Promethean Manual
Welcome to the Promethean
ActivLearning Training Series
Core Essentials
In the Core Essentials workshop, you will be introduced to the Promethean
ActivClassroom. You will discover how to use ActivInspire to create an
atmosphere of inspiration and learning. You will be introduced to the toolboxes
included in ActivInspire and learn how to use several of the basic tools within
these toolboxes. You will be able to create, save, and print a flipchart. Finally,
you will realize how to gain access to the thousands of resources found on
Promethean Planet, the world's largest online teacher community.
Learning objectives
Participants will be able to:
Connect and calibrate the ActivBoard
Navigate the Dashboard to easily access various ActivInspire functions
Create engaging, interactive lessons using ActivInspire's tools and resources
Use the Camera Tool to create nonlinguistic visuals to represent student understanding
Navigate the Resource Library to incorporate resources in flipcharts
Use shared sounds and the sound recorder tool in creating flipcharts to capture students’ attention
Navigate and manipulate flipchart pages through the software easily using the Page Browser
Use Page Notes as a way to share lessons with others effectively
Learn various ways to stimulate student interest using tools found within ActivInspire such as Focus Tools
Use Desktop Annotation to interact with other Windows applications and files
Incorporate digital media as a means to bring subject matter alive and create virtual experiences for students
Make use of Connector Tool to help students see relationships in visual form
Utilize the Object Browser to manipulate objects in a flipchart
Import from existing digital resources such as PowerPoint™, PDF, SMART and other supported files
Activate, determine settings, and apply the Ruler, Protractor, Compass, Calculator and Dice Tools to lessons
Table of contents
ActivClassroom 6
Foundational Tools 20
Resource Browser 47
Page Browser 70
Notes Browser 73
Presentation Tools 76
Math Tools 91
Dice 92
Calculator 94
Ruler 96
Protractor 99
Compass 102
XY Origin 105
Desktop Annotation 106
Object Browser 115
More Presentation Tools 118
Index 126
ActivLearning Training Series 5
Welcome to the Promethean ActivClassroom
You are about to begin an exciting learning experience. The Activl earning series has been designed to support you
as you learn how to use Activlnspire as a dynamic lesson-building tool.
In Core Essentials, you will learn to develop lessons using the main features of the ActivInspire software. You will
discover ways to use ActivInspire with the abundant resources available through Promethean Planet.
In the Beyond the Essentials workshop, you will discover how to enhance the use of other software you may be using
in your classroom and incorporate your existing digital media.
Advanced Techniques will expand your skills to include more advanced features that offer additional opportunities
for interaction with your students.
What is an ActivClassroom?
The ActivClassroom helps achieve student focus and motivation by creating a collaborative classroom environment in which
teachers have the opportunity to produce and deliver truly interactive teaching materials for their students.
Promethean’s ActivClassroom can consist of:
Intelligent tools to engage students and help to keep them on task
Interactive whiteboards that bring images and sounds front and center to change the way students see education
Student Response Systems to provide a means to communicate with students and provide teachers with assessment data
Audio tools to ensure that every student will be able to hear the teacher clearly
Promethean Planet to connect teachers to an online community where they can share insights, knowledge and lessons
ActivInspire software to build lessons to inspire learning
This manual is designed as a reference for you as you work with ActivInspire Software.
ActivInspire software has been developed by listening to the needs of the teachers and learners who use our software. ActivInspire
allows teachers to create lessons that come to life in full-color video, sound and graphics.
ActivLearning Training Series 7
What are the benefits?
e Tailors lessons to suit the learning needs of individual students
e Supports a broad range of learning styles
e Brings the subject matter alive with interaction
e Helps students visualize key concepts with imagery
e Encourages students to construct meaning through play and experimentation
e ActivClassrooms make learning fun!
Flipchart' is the name given to an Activinspire lesson. Like a traditional paper-based flipchart, an ActivInspire
flipchart can contain as many pages as you wish to create. However, unlike a traditional flipchart, your
ActivInspire flipcharts can contain much more than just notes and images.
You can incorporate a number of different media forms into your flipcharts including sound files, videos,
animations, interactive activities and web-links. Additionally, the extensive Resource Library is full of items
for you to use if you don't have the time to source your own. You may easily save, print and even share your
flipchart with other teachers. The only real limitation is your imagination!
Visit Promethean Planet, our teacher community (, where you will find a
multitude of free downloadable and editable flipcharts created by teachers just like you.
You can even make your flipcharts available for other teachers to use by uploading them to Promethean Planet.
8 ActivLearning Training Series
The Hardware —
Your ActivBoard is constructed of extremely durable, Formica-like material, engineered to withstand
day-to-day use within any classroom. ActivBoards are designed for student interaction!
Maintenance Tips
e Do not use abrasive powders, soaps, detergents or petroleum-based cleaners or solvents.
e Scratches cannot be repaired or removed and will make ink and stain removal in that
area difficult.
e Dueto the high quality of the projection surface, it is not recommended that anything but the
ActivPen be used on the ActivBoard.
o If the surface needs cleaning after the accidental use of dry erase or permanent markers, we
recommend using dry erase marker board cleaner sparingly.
ActivLearning Training Series
An ActivPen is a self-powered, battery free, wireless device that communicates with your computer through an
ActivBoard. The ActivPen acts as a mouse; it performs the same left and right-click functions and enables you
to control the cursor in the same way. The ActivPen is just like a mouse.
Moving the cursor
Hold the pen nib lightly on the board; don't push in the pen nib. Move the pen around. The cursor will follow
your pen.
Tap the pen nib firmly but quickly on the ActivBoard.
Hover the pen nib over the ActivBoard; be sure not to push in the pen nib. Press the button on the side of the
pen. The right-click options will appear.
Click and drag
Press and hold the pen nib down on the board over the object you want to move, and then move the pen. The
object you have chosen will move with the pen.
= Two firm but quick taps against the board with the ActivPen's nib performs the same action as a double-click
with a mouse.
10 ActivLearning Training Series
The ActivPens “tune” themselves to the board and are not designed to operate alternately. The pen has a
removable tip, called a nib. This nib can become worn with use and may be replaced by removing the worn tip
and inserting the replacement nib.
Calibrating the ActivBoard is a simple and quick procedure that can be performed at any time.
Method 1
e Hover your ActivPen over the Promethean icon at the top, left corner of your ActivBoard until you
hear an audible beep.
You will be prompted to "Click on surface to begin’.
Precisely click the center of each of the five calibration crosses as they appear on the board.
Method 2
е Right-click on the ActivManager PA) icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.
e Select Calibrate.
e Once the calibration program starts, move to the board and follow the on-screen instructions.
ActivLearning Training Series 11
After calibrating, check that the tip of your ActivPen lines up with the cursor on the ActivBoard.
Note: Should you have difficulty calibrating your board, reset the board by unplugging or turning it off for thirty seconds.
Then turn it on and try calibrating again.
If your ActivBoard and projector are mounted, you will only need to recalibrate after any adjustment affecting
— the projected image is made, or if a different computer is used. In a non-permanent setup, should the projector
or the ActivBoard be moved, you will have to recalibrate.
Getting Started with ActivInspire
Launching ActivInspire
To launch Activinspire, double-click the icon on your Desktop/Dock or find ActivInspire in the
Start Menu/Applications folder.
When you open Activinspire, the ActivInspire window opens behind the Dashboard. What this window looks
like depends on several things:
— e Your preferences at startup
e Whether you are using Activlnspire Professional or Personal
Note: The directions and images included in this series are based on the Professional Edition of ActivInspire Studio.
12 ActivLearning Training Series
When you launch Activinspire, a blank flipchart opens ready for your input. You will also see the
Dashboard displayed to the front of the workspace.
The Dashboard helps you to make the most of Activinspire and your ActivBoard. It offers a range of
actions which can be performed by clicking on the option.
The Dashboard will remain open until you close it. To close the Dashboard, click on Close in the bottom
right of the Dashboard, or the close box (X) in the upper right corner.
@ Activinspire Dashboard
A E YA ства ainon flochet
[| Annotate over the Desktop
a Promethean Planet
[Y] show the dashboard window on startup
ActivLearning Training Series 13
The ActivInspire Dashboard has six options on the left side and subheadings for each option are accessed on
the right side.
Flipcharts Quick links for working with flipcharts
Annotate over Desktop Opens a Desktop Flipchart
ExpressPoll Opens the ExpressPoll
Promethean Planet Opens Promethean Planet with one click
Configure Quick links for profiles, device registration, updating software
Training and Support Opens Promethean’s Web Support site
Activinspire incorporates both ActivInspire Studio and ActivInspire Primary into one piece of software. You
can now switch between the two.
To switch between the ActivInspire Studio and Primary interfaces:
Option 1
e Check the box ‘Launch next time using the Primary look and feel”.
Option 2
e Check the box Launch next time using the Studio look and feel”.
The switch becomes effective the next time you start Activinspire.
14 ActivLearning Training Series
Choosing Your ActivInspire Interface
Profiles —
You can adapt ActivInspire to suit your needs. When Activinspire is launched, you are presented with tools
and options based on a profile. There are five default profiles from which you can choose:
e At the Board
e Authoring
=| At The Board
o Languages =! Authoring
e Mathematics a
e Media
[| Languages
ще"! Media
The Profile used in the ActivLearning Series is the Authoring Profile. This profile offers the authoring tools
you will need for quick lesson development.
Profiles may be changed to fit your needs. As you use ActivInspire, it will make note and the next time you
open it, it will look and act the way you left it.
ActivLearning Training Series 15
To change between profiles:
e In the Main Toolbox, click ‘Switch Profile”.
e Choose the desired profile from the Popup Menu.
e The chosen profile is immediately active.
To make changes to a profile:
e From the Edit Menu, select Profiles”.
e The Edit Profiles Dialog Box will be displayed.
e Each category of the active profile can be
accessed by clicking on the desired tab at the
top of the Edit Profiles Dialog Box.
e Choose the desired category tab to be
presented with the available options.
Layout — Position, visibility and behavior of Main
Toolbox, menus, flipchart trashcan/bin, flipchart
workspace and document tabs.
Commands — Add and remove tools and
YZ Edit Profiles
1 Ene | | WW. x ©
E toros | SE coment | LA] user dobutons | LO, setos |
Icon size 24 — —
Main toolbox [Dock right Y l16Cobrs v| [X] Prned []Roledup []Roledin
| чаво [ockeft feos +) Рая
Browsers [Dockkft — [Y] Pinned [Y] visible
[Y] show fipchart trashcan
[] show fullscreen
User defined buttons — Create shortcuts to files or programs.
Settings — Customize the preferences for tools, multimedia, Learner Response Systems and other general
application preferences.
Note: Later in the course, you will learn to create different profiles for different circumstances and save your preferences in as many
profiles as you wish.
16 ActivLearning Training Series
Pin View Options
As you work with ActivInspire, you can alter how the flipchart workspace
is displayed.
The View Menu allows several options. Based on your preference, you
can choose to hide or view the Browser, Menubar, Document Tabs, ce
Flipchart Trashcan/Bin and Dashboard. X, Fulscreen i
Fipcharts р
The View Menu is available through the Main Menu on the Main ST a
Toolbox, or from the Menubar. aml pe =
Note: You can work with several flipcharts at the same time. Each flipchart will open Page Zoom
within its own tab in the ActivInspire window. Move between flipcharts by clicking Browsers
on the tab across the top of the flipchart window. Menubar
Document tabs
Sound Contraller
M Customize
@ Activinspire - Studio
File Edit View Insert Tools Help | Untitled“ ® Multipication Facts (8)
| =
The Browser and/or Main Toolbox can be pinned into place or automatically hidden when not being used.
Click the Pin toolbox icon on the top right of the Browser or Main Toolbox to pin or unpin.
When pinned, the Browser and Main Toolbox will remain visible and the Pin icon will be highlighted yellow. -
ActivLearning Training Series 17
When unpinned, they will remain hidden to the side of the page until the ActivPen is moved to the edge of the
flipchart where the Browsers or Main Toolbox are hidden. The Browsers or Main Toolbox will appear on the
page and can be used normally until the pen is moved away to another place on the board.
«Ей Ce
Building | à
Just Got.
Note: The Browser may be closed by clicking the close box in the top left corner, Dock left
To view the Browser, choose View>Browsers.
Dock right
Dock top
Click the Toolbox Options Menu on the Main Toolbox to choose how it displays.
Dock bottom
From the Popup Menu choose to place the toolbox at the top or bottom of your
flipchart workspace or to display it as a floating tool palette.
Options to roll up the floating toolbox or to roll in and out the Quick Access
Toolbar are also available.
15 ActivLearning Training Series
Page Scale Options o
The Page Scale Menu allows you to scale your flipchart within the window. Click on the down arrow and
choose from the drop-down list.
Clicking the Fullscreen tool will cause the flipchart window to display over the entire screen, preventing
access to the operating system's menus. The Fullscreen tool is a toggle, so clicking it again will exit the | _
fullscreen mode.
| Note: Fullscreen can be accessed through the
El E Page 1 of 1 | Best Fit y View Menu 5 a _
Best Fit
Fit to Width
Fit to Height
250%, Fullscreen
F5 will toggle the Fullscreen view.
ActivLearning Training Series 19
Foundational Tools
Using the Pen Tool
You can use the Pen tool to write on your flipchart page as you would with a regular pen.
— To activate the Pen tool:
— e Click on the pen icon in the Main Toolbox. When the tool is active, its background will be highlighted.
— ЕН ОНННЦЙ = e Choose the color of your pen by clicking on your choice in the color palette.
e Change the width of your pen by clicking on one of the standard preset width numbers in the Main
Toolbox or by sliding the pen width slider.
Objects created with the Pen tool are called annotations.
Using the Highlighter Tool
The Highlighter tool works in much the same way as the Pen tool, except the Highlighter places a layer of
translucent color on the flipchart page.
This tool is great for pointing out specific dialog in a story or difficult or interesting words in a current event
selection, or highlighting directions.
20 ActivLearning Training Series
To activate the Highlighter tool:
e Click on the Highlighter icon.
e Select the color and width in the same way as you did with the Pen tool.
Objects created with the Highlighter tool are called annotations.
Note: You can change a profile to display 8, 16 or 24 colors in the color palette. Choose Edit>Profiles>Layout and choose the desired
number of colors from the drop-down menu next to ‘Main Toolbox.
| e Authorng
“| о нюх Sg
—— mee ===
DL] show fullscreen
Icon size 4 —) —
Main toolbox Dockright w! [16 Colors [¥| pinned [] Roledup [7] Roëed in
Dualtocbox | (di 1] es Pinned
Browsers Dock left м 24 Colors Pred [Y] Visible
Menubar (Dock top v [7] visible
Pubs: =
Document tabs [Docktop м [Y] Visible
Show flipchart trashcan
Choose the arrow and choose
number of colors to display.
[Restore Fie Associations |
eee EE = EE
ActivLearning Training Series 21
= Flipchart Structure
As you work with ActivInspire to create your lessons, you will find it helpful to understand how a
flipchart is constructed.
A flipchart is built in four layers. Objects that are placed on a flipchart page will automatically be applied
В to their default layer.
As you know, objects created by the Pen and Highlighter tools are annotations. Annotations always display
over other types of objects on a flipchart page. This is because their default layer is the Top layer.
As you work through the Core Essentials Course, you will learn how to create textboxes, add images,
shapes and other media to your flipchart and apply backgrounds to your pages. The default layer for
=== objects, other than annotations, is the Middle layer.
There is a Bottom layer that is not assigned as the default for any object type, and a Background layer
which is a color (white by default) or can be an image.
22 ActivLearning Training Series
You will learn in the Object Browser section of this manual to easily manipulate objects within their default В a о
layer and to move objects between layers.
The illustration below demonstrates the layers of a flipchart page. It may help you to understand why
annotations will appear over other object types regardless as to where they are located.
Anmotations are ovvthe top layer.
Avrmotaiiony are ow the top layer.
Top Layer 55 = =
Textboxes, Shapes, |
Images and other Middle Layer I
objects default to
the Middle Layer
} mo
Bottom Layer
Background Layer a
We will go in depth about layers later in the Object Browser section of the ActivLearning Series. В _ _
ActivLearning Training Series 25
5. Undo and Redo
These tools can be a teacher s best friend.
The Undo tool reverses the last action performed in ActivInspire on your active flipchart. You may
undo all the way back to your last save. Click the Undo tool as many times as needed to remove items
from your flipchart page.
| The Redo tool reapplies an action that has been undone by the Undo tool. You may click the Redo
too! until there are no further actions to redo.
— Deleting and Manipulating Objects
on a Flipchart Page
Each time you draw with the pen or highlighter, you place an annotation object on the flipchart page. As we
progress through the ActivLearning Series, you will discover how to add other objects such as textboxes,
images and shapes. As you learn to build flipchart lessons, you will find the ability to select and move objects
- around the page will offer opportunities for student interaction.
Select Tool
—— - The tool used to select and move objects is the Select Tool. №
24 ActivLearning Training Series
Eraser tool В О
The Eraser tool deletes any Annotation Object. You can delete the annotation completely, or break it into =
separate objects and keep the remaining parts.
To delete using the Eraser tool:
e Click the Eraser tool to cause it to be the active tool.
е Select the width of the eraser with the slider.
e Click and drag over the annotation to delete all or part of it.
Note: The Eraser tool only deletes annotation objects; it will have no effect on other object types.
Clear tool
To activate the Clear tool:
e (lick on the clear tool.
e Select an object from the Popup Menu.
e All objects from the chosen category will be cleared from the page.
Note: If you want to bring back work that you have cleared, use the Undo tool.
Clear Annotations
7 Clear Objects
Clear Grid
"Clear Background
Clear Page
ActivLearning Training Series 25
_ Select and move objects with the Select tool
To activate the Select tool: h
e Click on the Select tool. The cursor will change to a small arrow head with a cross. E
e Click on the object to be moved and drag it to the desired position.
Note: [f you wish to remove the object from the flipchart page, you can drag it to the Flipchart Trashcan/Bin.
Size objects
Once an object is placed on the flipchart page, it Marquee Handles
== | can be changed, moved, rotated and edited using Ex JE e (AL e]
the Marquee Handles and Sizing Handles. Place Sizing Handle
the Select tool over the desired object and click to
display the Marquee and Sizing Handles.
To size an object:
o Move the Select tool over the object and select with a click. A box appears around the object. The
circles at the corners and in the center of each of the sides are the Sizing Handles.
e Click and drag the Sizing Handles to alter the object s shape and size.
Note: There is a special Sizing Handle that, when used, will resize the object proportionally, without distortion.
Р 5 ECL Prop y
This handle can be identified by the diagonal line.
26 ActivLearning Training Series
To select multiple objects:
e Click and drag across the items to be selected using the Select tool. À box will appear surrounding all the
selected objects along with the Marquee and Sizing Handles.
e Size the objects within the selection by manipulating the Sizing Handles.
Automatic Annotation Grouping a. a
Group/Ungroup Icon
Annotations created in close proximity to one —
, ||" — o
another are automatically grouped together. El = Elle) o del 3 = * tu
To ungroup grouped annotation objects:
e Click the Group icon in the
Marquee Handles.
e Click away from the selection to
deselect the group.
e Move each annotation individually.
Size Object
(Maintain Aspect) — =
Note: You can change the Settings for annotation objects. Automatic grouping of annotations may be disabled by removing the check
from the option in the Flipchart Objects Setting. Select Edit>Profiles>Settings>Flipchart Objects. Remove the check next to ВО
Automatic Annotation Grouping.
ActivLearning Training Series 27
- Manipulate and Edit Objects with the Marquee Handles
The Marquee Handles offer a number of options for manipulating and editing objects. The following are the
default Marquee Handles that display when an object is selected.
e Freely Move Object - Allows an object to be dragged anywhere on the page or into
trashcan/bin, even if its properties have been restricted.
Rotate Object - Rotates the object.
Object Edit Menu - Opens the Object Edit Menu.
Translucency Slider - Increases or decreases the object's translucency.
Toggle Grouped - Group and ungroup selected objects.
Bring Forward/Send Backward - Brings objects forward or sends them backward by
one position within the stack.
Ч | Duplicate - Duplicates the selected object (s).
* y x- Increase/Decrease Object Size - Increases or decreases the size of selected object(s).
28 ActivLearning Training Series
The Object Edit Menu offers the editing options you have become familiar with in other applications such
as cut, copy, paste, and delete. You will also find options for transforming objects and arranging them on the
flipchart page. _
Ii a — —_
> AdionBrowser Flo
Al Comettotext
a Convert to shape — ---—
7 insertänkto fie я ‘ ‘
Ne oak ah
A Copy сис _ _
Ц, Paste CH
Le Duplicate с
X Delete Del —_—
== ; o
| Reorder ›
e locked GbH+Shift4+L —
Hidden CrH-Shéft-H
py Drag a Copy CtrH-Shift+3
[6] 2) (TO I Te
ActivLearning Training Series 29
The locked option, when chosen, will cause the selected object to lock into place to prevent accidental moving
by students as they work with a flipchart lesson.
Once an object is locked, it cannot be moved until it is unlocked or Design Mode is selected.
When activated, Design Mode turns off settings that have been applied to objects on a flipchart page to allow
the objects to be edited.
Click the Design Mode tool at the top right of the flipchart window to access Design Mode. The tool will
switch from blue to red to indicate Design Mode is active.
B® = BEB
В | |
E. В В Design Mode Tool Design Mode Tool
Blue Indicates Design Red Indicates Design
Mode is off Mode is on
Another choice from the Object Edit Menu teachers find helpful is Drag a Copy . This feature, when applied
to an object, allows multiple copies to be created with a simple click and drag.
To set Drag a Copy:
e Select the object(s). The Marquee Handles Toolbar will appear.
e Choose the Object Edit Menu.
e Select Drag a Copy.
e Click and drag the object. Rather than moving, the object will duplicate and a copy will be created.
50 ActivLearning Training Series
Note: It is easy to identify
©) objects that have been set
© to Drag a copy. You have
learned to identify when
the Select tool is positioned
over an object which can
be manipulated because it
changes to include a plus next
to the arrowhead. If Drag a
copy’ is active, the cursor will
change to an icon of a hand
with a plus next to it.
Creating a Flipchart
When ActivInspire is launched, you are presented with a blank flipchart. Each flipchart opens in its own tab.
Multiple flipcharts can be opened simultaneously.
A tab for each open flipchart will be located at the top of the Flipchart Window. New or existing flipcharts can
be opened from the File Menu or the Dashboard.
@ Activinspire - Studio
File Edit View Insert Tools Help | Untitled® ® Multipication Facts ® |
ActivLearning Training Series 31
To open a new flipchart from the Dashboard, choose Flipcharts>Create a new flipchart or
File>New Flipchart.
—]"—————————]]]]— O Activinspire Dashboard Ed
New Finchart CtrHN
New »
Open... aho
Open Recent »
Close Flipchart СЫНА
Save Curs
Save As...
axe BEE
Submit Aipcharts to Promethean Planet
a [Y] show the dashboard window on startup
Print... CtrH-P
32 ActivLearning Training Series
The new flipchart will display in the tab as ‘Untitled’ until it is named and saved.
To save a flipchart:
e Choose ‘Save’ or ‘Save As’ from the File Menu.
e Name and save your flipchart.
Note: Saved flipcharts can be opened using the Open command from the Dashboard or File Menu. Recently used flipcharts will be
displayed on the Dashboard and can be easily accessed from the File Menu by choosing ‘Open Recent’.
Shape Tool =
There are many different types of objects that can be added to a flipchart. The Shape tool will help you to —
create specific shapes. The shape objects created with the Shape tool will be applied to the Middle layer of the
flipchart page.
To create shapes with the Shape tool:
e Click on the Shape tool to select it.
e Choose a shape from the Shapes Menu.
e Choose the outline color of the shape from the color palette on the Main Toolbox.
e Choose the outline width with the Pen Slider or presets. ==
e Choose Fill Options (color fill or no fill) from the color palette within the Shapes Menu. = =
ActivLearning Training Series 35
e Move to the flipchart page; click and drag to draw the shape to the desired size.
Fill Г
ГР FN No Fill
N HEN Option
Outline —) | o N '
— Color — Xx
Outline —> a = Vv ``
— Width 1 W
— n
В п
UA: e
ir a
— e N
= + L
2 |
| =
в — all shape
[=z 4 options
34 ActivLearning Training Series
Editing Shapes _
To edit a shape object, first select it. The Marquee and Sizing Handles will appear. Like other flipchart objects,
shapes can be resized using the Sizing Handles and moved, rotated, and edited with the Marquee Handles.
When a shape is selected, the Marquee Handles will include Edit Shape Points, in addition to the default set of
command icons. This command allows for more complex changes to a shape object.
ActivLearning Training Series 35
To use Edit Shape Points:
e Select the shape.
e Click the Edit Shape Points icon. This will activate the object s shape points which will appear as a series
of squares around the object.
e Click and drag any shape point to alter the shape.
36 ActivLearning Training Series
Working with Text
The Text tool is used to add text to your flipcharts. Textboxes may be created away from the board using
your computer keyboard or while at the board using the On-Screen Keyboard tool.
To add text to your flipchart page while at your computer:
e Select the Text tool. The cursor will change to a small bar with letters next to it to indicate
the Text tool is chosen. Ва
e The Text Edit toolbar will appear across the top of your flipchart. You may choose the font, _
size, color, etc. of your text.
e Click on the flipchart page in the area where you wish to place the text.
e Begin typing.
@ Activinspire - Studio
Fle Edit View Insert Tools Help | Untitled* Ju
Arial » 16 = Т° т” I U TT Rie = = 1 = = Æ 5 | E = Z > Symbols
Tore rr | A On-screen «— +
Tr “+— Cursor changes to indicate Text Tool is active. Keyboard Select All
Clicking on the flipchart page outside the textbox while the Text tool is active will create a new textbox.
Note: It is possible to simply click with the Select tool where you want the text to begin and start typing. The Text tool will be
automatically selected.
ActivLearning Training Series 37
There are a number of specialty symbol fonts available from symbols in the Text Edit toolbar.
To use a specialty symbol:
Click the Symbols icon on the toolbar.
From the drop-down menu, choose the symbols category that meets your need.
From the chosen symbol set, click the symbol you wish to use and it will appear in your textbox.
5 sl
Arrows — |Arrows “|
co Bullets
—_— —— — Greek
a Other
£4] m | LE
© ел ОН
AMAN > 5
2 > ECO
The On-Screen Keyboard tool works like the keyboard on your computer. You can enter text in
a flipchart or in other Windows applications. This is particularly helpful when you need to add
information to a document or enter URL's into a Search Engine while at the board. Using the
on-screen keyboard eliminates the need to run back and forth to your computer.
a The Text Edit toolbar displays the On-Screen Keyboard tool.
58 ActivLearning Training Series
To add text with the on-screen keyboard:
e Click the Keyboard tool icon in the Text Edit toolbar and the on-screen keyboard will
appear, allowing you to type while at the ActivBoard.
e Move your ActivPen over the on-screen keyboard. The cursor will change to a hand with
a pointing finger. _ a
e Tap the keys on the keyboard with the ActivPen to type.
You can choose to display four different types of on-screen keyboards. _
Small Adult Keyboard o
Large Adult Keyboard | —
Small Child Keyboard
Large Child Keyboard
Ley]. Uri Ue bala Eu | [A
To change the keyboard, right-click —
on the on-screen keyboard and
click on the desired choice from the
Popup Menu.
ActivLearning Training Series 39
Took | Heb | untied ® To close the keyboard, click the close box on
| | Desktop Annotate a 7, mx =| = = =t = the Adult Keyboard or the door icon on the
=== = = iy Child's Keyboard.
o E. a —— MR В Note: You can choose to open the keyboard using the
di | SA Tools Menu.
— 8 La Tools Menu>More Tools>On-Screen Keyboard
в ©
| Magic Ink
- —— — == Handwrling Recognition Chr+Shift+H Type herc{@
Shape Recognition
pese — ня Revealer CUHR
a —. |
Mal Camera í
i Maths Tools ›
Mare Tools... » 2 SondRecorder CubSHIR
В = Screen Recorder »
e On-screen Keyboard CtrHKk |
Cock QrH-Shift+U
q Tickertapo... Chrl+ShWt+T
E — a Web Browser
de Spelicheck Ftipchart F7
= Teacher Lock...
a . её Defned ton. a
40 ActivLearning Training Series
Editing text
To edit an existing textbox, use one of the following options:
Option 1
e Select the textbox and from the Marquee Handles, choose Text Edit’.
2 (2) (2) 0) (AS CL de
Option 2
e Select the Text tool and click on the textbox.
e Double-click on the textbox.
Each of these options will open the textbox for editing and display the Text Edit toolbar.
Repositioning Text
You may find that your textbox is not sized as you would like.
To reposition text:
e Select the textbox.
e Use the Sizing Handles to change its size. The text will automatically wrap.
To change the position of the textbox, simply click and drag it to a new location on the page.
ActivLearning Training Series 41
Using the On-Screen Keyboard with other applications
To type in another application using the On-Screen Keyboard:
e Click the Desktop tools icon on the Main toolbox. They will appear in the form of a
Wonderwheel' and the Activinspire Window will minimize.
- o e Click the center of the ‘Wonderwheel to view the available tools.
e Click the On-Screen Keyboard tool.
e Click in the Windows application at the point where you wish to insert text.
e Click the keys on the On-Screen Keyboard. Your text will be entered into
the application.
= e When the Desktop tools are no longer needed, click the Restore ActivInspire icon.
— Note: To move the Desktop tools, click in the center of the Wonderwheel' and drag the tools to the desired location.
_ Restore
On-Screen Ш
i Y
42 ActivLearning Training Series
Spellchecker |
= Property Browser F9
de Action Browser. F10
abe Edt Text
| abe Spelicheck Text | a
You can choose to spell check the entire flipchart or a single textbox.
e a CHK Ш В
a Copy CrrhC
Ц Paste Ctrl+Y
+ | Duplicate Ctrl+D
I Delete Del
| Transform I » _ —_ E. _
Reorder »
T . a Locked CtrH+Shét+L = === = IB
o spell check a single textbox: | ooo ma
e Select the textbox. Wp rien cris!
E Drag a Copy Cal+Shift+3 I В
e Click the Object Edit Menu icon.
e Choose ‘Spellcheck Text from the Popup Menu.
Promethean Planet offirs lots of т ——
(resources. Thousands of flipcharts ©
¿are available for download.
| |
—e В
ActivLearning Training Series 45
e The Spell Checker Dialog Box opens. Possible spelling errors will appear in red. Accept, reject or
ignore spelling suggestions.
e Continue to accept or reject suggestions until the notification that spell check is complete appears.
Spell Checker Ea
Not In Dictionary:
=== ГЕ E. — A EA Ново ЗН
A Planet offirs ==
a essa firs e | Change |
offers e
affalrs Y Change All
Dictionary language:
English (United States) | | Done |
To spell check the entire flipchart from the Tools Menu choose Tools>More Tools>Spellcheck Flipchart.
Note: You can stop the spell check at anytime by clicking ‘Done’ on the Spell Checker Dialog Box.
Sound Recorder Ctrl+Shift+R
Screen Recorder »
| Mora Tools... » 0
| 4
On-screen Keyboard СНК
Clock Ctrh+Shift+U
Tickertape... Ctrl+Shift+T
; | Web Browser
Ne Spokcheck Flipchart F7 |
Teacher Lock...
uy Edit User Defined Buttons...
44 ActivLearning Training Series
Using the Fill Tool to Add Color ~~ —— —
Add interest to your flipchart pages by replacing the white background with any color of your choice!
To use the Fill tool to change the background color:
e (lick on the Fill tool.
e Choose a color from the color palette.
e Click in a blank area of your flipchart page.
The fill too! makes it easy to change the color of a single word in a textbox. This offers another way to highlight
important words when presenting your lessons to your students.
To use the Fill tool to change text color:
e Click on the Fill tool.
e Choose a color from the color palette.
e Click the word you wish to change.
$ Use the Fill Tool to: E >
Change the background color.
You may find hidden Information!!
Change the color of words within a a
textbox. For Instance we could change the ££
color of the nouns In this textbox. ET
flipchart page.
Change the color of |
© objects on a
ActivLearning Training Series 45
You can also use the Fill tool to change the fill color of shape objects or to fill closed shapes drawn with the
pen or highlighter with color.
To use the Fill tool to change the color of objects:
e Click on the Fill tool.
e Choose a color from the color palette.
e Click inside the shape.
In this example, the flipchart page has two sections.
The top section contains two shapes with a portion of them filled in. Students write the decimal which
represents the filled portion of the shape underneath it. They then use the Fill tool to change the top portion
of the page to another color. The correct answer is revealed.
In the bottom section, students use the Fill tool to shade a designated portion of the shape.
rite the decimal shown by the shaded part of cach figure, |
Tool to change the ENTE of this rectangle res answer,
Use the Fill Tool to shade Use the Fill Tool to shade
0.40 of the figure. 0.60 of the figure.
46 ActivLearning Training Series
Resource Browser
ActivInspire contains thousands of ready-made resources to help you build your flipcharts.
To access the Resource Library, from the main toolbar menu, select Views Browsers and click on the Media
The Resource Library window is divided into three sections — Where, What and How.
Understanding these sections will make it simple to locate and include the resources you need to create
your lessons.
ActivLearning Training Series 47
48 ActivLearning Training Series
Where — The location where the file is saved
The icons at the top of the Resource Browser indicate the location for the resources.
pr Shared Resources
2 My Resources
a, | | Other Resource Folder
ri O e Search Tool
This is where you will find
thousands of resources that
are included in your
ActivInspire software.
These are resources that
you personally find or create
and store in the Resource
Library. (This will be explained
later in the ActivLearning
Training Series.)
Use this option to browse for
resources stored on
your computer.
To aid you with finding
resources, ActivInspire has
a search feature.
To search for items using the Resource Library Search Tool:
e Type your key word in the finder box.
e Select the Show Search Options icon. —_ В
e Click on the arrow next to the finder box. a: +:
O Results will be displayed in the bottom of the
Resource Browser window.
a e An additional option is available to search o
| Promethean Planet resources by selecting
the Search Resources on the Promethean
Planet icon.
Note: To activate the Search feature, you must first index your resources, This will take some time. внешн
ActivLearning Training Series 49
Other Resource folder — This feature allows you to browse for resources in your computer folders or anywhere
on your network.
e Click on the browse button to navigate and browse for resources Select a Resource Folder
located in folders on your computer.
a My Meetings =|
A My Music
IC) My PaperPort Documents
e Click on the folder containing the needed resource then click
‘OK’. The folder contents will be displayed in the Resource © и Les La
! Е :
Browser s thumbnail window. ©) My Skype Pictures
(Zd My Skype Wallpapers
(CD My Videos
= ($ My Webs =
== om = и
«| ||
Make New Folder | ok | cael |
What — Resource Browser library contents SE Ln и
В La SER es
in | | 2 el E
Thousands of resources are organized into categories and easily E
| | | | | v - a
accessed to incorporate into your flipcharts. You will find Е
backgrounds, images, sounds, grids and an assortment of other is
resources to make your flipcharts interactive and engaging within re mm
the Resource Library. Tee
8) LC sounde
|) Subjects
«| | +]
How — The method for placing the resource on a flipchart page
In the middle of the Resource Browser window, you may choose how to place resources on your flipchart page.
The default method is to click on the thumbnail image and drag it onto the flipchart.
50 ActivLearning Training Series
Rubber Stamp
This feature allows you to drag the object to the page and rubber stamp it on to the page as many times as you
would like. Each time you click the page, the object will drop. You can discontinue this feature by doing one of
the following: — o
e Click and drag another resource to be rubber stamped. EE
e Choose an Activinspire tool from a toolbox. a.
Note: After using the Rubber Stamp option, it is a good idea to click on another tool in the toolbar. This will avoid confusion as the ——
Rubber Stamp tool will be active until you choose something else.
Resource Library settings
You can choose how you would like your images to | & E = 1 6 @
be displayed by clicking on the Resource Library 2 gu | im
Settings icon in the Resource Browser.
View Mode gives alternate ways of — _
looking at resources.
View Mode » [+] Vlew as list
Thumbnail Size » | View as grid
[v] Image Transparency |
—= ==. 5
- —_ „ай
ее ©
Resource Libray
Settings — —
ActivLearning Training Series 51
- View as list’ allows for the name of the View as grid’ allows all objects to be seen.
resource to be visible if the Thumbnail Large Names are revealed as you mouse over
the objects.
option is selected.
не = Thumbnail Size >| Smal
View Mode »
Thumbnall Size »
Y | Image Transparency
52 ActivLearning Training Series
Thumbnail Size allows you to select the size of images in the
Resource Browser.
Transparency You can make the image object background
transparent by selecting this option.
Incorporate Backgrounds From
the Resource Library
The resources in the Backgrounds folder of the Resource Library change your flipchart page from a plain,
colored background to an image. The backgrounds can be used to turn your page into graph paper, music - = =
paper, graphic organizers, sports fields, or one of the hundreds of other options. |
Com NT) ' | a
, 4 mE ctivities and templates
To place a background on a flipchart page: a e => 5 та
& [2 Shared Resources ^
& (77 Activities and templates
(27 Mustration
(J Paper — = " —
e Choose the Backgrounds Folder. = Pattern
e e Open the Resource Browser. 5 Pro |
|) Texture Г.
e Choose the folder containing the background of
your choice.
e Click and drag the background image from the
Resource Browser to your flipchart page.
Note: Backgrounds may be placed on your page at anytime. They reside on the Background layer e
and always display beneath all objects on your flipchart page.
ActivLearning Training Series 53
To remove or change a background:
В В [ Option 1
= Clear Annotations
e Click and drag a different background onto
the page. It will replace the current background.
- Ex Clear Objects
ti Clear Grid Option 2
. ‘ ‘ = Clear Background
= | e Use the Clear tool to clear the background.
77 7m m N m СК Clear Page
Using The Camera Tool
Tools | Help | Untitled“
———— The Camera tool allows you to capture, as an 6
|| Desktop Annotate
image, anything displayed on your desktop.
The photograph becomes an image object M vase E
— you can add to your flipchart page, Resource A eos Fa
В Library, or the clipboard, and allows you to И т Curb shie+
manipulate it like any other object. @ sion Cr+
— " @ == СНЕ
To capture an image with the Camera tool: ® я" сыне
— D Magic Ink Ctrl+Shift+M
e Display on your computer screen the AJÍ randertno Recognition — СИНЕМ
== image you want to capture. y Shape Recognition
— e Select the Camera Tool selecting my Forse Zi
В Tools>Camera. > ll
e From the Popup Menu, choose how ff Maths Took +
В you would like to capture the image. | Moro Tod... >
54 ActivLearning Training Series
ht PER
Area Snapshot Cerl+Shift+K
Point to Point Snapshot
Ersehand Snapshot
Window Snapshot
Fullscreen Snapshot
Area Allows you to choose a rectangular area to be captured.
Move and resize the rectangle so the image you wish to capture
is contained inside of it.
Point to Point Allows you to define an irregular shape to be captured.
To begin, click to start the shape of the area to be captured, move - —
to the next point and click.
Each time you click, you may move the line in another direction.
Close the shape by clicking at the point you began.
Note: Click the x on the toolbox if you wish to cancel the image and
try again.
| + Freehand Allows you to draw freehand to define the image to be captured.
Click and drag the cursor. A line will define the photograph and
the area not captured will be grayed out.
Note: Click the x on the toolbox if you wish to cancel the image and
try again.
Allows you to capture the screen image without the task =
bar showing.
Allows you to capture the entire screen, including the task bar. -
ActivLearning Training Series 55
Same ra Tool
fax к»:
ть <»
Camera Snapshot
Snapshot to Position
| 4 Current Page Left |640 el
+ New Page т EST ==
— width [496 <|
[] Clipboard Helght [426 +]
2 Shared Resources
36 ActivLearning Training Series
FY Current Page Copies the image and places it on the current page of your
active flipchart. =
+ New Page Copies the image and places on a new page at the end of your
current flipchart.
Clipboard Copies the image and places it on the clipboard to be pasted at
a later time.
your My Resources Folder. It can be used in the same way as other
2 My Resources Copies the image and places it in the folder of your choosing in
objects in the Image Library.
Shared Resources ~~ Copies the image and places it in a folder of your choosing in the
Shared Resources Folder. It can be used in the same way as other -
objects in the Image Library.
Note: You will hear the Camera tool sound and the image will be placed according to your choice.
ActivLearning Training Series 57
The Camera tool can be opened using Desktop tools. When you click on the Desktop tools
icon, the flipchart is minimized and the floating Desktop tools toolbox is displayed.
Return to
flipchart This toolbox can be moved around the desktop by dragging it to
the desired location. It will remain on your desktop showing over
any application displayed there. The Camera tool, when accessed
from the Desktop tools, will capture anything displayed on the
To capture an image with Desktop Tools>Camera:
58 ActivLearning Training Series
Open Desktop tools.
Move the cursor over the Desktop tools Icon to display the available tools.
Move the cursor over the Camera tool icon to display the capture options.
Click the desired capture option.
Define the image to be captured.
Choose how to apply the captured image from the five options on the Photograph toolbox.
v Note: To close the Desktop tools, click the Return to Flipcharts icon on the Desktop tools toolbar.
Incorporate Sounds into Your Flipchart
Activinspire includes sounds you can use to enhance your flipcharts or you can create your own recordings.
To add sounds to your flipchart from the Resource Browser:
ul tery | mL ie
cERZ ew
2 2 [eral Buildings {white House Ва
| оне
- [-) Lesson building tools A)
|] Resource packs
в ка Sounds
er YT YE
pue LJ Effects
— {73 Music
|) Nature
|__| People
on LL] Transport |
| [E [--] Subjects
| al |
e Open the Resource Browser.
e Select the Sounds folder.
e Choose a sound and drag its icon to the
flipchart page. = —
e À sound icon will appear on the page.
e Click to play.
When a sound is being played, a Stop
Sound icon will appear in the top right
side of the flipchart window. Clicking this
icon will stop the sound.
By default, the Sound Controller appears each time a
sound is played. You may choose not to have the Sound
Controller appear when sounds are played.
ActivLearning Training Series 59
To change the setting: TT e:
[HE 1 À == os
e Select Edit>Profiles>Settings>Multimedia.
a. e Deselect ‘Show sound controller’. Ta
Lanus! Show sound controler У
a i ! patie sd Show controls for Flash У
© Click Done A Lore Remona Hien Show frame capture button 7
Effects Force avery mods for flash Г
—= _— Tools
{Lier Input
(Éetige Mode
Note: To view the Sound Controller as needed, add the Sound Controller tool to your toolbox using Edit>Profiles>Commands.
- Recording Sounds
If you have microphone input on your computer, you may record your own sounds to Incorporate Into your
- flipcharts. Teachers or students may record read alouds, music, or other sounds to make flipcharts more
engaging for instruction.
60 ActivLearning Training Series
To record sound:
e Select Tools>More Tools>Sound Recorder.
e The Sound Recorder Control will appear.
Soul Recorder
Bl Desktop Annotate CtrH-Shift+A f
| . Desktop Tools F6 a a
e Click the record button (red circle) to X
I . . . » Dual User F4
immediately begin recording the sound. — —
ExpressPoll F3
e Click the stop button (black square) to Jem — D Ш
- Zl |
stop recording. ff tistiarter Ciria В
® The sound icon will appear on the flipchart page. Ф Eraser CHE
& mw CHF ——
© Magic Ink Ctrl+Shift+M
You may choose to save the recording as a file to be а Handuriting Recognition Ctrl+Shift+H
used as a resource. 9 shane Recognition Ш —_—
Es Revealer СЫНА
spotlight >
| Camera » —— _
ff Maths Tools »
More Tools... p Sound Recorder Ctrl+Shift+R | -
ai Screen Recorder › — — —
ActivLearning Training Series 61
To save a sound recording:
e Select Edit>Profiles>Settings>Recordings.
e From the drop-down menu choose from one of the following:
Sound recording JAdd To Flipchart
Save To Disk
Add to Flipchart Places the sound icon on the current flipchart page
a — (the default).
Save to Disk You will be presented with a ‘Save as' Dialog Box. Name
and save the sound. The sound will not be placed on the
flipchart page.
Both You will be presented with a ‘Save as’ Dialog Box. Name
and save the sound. An icon will be placed on the current
page for immediate use.
Note: To remove a sound from a flipchart page, click and drag the sound icon into the Flipchart Trashcan/Bin.
62 ActivLearning Training Series
Incorporate Resource Library —
Activities and Templates В
Activinspire has included a resource folder “Activities and templates
with flipchart pages and activities for you to use or manipulate to suit
your classroom needs. This folder contains manipulative activities in A 2 | oo]
content areas, learner response templates, commonly used layouts, and | va В i
thematic pages. Take time to familiarize yourself with the pages in the Er (3) Actives and templates a
Resource Library to save time when creating your flipcharts. = те pores В
| #- Templates o
. | ‘ . . | @ [ Templates (learner response)
The pages in this section can be added to your flipchart by simply | dt Temes
dragging the thumbnail image and dropping it on your flipchart page. eu Backgrounds a
-[-] Grids
а. |=) Lesson building tools — —
Basic templates can be modified to meet your curriculum. The page — [2 Resource packs |
. . . В | 11 us od — не
on the left is a timeline template from Activities and jimmy В:
Templates>Templates. The page on the right shows an activity for | —_
ordering fractions using this template.
Topic: Order the fractions from least —a] oo
to greatest on the number line.
Fraction Number line
ActivLearning Training Series 65
The resources in the Grids folder of the Resource Library change a e
. . == E alí
the appearance of the flipchart page to one of several grid options. 35. Gridscanhelpto
SE | tems as
Mes - you build flipcharts,
| assist students
when working at
the board, or show
mdm wes
aia als Mia
o To Add a Grid:
— e Open the Resource Browser.
e Choose the Grids folder. 5D —
(J Activities and template —
e Choose the folder containing the grid of your choice. co
e Click and drag the grid image of your choice from the Resource Library to — она
В the flipchart page.
Note: Grids from the Grids folder may be placed on your page at anytime and will always display beneath
any objects on your flipchart page and above the background color or image.
64 ActivLearning Training Series
View Insert Tools Help | Untitled* (x
To edit the grid currently on your flipchart page: BA Design Mode F2
. В Ÿ Undo Ctrl+z
e Select Edit>Grid. a _ i
a RC СНУ нее
e The Grid Designer Window will open. Choose to: | Be =
e Change the grid size. ME sea Cui+A
e Hidethe grid from view. Page Background... ce
‚ #7 Grid... Ctrl-+Shift+G | N
e Cause items on the page to snap to the grid when they are moved. UN ces =
The Grid Designer offers several options for altering and creating custom grids. These options are covered in
the ‘Beyond the Essentials’ section of the ActivLearning Series.
Increase/ Increases or decreases the grid size in increments of 10%.
Tools Decrease
— Gridt —— — Visible When selected, the grid is no longer visible. If Snap to Grid has —
Foe been activated, it will remain active. o ВЕ
Er TE Allow Snap Causes objects placed on the page to snap to grid points. This is a a
Г’ Оп ор helpful when you want to align objects in your flipchart. Zo
On top Causes grid to appear above all flipchart objects. o
ActivLearning Training Series 65
) Insert Page ›
= A Insert Question Сено
7 Self-Paced Question Set...
=——————————————— A Export Page Ctrl+ShIft+E
В I | Set Background
ME Grid Designer J Grid Designer Cohshift+G
a В Grid Hide Grid
N [visible] Thumbnail scale Default scale Scale step "Snap to Grid
NM Allow snap 1.00 [4.00 [0.50 Add to Resource Library »
I ontop e Cut ах
= 3 Copy Cr+C
В à Paste Ctrl+V
y Duplicate Cui+D
. —— X Delete De!
E Remove Question TERT
Note: The Visible and Allow Snap commands can also be accessed by right-clicking on the
flipchart page and activating these options from the Page Menu.
To remove or change a grid:
Option 1
e Click and drag a different grid onto the page.
Option 2
e Use the Clear tool to remove the grid.
66 ActivLearning Training Series
In this example, a grid from the Grid Folder has been placed on the page. ——
The grid has been set to Visible and Allow Snap.
The squares were made with the Shape tool and have Drag a Copy enabled.
Students interact with the flipchart page by dragging and dropping the squares into the shapes.
Note: The teacher could have first unchecked Visible and allowed students to predict how many squares would fill each space,
ActivLearning Training Series 67
Importing Resource Packs from
E. Promethean Planet
Resource packs are collections of vibrant images, videos and more that will liven up your lessons and make
students sit up and take notice! These packs cover a variety of curriculum areas and topics, and are easily
installed into your ActivInspire Resource Library.
Lr a.
the world's targest interactive whiteboard community
Home >» Members » Resources 7 Hews & Events + Professional Development » Shop»
Promethean Get in on the
Developer E discussion
tp! Forum
!p! Get Started >! Blog
Support » Download Activinspire »
Tour Language e
Themes Lessons Resource Packs Weblinks Leamer Response Partner Resources Submit Resource [Logout]
Keyward(s) | Subject Area £] | Grade Level =] Display: © Lessons Resource Packs © Weblinks Q Adeanced
Homaz ? Resources > Resource Packs
To download a Resource Pack to your computer:
e Log in to Promethean Planet. Search Results sortby: Date Most Downloaded
В Click on Resources. Keywords: plants Subject Area. Level:
e Fill in the blanks with your search criteria.
Mother : ; tema Plants
e Select the Resource Pack radio button. Nature - o Flowers
Flowers = and
Click on Search. = Trees ...
e Select the desired file and download to
your computer.
68 ActivLearning Training Series
To import a Resource pack to your Resource Library, use one of the following options:
Option 1 Fle | Edit View Insert Tools Help |
(#7) New Flipchart сын
e From the File Menu: A a ,
E Open... Ctrl+O
e Choose Import>Resource Pack to My = a ’
Resources or to Shared Resources as desired. = —— —
y Save ÁS...
i Submit Flipcharts to Promethean Planet
| Import › | "powerpoint as Images
de Pr Cal+P la Powerpoint as Objects a Ш
La Settings a PDF... _
O Exit | SMART Notebook File v8, v9, v9.5, v10
| SMART Gallery Item File
| ExamView XML File
| Resource Pack To My Resources... |
Option 2 Resource Pack To Shared Resources...
e From the Resource Browser Menu: EEN
e Click on My Resources or Shared Resources
as desired.
В Properties icon
e Select Import Resource Pack Here.
e Resource Pack will be saved in Resource & [[ Activities andte + Export to Resource Pack...
| & kJ Backgrounds Import Resource Pack Here...
Pack folder. o Cy Mustration | |
; > E Paper Index this Folder for Searching
Imported Resources are immediately available for your use ‘+ [DJ] Pattern Create New Folder
in ActivInspire.
ActivLearning Training Series 69
Page Browser
When presenting a flipchart, it is easy to access any page quickly by using
the Page Browser. This Browser helps you to quickly put together the
foundations of your flipchart.
Use the Page Browser to:
e View the entire flipchart as page thumbnails.
e Navigate flipchart pages.
e Set the backgrounds and grids for pages.
e Organize your flipchart pages using drag and drop reordering.
— — e Use the Popup Menu on a page thumbnail to access the page edit
options. From the Popup Menu you can access commands such as Cut,
Copy, Paste, Delete and Duplicate.
e Ifthe Browser is closed, select View>Browsers.
o The Browser will open.
e Click on the Page Browser icon.
) ) ) e ‘You may leave the Page Browser open while you work on a flipchart. En — |
e The Page Browser will display a thumbnail of each of your |
o flipchart pages. | | |
— = e Use the slider to change the size of thumbnail. You can resize the Page | |
_ Browser to view and arrange pages within your flipchart. |
“ Slide — 1
70 ActivLearning Training Series
e To copy a flipchart page from one flipchart to another, simply drag the thumbnail of the page you want to
copy from the Page Browser to the tab of the flipchart where you want the page to be.
© Activinspire - Studio
Fle Edt View Inset Tools Hep Untbed® @ Mower_parts kb" ‘à | e—]—————] a
| Ns Insert Paga HA} 3 mttPeooBatero Camera a
= EE 0 r
= - A
15 | @ Sel-Paced Question Set... | gl Dedton rante: сонеты See.
| a Export Page Cirl+Shift+€ e Mera Pape Templates
— E Set Background | ]]UM M tÚi6ÓÉD/ÉE >
Ivboard, ET idbeskper cum |
ven | Hide Grid |
a = Snap to Grid |
| Add to Rusource Urry b
Click and drag | @ анк ooo
Thumbnail to Сару атс
flipchart tab.
Activpen |W Remove Question =
| si LE
e The Popup Menu icon in the top right corner of a page thumbnail indicates the current page of ; —
the flipchart.
e Use the Popup Menu of a selected page's thumbnail to access menu options for working with pages.
ActivLearning Training Series 71
Insert Page
- Blank page Adds a blank page before the current page.
| before current
i | Blank page Adds a blank page after the current page.
№ after current
= Desktop Snapshot Takes a snapshot of your desktop and inserts it as a
= new page in your flipchart.
More Page Templates Opens the Resource Library to the Activities and
BE Templates folders.
Add to Resource Library
= < Add Page Adds the entire current page to the open folder in
1 your Resource Library. All items retain properties as
— set on original page.
Е Add Background Saves the background of the current page to the
open folder in your Resource Library.
ill Add Grid Saves the grid of the current page to the open
folder in your Resource Library.
72 ActivLearning Training Series
Notes Browser =
The Notes Browser is an ActivInspire feature that allows you to attach additional information to each page of
your flipchart. Use this to offer instructions and other helpful information to make the flipchart easy to share
and reuse.
The flipchart will be completely visible when the Notes Browser is open, so students can have the directions
available when completing an activity.
Click on the name of
each part of the
plant to see what it
does. Click on the
description to hide it
again. |
after reading it and a a
ask your partner to
give the definition.
Then click on the
labels to check the |
answer. —_—
ActivLearning Training Series 73
= == seo | | Ifanote is included for a page, the Page Notes icon will appear in the top of the flipchart window.
re Clicking this icon will open the Notes Browser if it is not already open.
To create a page note:
e Inthe Browser window click the Notes Browser icon.
e Type in the desired text.
Note: If the Browser window is not open, select View>Browsers.
== — To format a page note:
_ I e Click on the Format Toolbar box at the bottom of the Notes Browser Window.
e À standard text editing toolbar will appear below the Main Menu.
Aral ‚8.7 |B I UT L|Mlels 3 = = = a E Me
i Undo Ctrl+Z
— Redo Ctrl+Y
7 | Note: You can perform common editing functions such as cut, copy, paste, and delete by right-clicking on
- Cu Ctrl+X
1 the Page Note to display a Popup menu.
Copy Ctrl+C
| Paste Ctrl+Y
| Delete
В | SelectAll Ctra
74 ActivLearning Training Series
To paste text from the page note onto the flipchart page:
e Highlight the text you wish to paste to the flipchart and drag it onto the flipchart page.
To print, select File>Print.
e The Flipchart print Dialog Box will
be displayed.
e Make desired changes to print options.
Note: Page notes may be exported to PDF or sent to
your printer. They may be included with a printed
flipchart or printed alone.
HP Photosmart 8100 Series
Page Settings...
-Layout — — —
—Fiipchart page range -———
| © al
© Current
O Pages From:
Number of copies
Flipchart page margin (mm)
Color mode ® Color © Gray scale
1 $) cms: 4
[Y] Frame pages [] Show page numbers
‚ [Y] Include page notes ————
Print page notes only
[_] Add page break between notes
[Y] Draw line separator
| Print | | print Preview |
[Save Settings and Exit | [Export ко РОЕ |
El Сено)
—— o — ];—————]———]———
ActivLearning Training Series /5
Presentation Tools
Activinspire provides tools to help you focus your students’ attention when presenting a flipchart. The Focus
Tools, like other ActivInspire tools, can also be used with other applications, including digital material, web
pages, PowerPoint Presentations, etc.
Spotlight Too! za
BE] Desttop Annotate ай
— To use the Spotlight tool: Y vue
e Click on Tools>Spotlight. a
_ e From the Popup Menu choose which type of Spotlight you Q oo
wish to use. №"
may Revosler arr
_ S Spotlight Vi Creuar Spotight —— Calishitio |
al Camera b с Square Spotlight |
— | ful maths Tools > E sold rods Spotight |
76 ActivLearning Training Series
Circular Spotlight Solid Circular Spotlight
НЫЕ CT a a | ннныы: — Банный.
Tropic of Cancer
Solid Square Spotlight
- 20 k
E ®
Т a wl
Pe — | y A A
a > A % bs | 3 Г.
8 \, C NORTH e e RE
E % AMERICA . 7 A, Ol
Panama Canal | A
Mexico iy | of ibi
_ a
+ juator
ActivLearning Training Series 77
To manipulate the Spotlight:
— = | e When the cursor is placed outside the revealed area, it will appear as a cross-hairs icon. A
e Click and drag the cross-hairs to change the spotlight s position.
e When the cursor is placed on the outline of the spotlight, it will appear as a double-headed arrow.
e Click and drag the arrow to change the size and shape of the spotlight.
Displayed alongside the spotlight is a menu icon. Click the icon to view the Spotlight Popup Menu. You can:
e Change the type of Spotlight. The currently chosen spotlight will be Bs — — |
identified with a check icon.
e Take a snapshot. “=
- - When the Circular or Square Spotlight is chosen, the image captured
will be the revealed area within the spotlight.
- When the Solid Circular or Square Spotlight is chosen, the image pe Take Snapshot
captured will be the revealed area outside the spotlight. Close
— e Close the Spotlight.
7/8 ActivLearning Training Series
An example of how the Spotlight snapshot could be used:
a sit =r Use the Spotlight to identify the
ны ee e ciel areas of North America that are
or e alg” == =| par of the United States.
‘ча Le = A = q Take a shapshot of each area,
EEE en = me Cae :
Elm) Nas a He
Yo == = RP,
F E E # ни — №
=> ILA IRE уда,
! Я: (=> Wr Ва
я = So — am
BE ей
E Fo A Fa af: cr iF
"г 7 UNITE a=
= == E | =k =f =
e Une 40
E - —
ay LR == i и
x в Y a == E ==
a 15-54 r = 1
de iy YT Tm
lll y Js EE — pm” x = J
mat = TTT 24e
an PA ar w
Arctic ULA
ду 3
Aa A : === Эа
a * e A
J * Greenland J о
Use the Spotlight to identify the
areas of North America that are
part of the United States.
Take a shapshot of each area.
Image created with
k— Round Spotlight
4— Square Spotlight
5 E
pins с NAT)
AR т "
hu 3 |
Г Ма сям
A i 255 \ >
у a
Image created with
ActivLearning Training Series /9
Revealer Tool
The Revealer tool in Activnspire can hide information to be presented in stages.
To access the Revealer tool from the Main Menu: Baskin Anciotate CSE
Desktop Tools F6
Dual User F4
ExpressPoll F3
Pen Ctrl+Shift+P
Highlighter Ctrl+H
Eraser Ctr+E
e Select Tools>Revealer.
e The page will be masked.
= e Move your cursor to any edge of the page.
(top, bottom, left or right)
e The cursor will turn into a blind pull shape.
e Click and drag away from the edge to reveal a
section of the page. Fil EHE
Magic Ink Ctrl+Shift-+M
Handwriting Recognition — Ctrl+Shift+H
Co The Reveal tool will remain active until you close it using the
Revealer Menu. This is true even when moving backwards or
) - forward to a new page. | у | Revealer Ctrl+R
wy, Spotlight ›
о В kel Camera
fil Maths Tools >
o : More Tools... ›
80 ActivLearning Training Series
You can also move the Revealer to a point and save the position. The next time the Revealer is used with that
page, it will open at the saved position. On subsequent pages it will return to its default position.
SEE uk E Er ! races al a | В fia an | "E 1 SIE Pha A ea i} qh be cala:
Ea Baxter В “ a р = + = AU нра НЯ E SAEZ ALI ETT ES AT Tue CT FS DE ST Le cr rés BR i ng % Yo 4
1 ot E 1
Save Revealer Position
ActivLearning Training Series
The clock is opened in a separate window that may be placed anywhere on the screen.
— It will always display on top of the desktop and any applications which may be open.
——— To access the clock, select Tools>More Tools>Clock.
a. = ‚Tools | Help | [Untitled | mainides
du Desktop Annotate CrHShft+A
—Ñ IA . BR Desktop Tool F6
# Dual User F4
a ExpressPol F3
A Pen Clip
= = — 2 Highlighter CoH
o Eraser СЫНЕ
можт Clrh+Shift4M
sf Handwriting Recognition CrHShft+H
mm Reveder CHR
- y ota >
Mal Camera b
fo] = Maths Tools >
| More Tools... » г Sound Recorder CuiShiftsr
= — ba Screen Recorder »
"| On-sreenKayboard CuK
— = dock Ctrhshift+u |
= Tikertape… CrH-Shift+T
a Web Browser
A Spekcheck Eipchart F7
- — BA Teacher Lock.
82 ActivLearning Training Series
Clock display and toolbar —
Analog Time will be displayed in analog format. -— nn —
Digital Time will be displayed in digital format. a a
Both Digital Both formats will be displayed. This is the default setting.
and Analog o
Pause Stops and starts the clock or counter. —
Count Down The timer will count down from a time entered. o
Count Up The timer will count up to a time entered.
Show/Hide Bottom toolbar will be shown or hidden. —
<— Show/Hide Toolbar В
Analog —» o E о Gi) O (A) +— Count Up
Digital | Pause
Both Count ао
Analog Down
ard —
ActivLearning Training Series 83
To move the clock:
e Click on the title bar of the clock window, and drag to the desired position.
e Release the click.
To resize the clock:
e Move the cursor to the edge of the window.
e When you see the double-headed resize arrow, click and drag to the preferred size.
e Release the click.
В Clock Timer
The Clock Timer is useful in a classroom setting for timed quizzes, transition to a new activity, etc.
To set the count down or count up timer:
- e Open the Clock.
e Click the desired option s button on the clock window.
e The options will display in the Clock Counter window for you to specify the time.
84 ActivLearning Training Series
Ml Clock Counter у. x]
| Count down From:
Set the time:
hours: minutes: seconds
00:05:00 = N Repeat
— After timeout, play the Following sound:
1 Navigate to
[tada wav < sound files
After timeout, perform the Following action: В
Do Nothing Actions after
SR timeout
Turn to Next Page
Turn to Previous Page
| Start Reveal Tool
Reset Page
Fullscreen Snapshot to New Fliochart Page
e You may also choose from the following optional items: == == ==
e Check the Repeat box to repeat the Count Down or Count Up Timer until the clock is closed.
e Choose to set actions to be performed at the end of the defined time, such as:
After timeout, play the following sound:
e A drop-down menu will offer a number of sounds from which to choose. You can
also navigate to a sound file on your computer. —
After timeout, perform the following action: | —
e A drop-down menu will offer a number of actions.
e Click OK.
The Count Down or Count Up clock will appear on your flipchart or screen and begin the count.
ActivLearning Training Series 85
Clock tool settings
Clock settings will allow you to make changes in the way the clock is displayed.
To change the default settings, choose Edit>Profile>Settings and select Clock tool.
В e Define how you wish for the Analog Clock to appear.
o Define how you would like the Digital Clock to appear.
e Click Done”.
Note: This change will affect only the currently selected profile.
ae IS
|u= Authoring | = [5 в › o
ENE tovout | SÉ commands | La] user defrned buttons LB] setinos |
dock numbers м
— Second hand м
m mm = ee ний 24 Hour Г
Seconds м
== = = Show date м
86 ActivLearning Training Series
вы Tickertape - —
With the Tickertape tool you can create messages to scroll across the screen. This message will be displayed
over all applications. Once a message is created, you can save and edit it. You may wish to create tickertapes for —
any number of tasks:
e Homework assignment ll Desktop Annotate Curb Shift +A | —
2. a I Desktop Tools F6
e Cet permission slip signed A oie - EE
e Directions for an assignment 8 вены Fa -
к y Pen Ctrl+Shft+P
e Answer key A as he) В
e Essential Question for the lesson you are teaching, etc. | @ == EE
© € CHF —
& Magic Ink CuHShift-+M
To create a tickertape:
Select Tools>More Tools>Tickertape. my Boveste сына
Кобо > o
Mel Camera >
e The Tickertape Dialog Box opens. Gil meths Tools ›
e From the dialog box you may choose: | More Took. | Ze Sound Recorder сина
wal Screen Recorder » een
M] On-sceen Keyboard CrHK
© dock Col+Shéft+U a
[mm Tickertape,.. Cth shifts |
@) web Browser
ae Spelcheck Eipchart F7
LA Edi user Defined Buttons... | —
ActivLearning Training Series 87
|3 Create new tickertape Create a new tickertape.
Open a Tickertape File Open from a location on your computer.
m Save Tickertape File Save Tickertape to a location on your computer.
Save Tickertape File As Save Tickertape to a different location or change the
name of the current tickertape.
e Inthe Enter the Tickertape message’ box, type the message you wish to appear.
e Use the editing tools in the Tickertape Dialog Box to choose a рев
‘ e font style and color. т air pe = Loop ©
. e drop shadow width and color (optional). i= ee - ra [==
e background color for the message (optional). — | 0 — a
e The Position drop-down menu allows you to choose where the
tickertape will appear on the screen. There are three choices: Top, Middle, or Bottom.
e Click on Show Tickertape' to see a preview of your tickertape.
e Once the message is finished, click OK’.
e The tickertape will begin to scroll across the screen in the location you chose.
88 ActivLearning Training Series
Editing a Tickertape
You must first open a tickertape before this option is available:
e Inthe Enter the Tickertape message box, the current text will appear.
e Edit and position the tickertape using the Tickertape options.
e Once the message is entered, click OK.
e The edited tickertape will begin to scroll across the screen.
I I I 4 sto 5
Manipulating the Tickertape Os
Tickertape a
e To stop the tickertape, click the Stop button. TRE Pause/ Menu —
e To pause and start the tickertape, click the Stop/Start Icon.
e To change the speed, move the slider to the left for a slower speed and to the right for a faster speed.
e Click and hold on the tickertape with the ActivPen to hold it in place.
e Click and drag on the tickertape with the ActivPen to move it forward and backward.
e Release the click to continue scrolling the tickertape.
Note: You can use the ActivPen to manipulate the tickertape.
ActivLearning Training Series 89
The tickertape is used in this example to display the Essential Question.
The sun heats the sea and turns some of it into water
vapor, which rises into the sky to make a cloud. The wind
blows the cloud across the sky. When the cloud reaches
warm land, it rises and meets the cold air. This cools the
cloud and turns the vapor into water again. The drops fall
as rain, which trickles down the mountains and forms
rivers. Water also filters through to the water table.
The Main Idea is:
What is the Main Idea?
90 ActivLearning Training Series
Math Tools В
Activinspire includes a set of powerful interactive tools to enhance your lessons. _
To access the Math tools: В e
Select Tools>Maths Tools. В
Tools | Help | Untied (x | mainidea x o
fe Desktop Annotate Cri+Shift +4
% Desktop Tools Fé
| Dual User Fa me
(e Expressrot F3
д ro
Eraser СЫНЕ a a
Z Magic Ink Ctrl4-Shift+M
“Haréeting Recognition CertsShifesH
Й shape Recgantion В
= ama
№ spotioh ) —_— ———
te Camera ›
[Em memos | # eue
More Tools... > | Protractor
№ Compass
ao ===
B pice Roter o
ActivLearning Training Series 91
Dice Roller
The Dice tool generates random numbers. You may choose to roll between one and five dice.
— To access the Dice Roller:
e Select Tools>Maths Tools>Dice Roller. D ice Tool
e Click on the Dice Roller.
e Click on the drop-down arrow to select the
_ number of dice.
e Use the slider on the speed control to set the
speed that the dice will roll.
e Click on the Roll button. An animation of
— dice rolling to a stop will be displayed. Each
time you click, the dice will roll again.
Cutput to Fipchart
Set the number Set the Click the put the
e (lick on the ‘Output to Flipchart button. of dice fromthe speed with Roll Button total to the
| | Drop Down the slider. to roll the flipchart
aio The sum of the displayed die will be pasted Menu. dice. page.
to the center of the current flipchart page.
To put the Dice Roller away, click the close button (x) in the upper right corner of the
Dice Roller window.
92 ActivLearning Training Series
Use the Dice Roller to generate random numbers for review and reinforcement of your lesson on mean, median
and mode. Students will roll the dice, add the dice total to the flipchart page and calculate the mean, median
and mode for the set of numbers. Have a student come to the board and calculate the answers using the
Calculator tool.
ActivLearning Training Series 93
- Calculator
The Calculator tool functions in the same way as a standard handheld calculator.
Adult Calculator
To access the Calculator tool:
e Select Tools>Maths Tools>Calculator.
e Click on the Calculator tool. The type of calculator used last will appear on the page.
e Right-click on the calculator to choose between the Adult Calculator and the Child Calculator.
e You may move the Calculator anywhere on your page. Click anywhere other than on the display screen
_ В _ or buttons and drag it to the location you choose.
e Release the click.
e To put the Calculator away, click the close box (x) in the upper right corner of the Calculator or click
again on the Calculator tool.
74 ActivLearning Training Series
Г Input at top of Calculator Г Input in top window
— ep
PE 7 — Br 25=113
1. -
> | Answer displayed Answer displayed
a in window in window
je M6
121: 1:
AS =
More Math Tools Tool | Help | “Untitled (3) mainidea x
Ш Desttop Anrotate CH-Shift+A
CR Desktop Tools F6
Activinspire includes fully functioning Ruler, Protractor and Compass tools. 4 vu a
Both the protractor and ruler are translucent. Each of these tools can be у DE > — —
a. . . Pen CtrH-Shift+P
positioned over any object to do physical measurements. a i
Ф Eraser CHE
To access the Math tools: La cone
6) mege ik arishfri x
o Select Tools>Maths Tools. oft Handwriting Recognition CtrH-Shift+H "
e Choose the tool you wish to use. You may have multiple instances 3 => =
of the ruler, protractor or compass if you have a need for this. Q moto > mal
al Camera »
Note: If you are teaching Math, you may wish to change your profile to Mathematics. [fl mete Tos ›| # вые a a
All available Math tools will now appear on the Main Toolbox. AE | ay Br _ a
A Compass
+) xorg
Y Dice Roter a a
Bl Calculator
ActivLearning Training Series 95
e To display a Math tool, click on the tool you wish to use.
e The tool will remain displayed and ready for use until you close the tool or move
it to the Flipchart Trashcan/Bin.
— Ruler Tool
To access the ruler tool, select Tools>Maths Tools>Ruler. | | |
=—— 99 100 110 120 130 140 150
When you click on the Ruler tool, click on the menu icon which a
O will allow you to choose the type of measurement for the top and I ; ol) |
0 the bottom of the ruler that best suits your needs. You may choose у У ООС
- f
from centimeters, millimeters, inches, or none. MAN? || ERE cm IN
a о I | Close inch
ne None
Change the length of the ruler ne
Click on the right or left edge of the ruler.
The cursor will turn into a double headed arrow.
Drag to the desired length.
e Measurement scale will change accordingly.
96 ActivLearning Training Series
Place the ruler anywhere on the flipchart or desktop a В
e Click in the middle of the ruler. o _
e The cursor will turn into a cross-hairs icon.
e Drag the ruler to the appropriate place.
e Release the click when the tool is in the location of choice.
Rotate the ruler
е Place your ActivPen along the top or bottom edge of the ruler.
e The cursor will change to the rotate arrow.
e Click and drag to rotate to the desired angle.
e ‘You will see that the angle of rotation is displayed in the center of the ruler.
The angle is based on the o mark at the bottom of the ruler.
e Release the click when the ruler is at the correct angle.
ActivLearning Training Series 97
98 ActivLearning Training Series
Draw a straight line using the ruler
Select the Pen or Highlighter tool.
Choose the color and width that you desire.
Move the cursor near the top or bottom edge of the ruler.
The cursor will be displayed as a pen or highlighter.
Click and drag the pen along the ruler to draw a straight line.
Release the click when you have drawn the line to the desired length.
The line will be drawn in the selected pen color and width.
Note: The Ruler tool will also work with Magic Ink tool.
In this example, the students will use the Ruler Tool and Calculator to find the area of the rectangle.
Measuring Area
Find the area of this rectangle.
X —
ç — Height Width Area
Protractor Tool
To access the Protractor Tool, select Tools>Maths Tools>Protractor.
When you click on the Protractor tool, click on the menu which will allow you to choose:
Type of protractor:
nee "ТР Зы
«Ti a 1 | PA "у ña
ER ah 7 fig Yio,
4 A. e ay de YA
; i }
’ if A N
1 y = i
' \ \
e Full protractor
e Half protractor
Type of Arc:
e Arc E N
f | —
e Closed arc / М
[iz |
| | o
o Filled arc / A _
ActivLearning Training Series 99
e Show/Hide Angle
- = Change the size of the protractor
A e Click on the curved edge of the protractor.
e The cursor will turn into a double headed arrow.
e Drag to the desired size.
Place the protractor anywhere on the flipchart or desktop
e (lick in the middle of the protractor.
e [he cursor will turn into a cross-hairs icon.
e Drag the protractor to the appropriate place.
e Release the click when the tool is in the location of choice.
100 ActivLearning Training Series
Rotate the protractor
e Place your ActivPen along the center of the protractor.
e The cursor will change to the rotate arrow.
e The center of the protractor is at the zero mark.
e Click and drag to rotate to the desired angle.
You will see the angle of rotation is displayed in the center of the protractor.
e Release the click when the protractor is at the correct angle. | —
Draw an arc using the protractor | _
e Choose the type of arc you wish to draw. —
e Select the Pen or Highlighter tool.
e Choose the color and width that you desire.
e Move the cursor near the top edge of the protractor.
e The cursor will be displayed as a pen or highlighter.
Click and drag the pen along the outside edge of the protractor.
e Release the click when you have drawn the desired segment. =
e Activinspire will draw or All the arc with the currently selected pen color.
Note: The Protractor tool will also work with the Magic Ink tool.
ActivLearning Training Series 101
In this activity, the Protractor and Highlighter tool are used to highlight each angle in a different color.
The angles are then moved one on top of the other. The students describe how the angles are different.
The angles are labeled and the students write a comparison statement.
— ompare angles using the Protractor
ool. How are different?
Compass Tool
To access the Compass Tool, select Tools>Maths Tools>Compass.
When you click on the Compass tool, click on the menu which will
- allow you to choose:
o Reflected (places pen on the opposite side of the compass)
e Show Angle
e Show Radius
—————————— - e Mark Centre
102 ActivLearning Training Series
e Increase Length
e Decrease Length
e Reset Length
Place the compass anywhere on the flipchart or desktop
e Click in the middle of the Point Arm.
e The cursor will turn into a cross-hairs icon.
e Drag the compass to the appropriate place.
e Release the click when the tool is in the location of choice.
Rotate the compass (without drawing)
e Place your ActivPen along the part of the
Pen Arm.
e The cursor will change to the rotate arrow. N <— Pen holder
e Click and drag to rotate to the desired angle.
e You will see the angle of rotation is displayed in fy Fer
the center of the compass if the “Show Angle”
option is selected. Center Marked
e Release the click when the compass is at the
correct angle.
ActivLearning Training Series 103
Draw a circle with the compass
e To open or close the compass points, click and drag the Pen Holder.
e Select the Pen or Highlighter tool.
e Select a color and width.
e Place your ActivPen on the Compass Pen.
= e The cursor will turn into a pen.
a. _ e Click and drag the pen to draw the circle.
I On this flipchart page, the students will draw a circle with the radius of 4 cm.
Begin this page by reviewing the definition of radius. Students will find the appropriate size ruler, Then using
the Compass tool, the students will create a circle with a radius of 4cm.
Use the Compass Tool to draw a circle with a radius of 4 cm.
Step 1: Dalact the Compass Too! and maite sure the option: Mark Centre ia selected.
Step 2: Place the point of the compass where you weuld [ike the canter of the circle to Ba.
Stop 3: Select the Ruler Tool and sat the distance from the center of the circle.
Step 4: Select the color and width you would like the circle to be.
Steps: Draw the circle by clieiing on the pen and dragging the Compass through 69 degrees.
Cr Br
Sa Bn
„pas <
' =
= = - -
- A
1 u
104 ActivLearning Training Series
XY Origin tool
When using the Marquee Select Rotate, the object spins around its own center point by default. To select
a different point of rotation, you may set a page origin point using the XY Origin tool. This allows for such
activities as having the earth rotate around the sun or demonstrating math concepts.
Using the XY Origin tool to set a page origin point
To access the XY Origin tool:
e Select Tools>Maths Tools>XY Origin.
e The origin point will appear on the page.
e Click on the origin point and drag it to the desired position to become LI + XY Origin
the new center of rotation.
e Release the click.
Note: The XY Origin tool will appear at the last used position when it is turned Which shape is the correct reflection of ———
on. When the origin point is placed on a flipchart page, the Marquee shape // on the y axis ?
Handles Rotate Object icon will rotate the selected object around the
new center of rotation. All objects on the page will rotate, flip, and mirror e
based on the location of the origin point.
1 2, . e
In the illustration when the image M' is mirrored in the Y axis, it В
does so based on the location of the origin point, placing it over
the image identified as а’.
To remove the page origin point: or eme
e Uncheck the XY Origin tool to remove the origin point from the page.
ActivLearning Training Series 105
Desktop Annotation
From allowing quick access to frequently used applications and documents to copying and pasting from
documents created in other applications, ActivInspire helps teachers to take full advantage of the digital
resources they have.
Teachers often have access to multiple types of digital media ranging from web pages, movies and
PowerPoint™ to PDF's, Word and Excel documents. This digital media can be used to create interactive
lessons using copy and paste. Or, the digital media can be displayed on the Interactive Whiteboard and
ActivInspire s tools can be used to interact with the media.
Desktop Annotation
An easy way to present existing teaching material used in your classroom is to simply present it on
the ActivBoard.
Anything that you can access with your computer: web pages, Microsoft Office Applications, PD F's or
textbook material in digital format, can be shown on the ActivBoard. The ActivBoard serves as an excellent
presentation tool for your existing digital media. By using ActivInspire with your digital media, you can make it
much more interactive and interesting!
Use the Desktop Annotate button when you want to use ActivInspire tools, such as the Pen, Highlighter, and
=== Eraser tools with any application you have open on your desktop.
When Desktop Annotate is chosen, the standard ActivInspire flipchart is hidden, and a Desktop Flipchart
is created. This flipchart consist of a clear transparent background, exposing the live desktop, rather than
the default white background of a standard flipchart. Your current desktop is visible behind the transparent
flipchart Activinspire has created.
106 ActivLearning Training Series
Ble Edit Yew Inst Format Tod Table Window Help AdobePDF Acrobat Comments Typoauuestiohfe hop > X
25028 SD RS AT nu OBESA 110 - D, ar -0- BH FFM A- 7 —_—
5H 4. nal homme de DDD -D- GB В.
E Snogr (xf Window -
Cw ge hE aE pee RJA Era ayer рн фт = =
Follow the instructions on your
flipchart to write a limerick.
1 ‚Think about your first line. Write it here.
2. Think of a second line. Make sure it
rhymes with line one. Write it here.
>) 3,Write two short lines. These two lines
must rhyme with each other.
|9 [в] Э 4
wr № | Адобыро о \ №6 ООН О >-L-A-==5U. — — -— —— =
Open and close documents, activate web links and otherwise interact with the digital media displayed behind
the Desktop Flipchart using the Select tool. All other ActivInspire tools and functions can be used on the nn
transparent desktop flipchart in the same way as a standard flipchart.
Note: When an object is placed on the desktop flipchart, the Select tool, when moved over the object, will perform as is normal in a
standard flipchart.
When a desktop flipchart is saved, only the objects created on the invisible flipchart pages will be saved. An
image of the desktop underneath the desktop flipchart is not automatically captured and does not, by default, = —
form a part of the flipchart.
ActivLearning Training Series 107
— Creating a Desktop Flipchart
Click the Desktop Flipchart too! on the Main Toolbox or choose it from Tools>Desktop Annotate.
The standard ActivInspire flipchart will hide.
A desktop flipchart with a transparent background will be created.
Use the Select tool to interact with the applications displayed behind the flipchart.
Use all other Activinspire tools and functions as normal.
To return to the standard Activinspire flipchart, click the Desktop Flipchart tool on the Main toolbox.
Fis Edt View Insert | Tools | =
a a a 3 Desktop Annotate Cerl+ShiFt+A
— = #; Desktop Tools F6
Dual User F4 3
= | ExpressPoll F3 bad Il „= WM
PSS ofthe a on y | £ | |
Sm о — Pen Ctrl+Shift+P Mpchortis | |. =: | 2
transparent. E DEE EE. fd | | В
Highlighter Сен : a ==
pe =
== = = & 4 rome fr tnd Poy Pr ha Di mul a De y 17e оя
| Eraser Cerl+E г er ni | a
_ Desktop | A Ш.
Annotate ya ео
The Menubar will show a tab for the desktop flipchart which was created. The default name given to this
flipchart is ‘Desktop Flipchart'.
108 ActivLearning Training Series
e Toggle to and from the desktop flipchart by clicking the Desktop Annotate tool or the ‘Desktop
Flipchart' tab in the Menubar.
Use the Desktop Flipchart Tab or the Annotate Desktop Tool to toggle
7 back and forth between a desktop flipchart and a standard flipchart,
: |
HE mega mm 53
Fe Ed Vue Let lod Hib iii 6 табл ui 7 predios Dieser A
RO %@
Click the numbers in orderto
make the dinosaur run:
Note: The Next Page tool will create a new page with a transparent background. Pages can be viewed in the Page Browser. о
Only the objects created with Activinspire tools will be a part of a desktop flipchart page.
A desktop flipchart can be saved in the same way as a standard ActivInspire flipchart using the
File>Save or Save As . . . command.
ActivLearning Training Series 109
—— == Setting a background image to a Desktop Flipchart
The desktop can be captured as an image and inserted as a background on a desktop flipchart page.
The background will cause the Select tool to no longer interact with the Window or Mac application
В - until the page is turned to a transparent page.
e Select Edit>Page Background. EXCEDEN
= e The Set Background Dialog Box opens. O Fil TE
, , , Show Desktop
—— e Click the Desktop Snapshot radio button. o.
+) Desktop Snapshot
3 ! I Take Snapshot
e (lick the Take Snapshot icon. SENT | at |
e Click ‘Done’.
e The transparent Background layer will be replaced by an
image of the desktop.
Eli ph hl [PE TRE RE IE RE EE Etat andl Ena I ELA
Note: The transparent
background has
been replaced with
a snapshot of the
current desktop
— —— ME ET
— am eh mn в.
110 ActivLearning Training Series
Importing Files
Teaching materials come in many different formats. Activinspire provides an import function that allows you to
import files from other applications such as Acrobat, Microsoft PowerPoint and SMART Notebook.
The following file types can be imported using File>Import:
PowerPoint files
ExamView XML files
SMART Notebook files
SMART Gallery items
To import a Powerpoint file:
Choose File>Import.
Choose from the two Powerpoint import options:
e As Images
e As Objects
e From the Select a Powerpoint File Dialog Box,
navigate to the file you want to import.
Fe] Edit View Insert Tools Help | Untided* (8
113 New Flipchart CtrHN
A New ›
ÉS Open... CrHO
1 Open Recent b
0] dose Fipchart син
| en Save Ctrl+S
1 Submit Fipcharts to Promethean Planet
| Import »
= Print... CUP
Powerpoint as Images
Powerpoint as Objects
[0 зан. a
Q =
SMART Notebook Fie v8, v9, v9.5, v10
SMART Gallery Item Fie
ExamView XML file
Resource Pack To My Resources...
Resourca Pack To Shared Resources...
ActivLearning Training Series 111
e Click Open. Activinspire displays a progress bar and the selected file is imported to a new
‘Untitled’ flipchart.
Note: The ‘As Images’ option imports each slide of the Powerpoint as a single image. The ‘As Objects’ option allows each
object within the imported Powerpoint to be selected, manipulated and edited.
So | 2 ME) 1PlantParts ppt moort PowerPoint in
My Recent “ElInside the Earth.ppt TALE 11
Ian | Documents | @B}isms-realism.ppt
ME photosynthesis. ppt
Sl problem_solvino.ppt
Desktop SP volcanos ppt 3
My Documents
My Computer
a File name: | Great Inventors of the Past.ppt
_MyNetwork _ Files ol lype: | Powerpoint Files (*.ppt’)
112 ActivLearning Training Series
To import other file types:
e Choose File>Import.
e Choose from one of the following:
e ExamView XML file
e SMART Notebook File (v8, vg, v9.5 v0) =e =
e SMART Gallery File ==
| | Import p
Powerpoint as Images
1 = Print... СЫР | |} Powerpoint as Objects
| (a) Settings... . PDF... —
a Exit SMART Notebook File v8, v9, v9.5, v10 “ a
SMART Gallery Item File
Examview XML file
IMS QTI XML file —
Resource Pack To My Resources...
Resource Pack To Shared Resources...
e From the ‘Select a *** File’ Dialog Box, navigate to the file you want to import.
e Click Open. Activinspire displays a progress bar and the selected file is imported to a flipchart of the
same name as the original file. o
You can select, manipulate and edit the objects imported from the file.
ActivLearning Training Series 113
To import a PDF:
Choose File>Import>PDF.
—— e From the ‘Select a PDF File’ Dialog Box, navigate to the file you want to import.
e Click Open. The ‘Import from PDF’ Dialog Box opens.
e Apply changes as desired to the options in the ‘Import from PDF’ Dialog Box.
e Page Size - Import the original page size, or change width and height as required.
e Pages - Import all or a range of pages.
е Import To - Choose the destination. You can choose to create a new flipchart, or add the
imported page(s) to the currently active flipchart.
Page Size (©) Original PDF Page Size
= Ш O Custom
Width [516 | Height | 1,056 |
Pages (С) All (37 pages)
© From [1 Mes |
Import To (© New Flipchart
() ¡The Beginning of the Current Fiipchart |
= == >= > -— O The End of the Current Flipchart
| Cancel || Import |
e Click Import. ActivInspire displays a progress bar and the selected page(s) of the PDF is imported to the
chosen destination.
114 ActivLearning Training Series
Object Browser
The Object Browser allows a user to view objects on the page and to manipulate them.
To access the Object Browser from the Main Menu:
e Select View>Browsers.
e Click on the Object Browser icon.
All the objects on the page will be listed.
The order and layer of each object will be displayed. The Browser will indicate the object type by the
displaying the icon of the tool which created it next to the object s name. Also displayed will be an
indicator of objects which are hidden and/or locked. o
e Hidden objects cu
= Locked objects
Note: Once an object is locked, it cannot be unlocked using the Select tool. It can be unlocked using the Object Browser
Popup Menu.
ActivLearning Training Series 115
Object Bowser
El Middle Layer
| + B® Shapes
|- В Shape?
BP shapes
= BE Image9 db
| + RE ImageS
‘BB Shape4
| - Shape3
+ [B} shape?
— „о | + T Text3
| T Text2
> T Textt
— i ES Image2
| y T Text13
— T Text14
Ml | + T Texts
| EE Imaget 9 |
a | Él Bottom Layer |
— - MT pos 6 =
-- Background Layer H
————]—É The Object Browser can be used to work with objects in the following ways:
— e Reorder or change the layer of objects by dragging and dropping within the Object Browser.
_ e All objects can be locked or unlocked on the page by clicking the word ‘Locked’ at the top of
the Object Browser.
116 ActivLearning Training Series
All objects can be hidden or shown on the
page by clicking the word ‘Hidden’ at the top
of the Object Browser.
e Edit objects within the Object Browser by
selecting the object and using the Popup
Menu to make changes. |
E Property Browser F9 _ I
bo . 2 = Middle Layer id
Individual objects can be locked or hidden by | y Sres ‚Action Browser F10
. + y Shape3 E В — 0 =
selecting the desired setting on the "IP shape? WI edt Shape Points
Popup Menu. | y , Insert link to file...
— T Text25 В 1
Ten o Sor
| y T Tetsl Ctr
E — T Text26
| ОТ Texte E o
|! T техно
— T Text? Ctrl+D
| leaves a ==
-- MN petals
| EN stem › =
—— UN roots
= Bottom Layer b
CG — === -
ActivLearning Training Series 117
== Locking an object to the Background layer
e To lock an object to the Background layer, select the object in the Object Browser and drag it to the
Background layer.
e Once an object is on the Background layer, it is no longer editable.
e To remove the object from the Background layer or to edit the object, select the object in the Object
Browser and drag it to any of the other layers.
More Presentation Tools
Magic Ink
The Magic Ink tool in Activinspire reveals hidden objects by allowing you to “see through” objects ordered
below it on the top layer of the flipchart.
To access the Magic Ink Tool:
e Select Tools>Magic Ink.
e Click and drag the Magic Ink tool over objects located on the Top layer of the flipchart page. lt will
appear that the objects are being deleted, and you will be able to view any objects that were beneath
them on the Middle, Bottom or Background layers of your flipchart page.
118 ActivLearning Training Series
e The Magic Ink tool does not erase or delete objects. It creates a transparent object which allows you
to “see through” objects created or placed on the Top layer of the flipchart page to objects created or
placed on the Middle, Bottom or Background layers.
e Objects created with the Magic Ink tool are called annotations and are placed on the Top layer.
e You may change the width of the Magic Ink tool by using the width slider or the preset widths.
e Since the Magic Ink tool doesn't affect objects that have not been moved to the Top layer, such as
textboxes and images, it can be used in the classroom by students to uncover hidden answers or
information on a page.
In this example, students can use the Magic Ink tool to reveal the structure of the inside of a volcano.
Using Magic Ink to view through: y
objects on the top layer. X i
Look Inside a Volcano
Magic Ink
Tool reveals
ActivLearning Training Series 119
To create this page:
e Select a background from the Resource Library.
e Use the Shape tool to place a rectangle on the page.
e Place the rectangle on the Bottom layer.
e From the Resource Library, place the volcano diagram and photo of ‘Mt Mayon’.
(Subjects>Geography> Geology>Volcano) on the page.
e Place ‘Mt. Mayon’ on the Top layer.
e Objects created with the Magic Ink tool will “look through” all items on the Top layer, allowing
items below to be visible.
Note: To see the text Look inside a Volcano" it must be placed to the front of the ‘Mt. Mayon image on the Top layer.
In this example, students use
the Magic Ink tool to make the
connection by looking through
the real photograph to the
diagram of the components
It is important to note that the
Magic Ink creates an annotation
object. This object may be
selected, sized, edited and moved
in the same way as an annotation
created by the pen or highlighter.
120 ActivLearning Training Series
View through objects placed on the
Top Layer with Magic Ink.
Top Layer
(Magic Ink works with
this layer)
Middle Lay er
Image, Lines, Shapes,
Bottom Layer
Initially Empt,
Background Layer
Always underneath all
other items
Color, Image or Gric
Customizing Your Main Toolbox
ActivInspire provides the option for frequently used tools to be added to the Main Toolbox for easy access.
To do this, go to Edit>Profiles>Commands.
E A : —
| m= Authoring | 2 - y x o
NE Layout e Commands | [4] User defined buttons | [BJ Settings |
|All Commands >| [Main Toolbox =]
Separator = I Highlighter E
\ Select Eraser ED
f Pen Fill
й Highlighter pr Shape
| Text
e Connector
e Insert Media From File
| Text
Pa Connector Separator
= 7?
~~ Shape Menu: Clear
Sg ° ta
Da +} | 12) Reset Page = | |
<< Remove | Move Up | ~ Move Down |
Choose the Command you would like on the Main Toolbox.
Select ‘Add ‘and the tool icon will appear at the bottom of the right window of the Commands screen and on
Main Toolbox.
ActivLearning Training Series 121
To change the position of the icon on the ET EE NE
Main Toolbox, click on the icon on the pve A Pa ——
right side of the Commands screen and —
o _ select ‘Move Up’ or ‘Move Down. You (В Layout | L Commands Г User defined buttons | Le) Settings |
will be able to see where it is positioned [Al Commands > denme E
o by looking at the Main Toolbox in your a = JZ woe В
О flipchart window as you click. № = BY г.
To remove a Tool from the Main Toolbox, # a Ai
click on the icon in the right window of the Y ra shape
mm НИИ ОЕ И ОНННННННННН _ ! fr Eraser à Connector
Command screen and select Remove. & ”
| e Insert Media From Elle
a When finished, click ‘Done’. Your changes Te T J
will now be available in the current profile. Y cometo Separator
Mm Shape 4 Menu: Clear a
EEE EE и у п e] | 27 Reset Page №
o | Add>> | {_<<Remove | | Move Up | | Move Down |
— EE (Restore File Associations] | Wh
122 ActivLearning Training Series
Connector Tool
The Connector tool is used to draw connections between objects on the flipchart page. For
instance, it could be used to create concept maps or to organize information into categories. The
connecting line adapts automatically and keeps the objects connected when they are moved.
To activate the Connector tool:
e Click on the Connector tool.
e Choose a connector style from the Connector Menu.
e Choose the line color from the color palette on the
Main Toolbox.
e Choose the line width with the pen slider or presets.
e Move to the flipchart page, press and draw the line from
one object to another.
The Connect lines will be placed on the Top layer.
Note: Objects to be connected must be on the flipchart page before the
Connector tool is activated.
In this example the steps for a scientific investigation can be put
into order by the students.
ActivLearning Training Series 123
Step 1
Create objects on the flipchart page.
—_——————— нЕ ——— но о ОНЕОННННННННЕ
Step 2
Connect the objects with the proper headings.
124 ActivLearning Training Series
Step 3
Arrange the page by moving connected objects in a logical, easy to follow order. SA.
ActivLearning Training Series 125
Adding Commands to Toolbar
Annotate over the Desktop
Automatic Annotation Grouping
Board Maintenance
Bring Forward and Backward
Camera Tool
Clear Tool
Compass Tool
Configure other Devices
Connector Tool
Creating a Flipchart
Customizing Toolbar
Deleting Commands from Toolbar
Design Mode
Desktop Flipchart
Desktop Flipchart as Background Image
Dice Roller
Drag a Copy
126 ActivLearning Training Series
20-25, 27,119-120
25, 54, 66
14, 106-110
Edit Shape Points
Editing Text
Eraser Tool
Express Poll
Fill Tool
Flipchart Structure
Freely-Move Object
Grid Designer
Grouping objects
Highlighter Tool
Import other files
Import PDF
Import PowerPoint
Importing Resource Packs
Increase/Decrease Size
Insert page
Launching ActivInspire
Layers of a Flipchart
Locking objects
Locking to background
Magic Ink
Manipulating objects
Marquee Handles
Notes Browser
28, 70
25, 106
14, 15-19
22-23, 118-119
26-30, 35, 41, 105
Object Browser
Object Edit Menu
On-Screen Keyboard
Page Browser
Page Scale Options
Pen Tool
Pin View options
Protractor Tool
Recording Sounds
Repositioning Text
Resize objects
Resource Browser
Resource Library -Activities and Templates
Resource Library-Background
Resource Library-Grids
Resource Library-Search
Resource Library-Settings
Resource Library-Sounds
Restore ActivInspire
Revealer Tool
Rotate Object
Ruler Tool
Saving a Flipchart
Select Tool
Selecting Multiple Objects
28-30, 43
9-11, 20
14, 15-16, 21, 27, 60,
26, 28, 55
33, 107-109
Shape Tool
Sizing Objects
Spotlight Tool
Switching between the ActivInspire Studio
and Primary interface
Text Tool
Toggle Group
Training and Support
Translucency Slider
View Menu
XY Origin Tool
ActivLearning Training Series 127
Promethean Planet
Once an educator opens the door to the ActivClassroom, the
ActivClassroom is everywhere. Promethean Planet makes it possible,
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online networking community dedicated to sharing, training, and,
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