Congratulations on Your new
Hi-Fi Stereo Record Player.
Your Beogram 2000 plays all
record sizes and has two speeds.
Its specifications exceed DIN
45 500 standards in every re-
Your Beogram 2000 is easy to
operate, Al! functions are con-
trolled by a central knob which
consists of a pushbutton anda
record-size and speed selector.
Your Beogram 2000 uses an
SP 10 À pickup which is
equippped with a spherical
naked diamond. Low stylus
pressure of 1,2 grammes
{ponds). The pickup arm
features self-adjusting anti-
skating device.
Even if your Beogram 2000 is
very easy to operate we never-
theless suggest that you read
these instructions first.
It is especially important that
your Beogram 2000 is correctly
assembled and set up after you
have unpacked it. Both the quali-
ty of the sound reproduction
and the handling of your pre-
cious records depend on it.
Your dealer can set up your
Beogram 2000 for you if you
Yours faithfully,
Bang & Olufsen
Setting up
Transit Protection
Your Beogram 2000 is secured
in various ways against damage
during transit.
The resilient suspension which
carries the turntable and pickup
arm is secured by three large
screws. They should not be re-
moved but merely turned anti-
clockwise, using a screwdriver,
until they go against the stops.
The following components are
not mounted in place during
transit, but are placed in the
packing inserts:
Pickup cartridge with protec-
tive cap.
Center Adapter for Large
Record Hole.
Dust cover.
After having turned the three
screws anti-clockwise, simply
place the turntable on top of
the smaller under-turntable.
The easiest way to take off the
turntable is to proceed as shown
in this sketch. A slight pressure
applied close to the front of the
cabinet will tilt up the turn-
table on the opposite side.
; A
Counterweight and Pickup
Mounting the counterweight
and pickup cartridge, and ba-
lancing the pickup arm, should
be carried out with great care.
Undistorted reproduction and
low record wear are directly
dependent on correct balanc-
ing and correct stylus pressure.
Accordingly, before applying
power to your Beogram 2000
proceed as follows:
1. Slide the counterweight (6)
in on the short end of the pick-
up-arm (note the cutout on the
under side of the arm and a
matching guide pin inside the
counterweight}. Then screw
the counterwetght's rotatable
section (5) approx. five turns
2. Turn the stylus pressure ad-
justment screw {7} to © gramme
(pond) by turning it clockwise
against the stop.
3. Plug the pickup cartridge
(9) into the socket on the pick-
up arm {be sure to press it
home). It is advisable to hold
the arm firmly when fitting the
counterweight so that the bear-
ings will not be damaged. Re-
move the protective cap from
the cartridge.
4. The pickup arm should now
be capable of balancing so that
the supporting leg can be made
to “float” 0.5 - 1 mm above
the surface below it (see sketch).
To adjust for exact balance
turn the rotatable section (5)
of the counterweight either
clockwise or anti-clockwise.
Be sure to do this with the pro-
tective cap removed from the
5. The pickup arm 1s now ba-
lanced. Thereafter turn the
stylus-pressure adjustment
screw (7) so that the desired
stylus pressure is obtained.
Recommended stylus pressure
Is 1.2 grammes (pond).
Connecting to an Amplifier
or Radio Set
Your Beogram 2000 has a cable
which is fitted with a DIN plug.
Plug this cable into the low-
impedance gramophone input
socket of your amplifier or
radio set.
Connecting to the Mains
As supplied from the factory,
the Beogram 2000, type 5240,
is switched for operation on
220 voits, 50 Hz, and may be
operated on mains voltages be-
tween 190 and 265 volts.
Switching to 110 voits 50 Hz
requires a minor modification
inside the set. The mains vol-
tage range will then be 100 to
130 volts.
Dust Cover
To mount the dust cover, move
it in over the rear edge of the
top plate as shown in the sketch.
The cover can stand in any
position between closed and
open, up to an angle of 60 de-
grees. The cover may be left
closed during playing if desired.
Speed Adjustment
Fine adjustment of motor speed
is carried out with an adjust-
ment knob on the side of the
unit while observing the strobo-
scope scale on the platter
which must be illuminated by a
lamp powered from the
mains. Set the selector knob
to 25 or 30. Turn the ad-
justment knob until the black
fields appear to be stationary.
If they are moving against the
direction of rotation, the speed
Is too low, and the knob should
then be turned towards +.
Conversely, if the fields are
moving in the direction of
rotation, the speed is too high,
and the knob should be turned
towards —.
Key Plan
Vernier speed adjustment
Turntable with stroboscopic
Selector knob
LIFT button
Counterweight adjustment
Stylus pressure adjustment
Finger grip
Pickup cartridge
Operation of the Beogram 2000
is very simple because all func-
tions are controlled by a central
The rotatable knob section se-
lects record size and speed.
The LIFT pushbutton starts
the motor and the automatic
pickup control mechanism. This
button is also used as pause con-
trol and for restarting. The red
pilot lamp is on while the auto-
matic mechanism is operative
(see arrow in above sketch).
30 cm.
Put on a record and turn the
selector to the 30 position. The
speed will then be 33 1/3 r.p.m,
Start the motor by pressing the
LIFT button. The pickup will
automatically move into posi-
tion and lower into the starting
groove on the record.
When the record has finished,
the pickup will automatically
rise and travel out to its position
of rest, and the motor will stop.
25 cm
Put on a record and turn the
selector to the 25 position.
The speed will then be 33 1/3
r.p.m. Start the motor by pres-
sing the LIFT button. The pick-
up will automatically move into
position and lower into the
starting groove on the record.
When the record has finished,
the pickup will automatically
rise and travel out to its posi-
tion of rest, and the motor will
17 cm
Put on a record and turn the
selector to the 17 position.
The speed will then be 45
r.p.m. Start the motor by
pressing the LIFT button. The
pickup will automatically move
into position and lower into
the starting groove on the
When the record has finished,
the pickup will automatically
rise and travel out to its posi-
tion of rest, and the motor will
Garantie Internationale
Pour cet appareil, Bang & Olufsen
offre une garantie contre tout vice de
fabrication et défaut de matière.
La garantie est donnée par
l'intermédiaire du Distributeur Affilié
B & O qui a vendu l'appareil.
La Garantie n'est pas uniquement
valable dans le pays où vous avez
acheté l'appareil.
Vous pouvez, dans un autre pays,
vous adresser au Distributeur Affilié
Bang & Olufsen le plus proche de
votre domicile, ou chez l' Agent
importateur Bang & Olufsen. Les
noms et adresses de ces agents
sont indiqués page suivante.Ces
agents importateurs vous communi-
querons la liste des Distributeurs
Affiliés Bang & Olufsen chargés
d'assumer la garantie internationale.
Pour pouvoir bénéficier de la garantie
internationale, il est nécessaire de
présenter te Bon de Garantie sur
lequel le Distributeur Affilié B & O,
ayant effectué la vente, aura indiqué
la date de la vente, le type de
l'appareil, le numéro de fabrication
ainsi que son cachet commercial et
sa signature.
Les droits que vous avez acquis par
ce certificat de garantie
internationale sont exigibles lors
d'une intervention à l'étranger où il
peut exister d'autres accords de
garantie qui sont propres au pays.
La garantie internationale donne droit
à une maintenance gratuite
comprenant la main d’æuvre ainsi
que le remplacement des pièces
Bang & Olufsen
International Consumer Division
International Guarantee
This Bang & Olufsen product carries
a guarantee against defects in
workmanship and materials.
The guarantee is as a general rule
extended to you through the
authorized dealer who sold the set to
The guarantee is valid not merely in
the country in which you purchased
the set.While in another country you
may apply to the nearest authorized
Bang & Olufsen dealer, or to the
nearest Bang & Olufsen sole
distributor on the list of addresses
overleaf. All you have todo is to
produce an original signed guarantee
The guarantee is described in detail
in the original Bang & Olufsen
guarantee certificate, which you are
entitled to have issued to you when
you purchase the set and which must
be filled in correctly: date of
purchase, type and production
number of the set, and the dealer's
stamp and signature.
Your rights under this guarantee
certificate also apply in countries
whose national guarantee provisions
may differ from those applying in the
country where you purchased your
The international guarantee entitles
you to technical service free of charge
and covers both services rendered
and defective parts.
Bang & Olufsen
international Consumer Division
Bang & Olulsen
Internationale Garantie
Für dieses Erzeugnis leistet Bang &
Olufsen eine Garantie bei Fertigungs-
und Materialfehlern.
Die Garantie wird normalerweise
durch den Vertragshandler geleistet,
der Ihnen das Gerät verkauft hat.
Die Garantie gilt nicht nur in dem
Land, in dem Sie das Gerät gekauft
haben. In einem anderen Land
können Sie sich an den nächsten
Bang & Olufsen-Vertragshändier oder
den nächsten Bang &
wenden, der in der Adressenliste auf
der folgenden Seite genannt ist. Sie
brauchen nur eine originale,
unterzeichnete Bang & Olufsen
Garantieurkunde vorzulegen.
Die Garantie ist in der Bang &
beschrieben, auf die Sie beim Kauf
des Gerates Anspruch haben. Diese
muss korrekt ausgefüllt sein mit:
Verkaufsdatum, Gerätetyp und
Fabrikationsnummer, sowie Stempel
und Unterschrift des Händlers.
Die Rechte, die Ihnen aus dieser
Garantieurkunde zustehen, gelten
uneingeschränkt auch in dem Land,
in dem es abweichende nationale
Garantiebestimmungen geben sollte.
Die internationale Garantie gibt Ihnen
das Recht auf kostenlosen
technischen Service, Sie umfasst
sowohl ausgeführte Arbeiten als auch
schadhafte Teile.
Bang & Olufsen
International Consumer Division
Bang & Olufsen
_A. Weiner Ges.m.b.H.
1140 Wien
Cumberiandstrasse 16
Phone: (0222)827491
N.V. Bang & Olufsen S.A.
15 Rue Liedts
1030 Brussels
Phone: 02/163680 - 163705
Musimart of Canada Limited
970 McEachran Ave.
Montreal 154, P.Q.
Bang 4 Olufsen a/s
7600 Struer
Phone:07 /851122
OY Bang á Olufsen AB
Kuortanegatan 1
SF - 005 10 Helsingfors 51
97-99 Rue Damrémont
75 Paris 18e
Beo Hifi-Gerate
Vertriebsges.m.b.H. á Co.
2000 Hamburg 1
Wandalenweg 10
Bang & Olufsen Nederland B.V.i.0.
P.O.Box 36
The Radio People Ltd.
25, Chatham Road
Phone:663241 -2
Bang & Olufsen
United Kingdom Limited
Gloucester GL4 7DE
Phone:0452/ 21591
Royal! Electronics Limited
48 Hanamal Street
Furman S.p.A.
Via Ferri 6
20092 Clnisello B
N.V.Bang & Olufsen S.A.
15 rue Liedts
1030 Brussels
Phone:02/163680 - 163705
Bang & Olufsen A/S
Bragernagen 35
3000 Drammen
Phone:02 / 836485-86-8 7
Teltron (Pty) Ltd.
17 Faraday Street
Village Main
P.O.Box 264
Bang & Olufsen Svenska AB
Grevgatan 58
11458 Stockholm
Phone:08/631 260
Bang & Olufsen
Kanalstrasse 27
8152 Glattbrugg
Phone (01)8100266
Bang & Olufsen
United Kingdom Limited
Eastbrook Road
Gloucester GL4 7DE
Bang & Olufsen of America, Inc.
2271 Devon Avenue |
Elk Groove Village |
IN. 60007
Phone: (312) 595 - 1320
If you want information about
other addresses than the ones
listed here you are welcome to
write to
Bang á Olufsen a/s
International Consumer Division
7600 Struer
Special Records
17 em, 33 1/3 r.p.m. These
records require somewhat diffe-
rent operation. Set the selector
to 30. Then lift the pickup
arm by hand and move it in
above the starting groove on
the record. Start the motor by
pressing the LIFT button. The
pickup will now automatically
lower on ta the record. When
the record has finished, the
pickup will automatically rise
and travel out to its position of
rest, and the motor will stop.
Records with Large Centre
When you want to play records
with large center holes, fit
the adapter which is provided.
If you wish to make a pause,
brief or long, while playing a
record, just press the LIFT
button. The pickup will rise
without travelling out, and the
motor will stop.
When you press the LIFT but-
ton again, the motor will start
again and the pickup will lower
into the same groove.
Stop before End of Record
Press the LIFT button. The pick-
up will rise, and the motor stops.
You may now move the pickup
arm out manually, and your
Beogram 2000 is ready to start
from the beginning of the same
record, or you may put on
another record.
Incorrect Operation
Your Beogram 2000 will not
suffer damage even if you inad-
vertently operate the controls
while the automatic control
system is operating. This may
cause the motor to stop, but it
will function normally again
when you start again "from
scratch’. Do not obstruct
the movements of the pickup
arm while it is under automatic
control. When the stylus has
been lowered to the record, or
when the arm is raised, the pick-
up arm can be moved with the
finger grip without risk, inside
the range in which the arm is
normally moved automatically.
Dust Removal
Always dust your records before
use with one of the antistatic
aids which are commercially
The diamond may be cleaned
of dust if care is taken, using a
soft brush etc.
Replacing the Stylus Assembly
If the stylus assembly has suf-
fered damage and requires re-
placement, the pickup cartridge
should be unplugged from the
arm. Hold the pickup arm firm-
ly while pulling so as to avoid
damaging the arm bearings.
Loosen the screw on the under
side of the cartridge; the com-
plete stylus assembly can now
be taken off and replaced with
a new one (type 8905429).
When mounting the new stylus
assembly take care to press it
home before tightening the
еп als
! 6 | Y rasos LAs вед АЦ QU вы
% | O fam dit Wig, aw
“5 — a
oP 12 4
Your Beogram 2000 is only
guaranteed to deliver optimum
performance and meet its spe-
cifications if genuine B&O
stylus assembly is used. There-
fore beware of imitations; use
only original B&O stylus as-
semblies for replacement.
Genuine B&O stylus assemblies
are only delivered in closed
packings as shown on this
Elliptical Diamond
As supplied to you, your BEO-
GRAM 2000 is equipped with
an SP 10 A pickup, type
8905425, which uses a 15-
micron spherical naked dia-
A separately available accessory
Is the SP 12 A pickup, type
8905427, which features the
same high-compliance stylus
suspension and stylus pressure
as the SP 10 À but uses a 5 x 17
micron elliptic naked diarnond.
The SP 12 A will give you mini-
mum distortion in the treble
range and accurate tracking of
even the most exacting re-
The replacement assembly for
the SP 12 A carries the desig-
nation 8305430.
Checking the Stylus Pressure
After replacement of the pick-
up cartridge or stylus assembly
it is advisable to check the
stylus pressure and, if necessary,
readjust the counterwelght as
described on page 2.
Be careful with the stylus! Put
the stylus quard on before wip-
ing the metal surfaces of your
Beogram 2000.
The external surfaces of your
Beogram 2000 can as a rule be
kept clean with a dry cloth.
Any grease spots on metal sur-
faces can be removed with a
soft cloth moistened in a cold
or lukewarm solution of deter-
gent in water, followed by
thorough drying with a dry
Dust Cover
Repeated wiping with a dry
cloth will eventually cause the
dust cover to accumulate a sta-
tic charge. Therefore occasional-
ly use detergent for wiping. Use
of alcohol is inadvisable as this
may dissolve the material.
Teak and Rosewood
If the cabinet surfaces seem
grey and dry you may apply a
thin film of teak or rosewood
oil but not more than once or
twice a year. Use a thin grade
of oil, especially for rosewood.
Blond Oak Cabinet
To remove dark spots, use ace-
tone. Do not use oil under any
circumstances - even non-oti
detergent or wax can cause
discoloration of the surface. If
mare extensive treatment or
repairs are required you should
leave this to your dealer,
Type No. 5240-5244
Sound system Stereo, matrix
Output 2x 1 mV
Speeds 33 - 45 rpm
Tonaarm Radial
Pickup cartridge SP 10 À
Automatic pickup movement Yes
Automatic speed selection Yes
Wow and flutter, DIN <+0,12%
Wow and flutter, WRMS <t 0,06%
Rumble DIN unweighted > 37 dB
Rumble DIN weighted > 60 de
Speed deviation <0,1%
Speed control range 26%
Dial for speed Stroboscope 285 mm
Stylus pressure range О - 3,5 gram
Tangential tracking error 0,126” /cm
Lift system Mechanical
Antiskating Inclined channelling inside bearing
Motor Asynchronous
Drive system Idler whee! and belt
Turntable 30cm 1.4 kg
Dust cover Hinged and detachable
Power supply 220 (110) volts
Frequency 50 Hz
Power consumption 10 watts
Dimensions W x H x D 44 х 12 х 33 ст
Weight 7.5 kg
Pickup SP 10 À
Stylus Spherical naked diamond
Radius of curvature 15 pm
Frequency range
20 - 25.000 Hz + 3 dB
50 - 16.000 Hz + 2 dB
Channel separation 1000 Hz > 25 dB
400 - 10.000 Hz > 20 d8
Channel difference <2dB
Intermodulation <1%
Recommended stylus pressure 2 gram
Compliance 25 x 10° cm/dyn
Effective tip mass 0.8 mg
Output mV/cm/sec.
Subject to change without notice
1 mV/47 k ohms
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