The Feathercraft Pack-Cart

The Feathercraft Pack-Cart
The Feathercraft Pack-Cart
The Pack-Cart is a simple, quick-to-assemble cart for the kayak in its carrying bag. Use the cart when going
through airports, train stations, parking lots or city streets.
The unit comes with its own stuff-sack (32 x 66 x 5 cm or 12.5 x 26 x 2"), and weighs 1 kg, or 2.25 lbs.
As of 1998, single kayak travel-style pack-bags have loops sewn to the back, outside edge of the backpack where
the Pack-Cart is attached. The K2 duffel-bag utilizes existing loops to attach the cart. The Airline duffel bag has
gaps left along the sewn strap to attach the cart.
A webbing strap is included with the cart to convert it to a kayak pulley. This is handy for moving the unloaded
kayak over smooth terrain.
Adjust the height of the pack cart with the
spring button positions on the side bar inserts.
Attach web
to existing
web strap at
top of inside
back panel
Attaching the Pack-Cart to
the K2 duffel bag
Attaching to Airline
duffel bag
Pack-Cart in stuff-sack:
32 x 66 x 5 cm or 12.5 x 26 x 2"
Converting the Pack-Cart to a Kayak Pulley.
Recommended for smaller singles along smooth surfaces.
4-1244 Cartwright Street, Vancouver, British Columbia Canada V6H 3R8 Tel: (604) 681-8437 or [email protected]
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