5 kW 4.5 kW - Northern Lights generatoren
Service Side
(Shown with Optional
Sound Enclosure)
• DC wire
• Vibration isolated junction box has
AC terminal strip, DC breaker,
30 amp AC breaker and solid state
AC automatic voltage regulator.
• Cast valve cover/intake manfold with
oil fill and washable air filter. Sound
Maze air intake has an acoustic
chamber and formed hose to reduce
valve train and intake pulsation noise.
5 kW
60 Hz / 1800 RPM
4.5 kW
50 Hz / 1500 RPM
• Bosch
• Sound
Maze air
intake hose.
• Top and
side oil fills.
• Sound Maze air intake
has an acoustic chamber
and formed hose to
reduce valve train and
intake pulsation noise.
• Spin-on oil
and fuel filters.
• Oil drain
• Gear driven,
seawater pump.
Mechanical seals.
No belt.
Non- Service Side
• Removable heat
exchanger end
covers for easy
core cleaning.
• 12 volt starter
and battery
• Jacket water cooled with one
piece, cast iron expansion tank and
exhaust manifold with removable
cupro-nickel heat exchanger core.
• Stainless steel
fasteners used
for long life.
• Cast iron wet
exhaust elbow.
• Tough, white
polyurethane paint.
• Northern Lights
reconnectable direct
• Plateform
coupled generator
vibration mounts
with auxillary winding
for smooth operation.
to power the AVR.
Ask to see most company’s 5kW marine
generator sets, and you’ll likely see a light,
fairly disposable machine, seemingly built as
an afterthought.
Not Northern Lights. Our 5kW M673LD3
is built with the careful engineering and
meticulous craftsmanship that has defined
every Northern Lights product for over fifty
Northern Lights starts with a heavy duty
base engine. Then our unique marinization
process creates a machine specifically
designed for the unforgiving rigors of
the marine environment. Adding a sturdy
generator end creates the most reliable,
durable and simple to use marine power
solution on the market.
The M673LD3 is designed for unmatched
reliability. By achieving 5 kilowatts at 1800,
instead of 3600 rpm, the revolutions are cut in
half. Piston and cylinder wear is minimized.
The generator ’s automatic voltage
regulator (AVR) is powered by an auxiliary
AC stator winding that isolates it from the
main windings. This ensures that the AVR
has clean power to provide excitation for
faster load response. Whether running the
refrigerator, air conditioner, or any other
accessory, the M673LD3 can make power
dips and surges a thing of the past.
Comfort is always a consideration when
it comes to Northern Lights generator power.
The M673LD3 is built on a balanced three
cylinder diesel. Four plateform isolation
mounts reduce vibration transmission even
The Sound Maze air intake system
is another Northern Lights innovation
developed with your comfort in mind. Air
enters through a molded rubber hose and an
acoustic dampening chamber. This allows for
clear air flow, with a minimal noise signature.
For even greater sound attenuation, your
M673LD3 can be equipped with our state of
the art sound enclosure.
Because the M673LD3 meets all current
USEPA Tier III emission standards, you can
rest assured that your 5kW will be as clean
as it is quiet and efficient.
M673LD3 Specifications and Dimensions
M673LD3 - 5 kW/4.5 kW
M673LD3 Dimensional Drawing
AC Output1
5 kW
60 Hz, 1800 RPM, 1 Ph, 1.0 PF,
120-240 V/25 A, 120 V/50A
4.5 kW
50 Hz, 1500 RPM, 1 Ph, 1.0 PF,
220 V/22.7 A
Voltage regulation
20.37 517.3
Lugger L673L Engine
Vertical inline 3 cylinder diesel
46.4 in3 (0.761 ltr)
2.64/2.83 in (67/72 mm)
10.1/1800 8.4/1500
Approx. fuel use
1800 RPM @ full load2
0.59 gph (2.2 lph)
1800 RPM @ half load2
0.32 gph (1.2 lph)
1500 RPM @ full load2
0.50 gph (1.9 lph)
1500 RPM @ half load2
0.28 gph (1.1 lph)
Installation Data & Weight
Wet exhaust elbow
Raw water inlet
Fuel inlet and return
Approximate dry weight
1.5 inch (38 mm) OD
3/4 inch (19 mm) OD
5/16 inch ID Hose
377 lbs (171 kg)
1. Based on SAE J1995 and ISO 3046. 2. Actual fuel
consumption will vary depending on operating conditions.
M673L3 Overall Dimensions L x W x H: 28.5 x 19.5 x 20.4 inch (724 x 495 x 517 mm)
Sound Enclosure Dimensions L x W x H: 28.5 x 19.5 x 20.8 inch (724 x 495 x 528 mm)
Sound Enclosure Weight: 48 lbs (22 kg)
Dimensions given in inches (mm). Dimensions subject to change without notice.
Contact dealer or visit www.northern-lights.com for most current installation drawings.
M673LD3 Features and Benefits
Engine Block
Lubrication System
• Four cycle, 3 cylinder, liquid cooled, naturally
aspirated, overhead valve diesel.
• Swirl combustion chambers improve fuel
efficiency and reduce smoke.
• Glow plugs for quick cold starting.
• Full flow, spin-on oil filter with bypass.
• 3.1 qt (3 ltr) oil capacity for better lubrication and
200 hour oil change intervals.
• Oil drain for quick, clean oil changes.
• Closed crankcase vent system traps oil vapor
and keeps engine room clean.
Cooling System
• Freshwater cooling with siphon break.
• Heat exchanger or keel cooled.
• One-piece heat exchanger, expansion tank
and liquid cooled exhaust manifold. Fewer
troublesome hoses and gaskets. Cast iron to
resist corrosion and electrolysis.
• Heat exchanger cooling is standard. Cupronickel, tube-type heat exchanger has removable
ends for easy cleaning. Rubber impeller
seawater pump of bronze and stainless steel is
gear driven; no belt.
Fuel System
• Fuel system is self-venting.
• Injection pump with 5% mechanical governor for
close AC frequency control.
• Pintle injectors with replaceable tips.
• Mechanical lift pump with hand primer. No
electric pump to fail.
• Large spin-on fuel filter.
• Steel fuel lines.
• Stop solenoid acts directly on the fuel rack
eliminating linkage problems.
Intake and Exhaust
• Meets US EPA Tier III
emission standards.
• Washable air cleaner.
• Cast aluminum intake manifold with Sound Maze
air intake reduces intake noise.
• Cast iron, wet exhaust elbow for safety.
DC Electrical System
• DC system uses reliable relays instead of an
unrepairable printed circuit board.
• 12 volt starter motor and battery charging
alternator with regulator and belt guard.
• Standard panel: Remote mount S-1B has
hour meter, stop-start switch with run light and
preheat switch.
• Expandable to six
panels up to 110
feet from the set.
• 20 foot (6m) plugin panel harness
lets you mount your panel anywhere onboard.
Better than inaccessible unit mount panels that
are prone to vibration problems.
• Low oil pressure, high coolant temp and high
exhaust temp safety shutdowns standard.
AC Generator
• Northern Lights, direct coupled, four pole,
revolving field, four lead reconnectable
generator with Class “H” insulation
and prelubricated bearing. Conservative
heat rise rating: 95°C/50°C ambient .
• External automatic voltage regulator gives
you ± 5% voltage regulation. AVR powered
by dedicated AC winding for improved motor
starting. AVR circuit breaker.
• 30 amp mainline circuit breaker protects
generator from AC overloads and shorts.
New enclosure package is 23%
smaller than previous design
Northern Lights’ revolutionary new sound
enclosure shares a base frame with the
generator set, creating a compact power and
sound attenuation package and boasts 23%
less overall cubic volume than the previous
enclosed units.
• Vibration isolation mounts for smooth,
quiet performance
• Stainless steel paddle latch on service side.
• Interior panel retention system allows
generator access at nonservice panels
without using tools.
• Electrogalvanized steel composition allows
for single layer of foam insulation, with
superior noise attenuation.
• Protective film coating ensures safety
and longevity.
• External fuel connections for easy installation.
• Front exhaust exit option.
• Tough, white, powder-coat finish.
4420 14th Ave. NW., Seattle WA 98107
Tel: 206-789-3880 • 1-800-762-0165 • Fax: 206-782-5455
Information and dimensions subject to change without notice.
Northern Lights and Lugger are registered trademarks
of Northern Lights, Inc.
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