operating and Safety Information
3.1 Specific Safety Information
Only water of drinking water quality may be used as intake water for the
BRITA water filter system. The BRITA water filter system is only suitable
for cold water use. No microbiologically impaired water or water of unknown
quality may be used without appropriate disinfection.
BRITA recommends that the filter system not be decommissioned for a long
period. If the BRITA PURITY C filter system is not used for several days
(2-3 days), we recommend that the filter system be flushed with the
flushing volume X indicated in the table below. After stagnation periods of
over 4 weeks, the filter should be flushed with flushing volume Y or else
replaced. Please also note that the maximum usage period of the filter
cartridge is 12 months.
PURITY C50 Quell ST 2 liters 20 liters
PURITY C150 Quell ST | 3 liters 30 liters
PURITY C300 Quell ST | 6 liters 60 liters
The filter system must not be opened or dismantled during operation. The
filter cartridge must not be opened.
Inserting the Filter Cartridge
Remove protective cap (7)
e Note the next exchange date in the date field on the filter cartridge. (6)
e Insert the filter cartridge (6) vertically in the filter head (1).
Caution: The filter cartridge can only be inserted when the locking handle is
open. Make sure that the filter cartridge is positioned correctly.
e Turn the locking handle (2) until you feel it engage.
4.2 Commissioning
* Open the water intake and switch on the power supply of the terminal
e Operate the flush valve (8) and filter system until the filtered water runs
clear and without bubbles. At least 2 empty filter cartridge volumes must be
Note: When bleeding/Flushing, catch water emerging from — the flush
hose (9) in an appropriate container.
Check system for any leaks.
5. Exchanging the Filter Cartridge
The filter cartridge must be replaced after 6-12 months, at the latest 12 months
after commissioning, irrespective of the level of exhaustion of the filter system. If
the capacity of the filter cartridge has already been exhausted, it must be
exchanged earlier.
Caution: During the exchange, carefully examine all dismantled parts! Faulty parts
must be exchanged and dirty parts should be cleaned. Read the Operating and
Safety Information prior to exchange. After storage and transport below 0°C the
product must be stored in the open original packaging for at least 24 hours at the
stated ambient temperatures for operation.
Note: When the locking handle is open, the water supply to the cartridge is
interrupted and short-circuit operation with direct water flow from the water inlet
(4) to the outlet (3) is possible (if necessary, close the water supply and switch off
the power supply to the downstream appliance).
e Open Locking handle (2)
е Activate the flush valve (8) and remove pressure from the system.
e Remove exhausted filter cartridge (6) from the filter head(1).
Note: The filter cartridge can be pivoted by 90° in the wall mount for easy
removal. Perform the steps described at 4.1 and 4.2
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