The taste of quality worldwide
Fresh filter coffee, professionally brewed with the quick
■ Mondo
filter machines of Bravilor Bonamat! The range includes
Quick filter machines of Bravilor Bonamat can be found
various machines and allows for quickly and simply
everywhere. Because of its convenience, its high quality and its
making delicious coffee at any location, with or without
modern design, this line of products can be used in any location
connection to the water mains. High-quality stainless
where nice, fresh filter coffee is needed. As the Mondo can be
steel combined with black accents give the machine
manually filled with water, it can be placed anywhere. The two
a modern look.
self-regulating hot plates that keep the coffee at the perfect
temperature, even when the container is not filled to the maximum,
Quick filter: delicious, fresh filter coffee
maintain the optimum coffee quality. The water indicator shows if
• Operation with LED-lighting
the machine has been filled. The
• Various models with or without connection
to the water mains
• Coffee-is-ready signal
• Descale signal
• Stainless steel filter pan
• Self-regulating hot plates keep the coffee
Mondo Twin doubles the capacity
and can make large quantities of
coffee thanks to its double brewing
system. The filling opening of the
Mondo is on the front side
of the machine. Convenient
and ergonomic!
at the right temperature
Self-regulating hot plates that
can be placed separately from
the quick filter machine. The hot
plates of the HP can be switched
on or off individually.
■ Matic
■ TH
Through the connection to the water mains the Matic is
The TH makes coffee directly in an airpot Furento or vacuum
automatically filled with water. The accurate water measurement
container Advanta. This allows you to serve fresh filter coffee in
guarantees the quality of the coffee. Of course, you can also
any location. The Bravilor Bonamat airpot Furento and the
make half a decanter of coffee. Through the operation with
vacuum container Advanta maintain the optimum quality of the
LED-lighting you can choose from a number of pre-programmed
coffee for a long time. The TH has an opening for manual water
quantities. Signals indicate when the coffee is ready and when the
filling and the THa can easily be connected to the water mains.
machine needs descaling. The machines are really user-friendly
This makes this series suitable for any location. The materials
because of the stainless steel filter pan and the integrated hot
used provide the quality you may expect from Bravilor Bonamat.
plates. Operation and maintenance
The quick filter machine equipment vouches
take little time, which leaves you
a long life span with low maintenance.
more time for other activities. The
Matic Twin has two brewing systems
and offers space for four decanters.
The Mondo and Matic are also
The useful placeable airpot
available in special models,
station has room for two airpots,
for instance for use on board
accessories and ingredients.
of ships.
Ideal for a functional presentation.
The taste of quality worldwide
Holding capacity
Throughput per hour 230V
Mondo Twin
Matic Twin
2 decanters (24 cups)
4 decanters (48 cups)
2 decanters (24 cups)
4 decanters (48 cups)
approx. 18 litres (144 cups)
approx. 28 litres (224 cups)
approx. 15 litres (120 cups)
approx. 24 litres (192 cups)
Throughput per hour 400V
approx. 36 litres (288 cups)
approx. 30 litres (240 cups)
approx. 5 minutes /
1 decanter
approx. 6 minutes /
2 decanters
approx. 6 minutes /
1 decanter
approx. 7 minutes /
2 decanters
approx. 5 minutes /
2 decanters
approx. 6 minutes /
2 decanters
Rated power 230V~ 50/60Hz
Rated power 400V~ 50/60Hz
195x406x446 mm
404x406x446 mm
195x406x446 mm
404x406x446 mm
Brewing time 230V
Brewing time 400V
Dimensions (wxdxh)
1 cup = 0.125 litres, 1 decanter = 1.7 litres
Holding capacity
2,2 litres
2,2 litres
Throughput per hour
approx. 19 litres (152 cups)
approx. 18 litres (144 cups)
Brewing time
approx. 7 minutes / 2,2 litres approx. 8 minutes / 2,2 litres
Rated power 230V~ 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (wxdxh)
235x406x545 mm
235x406x545 mm
1 litre = 8 cups
Options Mondo, Matic & TH-series
Additional options for the TH-series
• Stainless steel filter pan for making tea
• Airpot Furento or vacuum container Advanta
• HP: self-regulating hot plates
• Flexibly placeable airpot station for two airpots
• Special models for marine use available
plus accessories and ingredients
• Airpot drip tray: keeps the working place clean
• The WHK cup heater heats cups or mugs
• Water filter for optimum water quality for Matic
and THa models
We recommend:
• Bravilor Bonamat filter paper
• Renegite for descaling
Your Bravilor Bonamat dealer
The taste of quality worldwide
Alterations reserved 904.010.004
• Cleaner for cleaning
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