Hama USB - IDE/SATA Hard Disk Adapter, AA25 Installation Instructions

Hama USB - IDE/SATA Hard Disk Adapter, AA25 Installation Instructions
Festplattenadapter »AA25«
USB-IDE/SATA Harddisk Adapter
Adaptateur de disque dur USB - IDE/SATA
g Operating Instruction
1. Package Contents
2. Notes
3. Connection
4. Driver Installation
2.5“ IDE and SATA hard drives can be connected to the PC
without any additional power supply using the hard drive
adapter. Use the connection labelled “2.5“ HDD” for 2.5“ IDE
hard drives. Use the “SATA Drive” connection for 2.5“ serial ATA
hard drives.
1. Package Contents
– AA25 USB hard drive adapter
– Installation instructions
For 3.5“ IDE hard drives, use the “3.5“ HDD / Optical Drive”
connection, but an additional power supply is required for the
hard drive. You can supply power using the PC power supply
2. Notes
Never disconnect the hard drive adapter from the
computer while data is being transferred.
You may lose data if you do so.
For 3.5“ SATA hard drives, use the “SATA drive” connection.
The adapter must also be supplied with power using the PC
power supply unit. The power connection on the adapter is
located next to the USB cable.
Hama GmbH & Co KG does not accept liability for loss
of data stored on data storage media under any
4. Driver Installation
Windows 2000/XP/Vista provide integrated driver support for
this hard drive adapter. You do not need install an additional
3. Connecting Hard Drives
The following section describes how various hard drives and
drives can be connected to the PC using the hard drive adapter.
Note: An additional power supply is required for operation with
3.5“ hard drives and 5.25“ drives. You can use the PC’s power
supply unit for this.
5. Safety Notes
– Do not operate the device in damp or dusty environments.
– Do not operate this device on radiators or near
sources of heat
– This device is designed for indoor use only.
– This device is not designed for use outdoors.
– Protect the device from pressure and impact during
– Do not open the device during operation.
6. Contact and Support Information
If products are defective:
Please contact your dealer or Hama Product Consulting if you
have any product claims.
Internet / World Wide Web:
Product support, new drivers or product information can be
found at www.hama.com
Support Hotline – Hama Product Consulting:
Tel. +49 (0) 9091 / 502-115
Fax +49 (0) 9091 / 502-272
E-mail: [email protected]
Green (lights up):
The adapter is connected to the PC.
Red (flashes):
Data is being transferred.
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