ALARM TYFONIC® - ET 500 / 1M Omnidirectional

ALARM TYFONIC® - ET 500 / 1M Omnidirectional
TYFONIC® - ET 500 / 1M
Omnidirectional sound emitter with amplifier TK 150 Mk II for mobile use
The electronic warning sound emitter TYFONIC ET 500 / 1M is a multi purpose alarm unit based on a
further development of conventional loudspeaker technology. The result is an omni directional unit with
the same sound pressure level in all directions and the high efficiency saves energy. Equipment is mainly
used by the police and / or mobile alert.
The new version of amplifier TK 150 MkII, based on the latest digital signal processing and with functionality to save audio files in common wav sound files. Alarm signals can easily be upload by means of the
USB connector on the backside. Spoken messages through the connected microphone or from stored
audio files, makes information at every occasion rapid. Easy connection to existing power source (12 V)
in the vehicle and car roof fastener with magnet sockets at the sound emitter shorten mounting time. The
car roof fastener with magnetic sockets is tested at different speeds with a safe margin when your vehicle
speed is 80 km/h or lower. Best speech intelligibility of messages is reach when your vehicle has lower
speed then 20 km / h.
Sound emitter TYFONIC mobile is available with or without warning lights.
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The versatile usable omni directional sound emitter is easily mounted on car roof and held by magnetic socket. Alarm Amplifier TK 150 MkII the mobile version is a refinement of the TK 150 that has been
in operation for more than 20 years and with more units sold in 2000.
TK150 MkII is based on the latest technology for digital sound reproduction and enhanced functionality
made possible the recording and playback of wav files.
• Pre-programmed alarms, Be Alert, Air raid and All clear
• 2 push buttons for any reproduction, tone or speech
• Spoken messages from the microphone, pre-stored audio files or CDs, MP3 players
• Pushbutton for reduction of sound pressure to approximately 90 dB
• Repetition of broadcast message
• Control of rotating lights
• Compact design and carry handle
• High efficiency and thus low heat • Monitor Speaker • Extra security during travel, sound emitter conducted by straps • Meets the requirements of Directive 72/245/EEC supplementing 2005/83/EC
• Test method and frequency for determining the immunity of ISO 11452-2, 20 - 2000 MHz
Technical characteristics
Mobile Concept
Cable for power supply voltage
With universal plug 12 / 21 mm
Sound emitter
ET 500 / 1M
Sound pressure level at 1 m distance
115 dBA
Sound pattern
Omni directional
Frequency 370 Hz
Warning light, colour
Warning light bulb, power
55 W
Temperature range
Protection class
IP 54
Weight sound emitter w. roof fastener
18 kg
Height with warning light
600 mm
Height without warning light
420 mm
Nature anodized
TK 150 MkII Power supply voltage
12 V DC
Current consumption
10 A
Current consumption w. warning light
14 A
Output power 100 W
Pre-programmed alarm signals
Be Alert, Air raid and All clear
Power supply, sound emitter / light, mic., aux and USB
Peiker TM 110 TF
Dimensions (W x H x D)
156 x 68 x 220 mm
2,5 kg
Transport and storage box Dimensions (W x H x D)
675 x 610 x 440 mm
Weight complete with content. 30 kg Transport and storage
The cable from sound emitter to be located through a side window of one of the back doors. Related amplifier
TK 150 Mk II placed advantageously in the vehicle's passenger seat. Mobile sound emitter is integrated with all
necessary details in a practical transport case of plywood, which contains sound emitter, amplifier, cables for
power connection and a detailed description.
Ref. no.
Sound emitter c/w car roof fastener and light
Sound emitter c/w car roof fastener
Amplifier TK 150 Mk II
Power supply cable
Transport and storage box
Operating manual
Spare parts
Ref. no.
Compression element
Cable sound emitter - amplifier
Car roof fastener with magnetic sockets
Warning light, blue
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