M55 Cast Brochure Apr 2010.indd

M55 Cast Brochure Apr 2010.indd
Nicest Pellet Flame in the Industry!
Compare our fire with what you see in other stoves. We think
that none can even come close to matching the size, beauty,
and efficiency of the M55’s flame.
Low Maintenance Burner This patent pending technology has an agitator rod in the burn pot
that breaks up any clinker or ash and helps move it into the ash
pan. This greatly reduces cleaning intervals and also allows you
to burn lesser quality, inexpensive pellets and alternate fuels.
Large Hopper -
29 21 "
Large 60 lb. hopper for up to 36 hrs. continuous burning time.
Quietest Pellet Stove in the Industry Capacitor-driven motor gives very low noise readings 40 - 45 dB (at 10 ft. away).
32 41 "
Quick Start Ignitor 400 Watt Ignitor with air pump for quick starts.
28 12 "
27 4
Welded Heat Exchanger Each heat exchanger tube is individually
welded in for extra durability.
Fluted Cast Iron Firebox Liner -
Detailed, durable and decorative
heavy-gauge construction.
47/8" 63/8"
Convection Fan (variable speed)
300 CFM
Fuel Capacity
60 lbs.
Weight (empty)
480 lbs.
Btu input (on high)*
Btu input (on low)*
400 Watt
Max. Power usage (ignitor on)
600 Watt
Operating Power usage
200 Watt
Efficiency Rating
76.6 %
EPA Tested
2.0 g per hour
Area Heated**
up to 2500 sq. ft.
Vent Size
4” or 3” ***
Glass Size
163 sq. in.
Standard Wall Thermostat
Wireless Digital Wall Thermostat
Air Wash System for cleaner glass
Brick Liner
Ceramic Log Set
Mobile Home Approved
Cast Iron Side Shelves
Optional Cast Iron Colors - Diamond
Black, Chestnut & Beach
Side wall to unit
Back wall to unit
Wall to corner of unit
Floor protector
(in front of door opening)
* Figures will vary considerably with individual conditions and fuel quality.
** Figures will vary considerably with floor plan, house layout and heat loss of the house.
*** See Owner’s Manual for details.
(Some colors may have longer lead times)
Limited Lifetime Warranty
7 years on firebox, heat exchanger and burn pot.
3 years on burner components, 2 years on electrical.
(See Owner’s Manual for details and exclusions.)
Certain restrictions apply when burning
corn or grains – please see owner’s manual for
details and sxclusions.
Authorized Dealer
Made in
North America
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Manufactured by Sherwood Industries Ltd., Victoria, BC, Canada
www.enviro.com • email: info@enviro.com • Printed in Canada December, 2011
M55 Cast Multi-Fuel Stove
Standard Wall Thermostat
Optional Wireless Digital Wall
Optional Brick Liner Sturdy, attractive brick liner can be used
in place of the fluted liner to give a rustic,
more traditional look to the M55.
Optional Side Shelves Give your M55 a whole new dimension.
Optional Ceramic Log Set Finely crafted, realistic looking ceramic
log set gives a new dimension to the
pellet fire.
Diamond Black
The ash lip drops down to
expose the ash pan.
Tri-mode Control System
Premium Pellets, Regular Pellets or
Alternate Fuels
Castings made by Vermont Castings, Vermont, USA
The burner system of this pellet stove is designed to actively manage the waste by-products
of combustion. As a result, you can enjoy the longest cleaning intervals of any pellet stove
on the market . An added advantage that comes with this burner system is that it allows
you to burn not just pellets but alternate fuels - corn, wheat, barley, grass and bark pellets without changing any parts!
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