Troubleshooting Promethean Interactive Boards

Troubleshooting Promethean Interactive Boards
Troubleshooting Promethean
Interactive Boards
ACE, STS Altiris
Executive VP\General Manager
Connecting Point Computer Center
303 South Third Street
Bismarck, ND 58504
p 701.258.6689 f 701.258.0768
• This information is intended for IT staff or
Promethean certified installers. If you are a
classroom teacher you are welcome to use this
guide, however be advised that you need to
contact your school IT staff or IT support
company before making any changes to your
operating system unless you have experience or
are comfortable doing so.
• 3 year parts only warranty – If the Promethean
system was not installed by certified Promethean
Installer, you have a three year parts only warranty.
• 5 year parts only warranty – If the Promethean
system was installed by a certified promethean
installer, you have a five year parts only warranty.
• 30 day workmanship warranty – Connecting
Point Computer Center has a thirty day
workmanship warranty. If your board was installed
during the summer, this 30 day workmanship
warranty becomes effective on the first day of
USB Connectivity Issues
Pen Not Functioning
Try to Calibrate Pen
• Put pen near flame in corner of the board to go
into calibration mode
• Right click on icon in system tray and select
USB Connectivity Issues
Pen Not Functioning
• Red X means not connected to the board
• Fireboy means you are connected and ready to
use the board
• KISS – Keep it simple, do you have power and is
the USB cable plugged in?
• Verify Connection Type – USB?
Update Drivers
• Make sure drivers are up to date
• Current Driver is at
• Current Promethean Driver is 5.4.6
Update Software
• Make sure Activinspire is up to date
• Current version of Activinspire is at
• Current Activinspire is 1.3.15321
PC System Tray or Mac Control Panel
Check to Make You can See the Board – Pen Mode
Power Cycle Board and PC
• Unplug USB from PC, reboot PC
• Power cycle the board:
▫ To power cycle AB178 Board or standard 78” and 87”
boards (all grey board) unplug power adapter and then plug
the power adapter into the wall.
 The board should reboot and you will hear 3 tones and see the
flame change color
▫ To power cycle newer 300 series board (board with dark
colored speakers on the side) simply unplug the USB cable
as the board is powered via USB.
 The board should reboot and you will hear 3 tones and see the
flame change color
• After PC reboots and user is logged in then plug in USB
cable from the board
Check Device Manager
• Look for splat – if splat then fix driver or reload
• Make sure you have a human interface device
Swap Cables
• Get rid of all USB Extension Cables
▫ As of March 12, 2010, Promethean 300 series
board only support USB Superboosters for
extension cables.
▫ Cables to Go – silver USB extension cables are no
longer supported
• Plug in a new Promethean USB cable
Swap Computers
• Take the existing PC and temporarily swap it
with a PC that is working with the board in a
different room
Can you Isolate Issue to Board?
• Replace Power supply to board on AB178,
Standard 78” and Standard 87” boards
• Replace board electronics – swap from a new
board or contact Promethean
Quick reference – DO NOT SKIP
• Verify connection type (USB)
• Check all connections
• Check that driver and software is installed
and up to date
• Verify whether the driver sees the board
• Cycle power to board
• Cycle USB connection
• Check Device manager, update if necessary
• Swap cabling, ensuring direct connection
• Test against known good computer
• Swap electronics
Changing your Activinspire Studio
to Activinspire Primary
Basic Steps
Start Activinspire.
The Dashboard will appear automatically.
Click on Configure.
Click on the check box stating “Launch next time
using Primary look and feel.”
• Close and restart Activinspire and it will look
like Primary.
• To go back to Studio, follow steps 1-4 but in step
4 you would uncheck “Launch next time using
Primary look and feel.”
Spiking of Pen
Irratic Pen Behavior
Basic Steps – Do Not Skip
Update Driver
Update Software
Power Cycle Board
Get rid of USB extensions
Can you Isolate Issue to Room?
• Turn of lights in room
• Unplug all devices in room except PC, Projector
and the board
Can you Isolate Issue to Board?
• Replace Power supply to board on AB178,
Standard 78” and Standard 87” boards
• Replace board electronics – swap from a new
board or contact Promethean
Current Drivers and Stuff
Current as of 4/8/2010
• ActivInspire Software Latest version is V1.3
• ActivStudio/ Primary Software: Windows: V3.7.19
▫ Snow Leopard Supported
▫ Mac V3.6.117
• Board Firmware
Promethean 78” AC2 boards (grey – no speakers) V3.76
Promethean 87” AC2 boards (grey – no speakers) V3.77
Prometehan 78” AC2 boards (With Dual Pen Feature) V3.98
Promethean 78” 300 Pro series (black w/ speakers)V 8.04b
• ActivDriver
▫ Activ Driver V5.4.6 (Mac/PC)
▫ Previous version: V5.1.27 Stable (Mac/PC)
▫ Windows 7 supported
• ActivExpressions
Projector Care
Projector Bulb Care
• Heat and vibrations are the enemy of any projector
bulb. If this projector has a filter, check to see if it is
plugged. Also, if you turn it to an energy/bulb
saving mode, it will be a bit dimmer, but should give
you a longer bulb life
• Is the image steady when it is projected, or does it
jump a bit? A few of our classrooms have a large air
handler above it on the roof, and you can see it in
the projected image, as a small vibration in the
• Vibrations during operation shorten bulb life.
Three Suggestions Increase Bulb Life
• Use the lowest brightness setting possible, set the projector to long bulb life instead of high
• Check/clean the filter often. Check once a week initially, and increase time between checks
until it gets to the point you see dust on the filter, then clean at that interval. Don't wait
until it is fully caked over.
• Turning the projector on/off repeatedly throughout the day is usually harder on the bulb
than leaving it on. If the projector will be unused for 30 minutes or more, turn it off. If less
than 30 minutes, leave it on. You try heating from 80 degrees to 2000 degrees several
times a day and see how you feel :)
Many people ask why #3 is important. Most projectors have a voltage ramp that starts the
bulb up and increases it to full brightness. That voltage ramp is calibrated for room
temperature, and doesn't change. So if you start a bulb up hot, the voltage ramp acts as if the
bulb is cold and hits the bulb with the wrong voltages at the wrong times, shortening the life.
Some sources say to wait at least an hour before restriking a bulb, but that usually isn't
feasible. Most projector lamps take at least 15 minutes to reach stable operating temperature,
and at least 15 minutes after power-down to reach stable storage temperature, regardless of
the fan cycle on the projector. So the most vulnerable time for the bulb is 15 minutes after
power-up and 15 minutes after power-down.
Promethean 300+ Series
Audio Issues
Basic Connections
• If you have the driver installed, you should
simply need to connect the USB cable from the
board to the computer, and reboot. Upon restarting,
the computer should then recognize the Promethean
USB Audio device, and the sound will play through
your ActivBoard speakers instead of your computer.
• If you are not receiving any sound at this point, you
may need to configure your operating system‟s
settings to output the audio from your ActivBoard
300 Pro (or ActivBoard 300 with audio upgrade)
speakers. To do this, follow the instructions:
• Click on „Apple‟ -> System
Preferences -> Sound:
• In the „Sound‟ window, click on
the „Output‟ tab, and ensure
„Promethean USB Audio is
• Close the „Sounds‟ window.
• Your sound output should now
be from your ActivBoard
• Click on Start -> Control Panel ->
Sounds, Speech and Audio Devices ->
Sounds and Audio Devices: (For Vista,
click on Start -> Control Panel ->
Hardware and Sound -> Sound)
• In the „Audio‟ tab, ensure the „Sound
Playback‟ device is set to Promethean
USB Audio, and click on „Ok‟: This
ensures that any sound played on your
computer will be outputted via the
speakers on your ActivBoard.
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