Fitting Guide Roger AB Naida CI Auria Harmony

Fitting Guide Roger AB Naida CI Auria Harmony
Fitting Guide
Roger and Advanced Bionics sound processors
Naída CI, Auria and Harmony
This guide provides detailed information on how Roger receivers should be used with Advanced Bionics sound processors to
achieve the best possible performance.
A 2013 study by Dr. Jace Wolfe of Hearts for Hearing Foundation, Oklahoma City, revealed that the use of Roger systems in
combination with cochlear implants resulted in significant improvements in speech recognition at high noise levels (70 to 80
dB (A)) over fixed gain FM and Dynamic FM technologies (see .
The table below shows what is required to connect the sound processor to a Roger receiver.
Sound processor
Advanced Bionics
Naída CI Q70
Advanced Bionics
Naída CI
Advanced Bionics
Harmony™ / Auria™
Roger 17
ComPilot + Roger X
iConnect™ + Roger X
Receiver + Adapter
Roger X is not compatible with the Advanced Bionics (AB) Neptune™ sound processor.
Jace Wolfe (2013), Evaluation of speech recognition of cochlear implant recipients using a personal digital adaptive radio frequency system.
Accepted by the Journal of the American Academy of Audiology.
PowerCelTM 170 battery required.
Roger X with SN > 1336NY560 only.
Program the sound processor with the recommended settings according to the table below.
This will ensure maximum benefit from the Roger system.
AB Naída CI Q70
AB Naída CI Q70 via ComPilot
AB Harmony™ / Auria™
Recommended sound processor setting
Set the Audio Mixing Ratio (Mic/Aux) to 50/50
Set the ComPilot Mixing Ratio to either 50 or 75%
Set the Audio Mixing Ratio (Mic/Aux) to 50/50
For Roger 17, no pre-programming is required.
For Roger X when used with ComPilot, no pre-programming is required but might be done to deactivate the AutoConnect tones .
For Advanced Bionics Harmony / Auria systems, Roger X must be pre-programmed.
A Roger inspiro is required for programming Roger X .
Connect Roger X to the sound processor or ComPilot and switch it on.
Turn Roger inspiro on, hold it close to Roger X (less than 10 cm/4 inches) and select the function Check.
Click Manage, scroll to ‘CI module’ then click OK.
Scroll to the corresponding value as shown in the table below.
Scroll to EasyGain and click OK.
Set the EasyGain to the corresponding value as shown in the table below.
AB Harmony™ / Auria™
AB Naída CI Q70 with ComPilot and Roger X
Recommended CI
module setting
Setting 4
Setting 3
Recommended EasyGain
AutoConnect status
This will ensure that the Roger X output impedances match the input impedance of the sound processor.
Available for Roger X (02) only
If more EasyGain is required, select Setting 1 with adjust EasyGain to the desired level
Getting started
Attaching Roger 17:
Step 1: Attach Roger receiver
Switch all equipment off. If required, remove the standard cover
or hook and attach the adapter to the sound processor. Now
attach the Roger receiver to the sound processor, adapter,
battery or to ComPilot.
Step 2: Switching on
Ask the user to put on the sound processor and switch it on. If
available switch also the ComPilot on. The sound processor
should automatically detect the presence of the Roger receiver.
If this is not the case, manually change to the program utilizing
the recommended Roger program settings.
Step 3: Connect
Hold the Roger microphone close to the Roger receiver (within
10 cm/4 inches) and press the Connect button on the Roger
microphone. The user should now report that he/she has heard
the confirmation beeps (a low tone followed by a high tone).
If the user did not hear the confirmation beeps, you may need to
manually switch the processor into the DAI, EXT, ComPilot or
AUX program. Repeat this connect process until your patient
hears the beeps.
Fitting Guide | Roger and Advanced Bionics sound processors Naída CI, Auria and Harmony
Step 4: Test the system
Consider testing the user’s speech recognition in quiet with the
CI alone by muting the Roger microphone and standing close to
your patient. Then test the user’s speech recognition through
the Roger microphone while standing at least 3 meters away.
Using Roger via the T-Coil
Alternatively, the receiver Roger MyLink can be used after
activating the T-Coil on the sound processor.
Signal from Roger microphone cannot be heard
Sound processor is set in the wrong program
Switch the sound processor to the dedicated DAI program
Roger receiver is not connected to the Roger microphone
Connect Roger receiver with the Roger microphone (see Step 3)
Roger microphone is not switched on or is muted
Switch on the Roger microphone and make sure it is not muted
(refer to User Guide)
CI user is out of range of the Roger microphone
Ask the CI user to move closer to the Roger microphone to be
within its operating range
Batteries are empty
Use fresh batteries or make sure the rechargeable battery pack
is full charged
Processor microphones are attenuated
Mixing ratio
Make sure a mixing ratio other than ‘Aux Only’ is being
utilized. Make sure the mixing ratio is set to 50/50 for AB users
Make sure microphone sensitivity has not been reduced in the
DAI, EXT, ComPilot or AUX program
Microphone sensitivity
The Roger microphone’s signal suffers from interruptions
The Roger microphone is too far away or shielded by obstacles
(e.g. human body)
Reduce the distance between Roger receiver and the Roger
microphone, and ensure both devices are in line of sight
Fitting Guide | Roger and Advanced Bionics sound processors Naída CI, Auria and Harmony
Listening check
Listening option
Roger 17 listening check with the
Naída CI Listening Check
MLx Audio Checker with Roger 17 Adapter
and Roger 17
Place the Naída CI Listening check
Roger 17 plugged into the Roger 17 Adapter
between the processor and the
PowerCell 170 and plug headphones
into the socket for listening to both, the
microphone and the Roger signal
MLx Audio Checker
and Roger X
Roger X plugged directly into the
MLx Audio Checker
Special features for educational system4
Programming of EasyGain
If the volume of the Roger system is not satisfactory, you can change the gain of the receiver via Roger inspiro.
Hold Roger inspiro close to Roger receiver (less than 10 cm/4 inches) and press Check.
Roger receiver information will appear on the Roger inspiro’s screen.
Press Manage, scroll with the cursor to EasyGain and press OK.
Now you can change the gain of the receiver in the range of -8 to +8 dB.
Fitting Guide | Roger and Advanced Bionics sound processors Naída CI, Auria and Harmony
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Available for Roger 17 (02) and Roger X (02) only
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