Pompei 1 User`s Manuals - Specialty Restaurant Equipment

Pompei 1 User`s Manuals - Specialty Restaurant Equipment
by Gruppo Izzo srl Via Passanti flocco, 387
80041 Boscoreale (NA)
Noi GRUPPO IZZO S.r.l. Via Passanti Flocco, 387 Boscoreale 80041 (NA) ITALY
Dichiariamo in tutta responsabilità che l’attrezzatura a pressione:
We declare under our sole responsability, that the product :
Anno di fabbricazione_______________
Frequenza 50/60Hz
Pressione esercizio max PS 1,8bar
Max working pressure
Temperatura di esercizio
Working temperature/Temperature de service
Simbolo della ditta MY WAY
Manufacturer’s mark
Tmax 131°C Tmin 70°C
Numero di fabbrica_________________
Serial number
alla quale questa Dichiarazione si riferisce, secondo quanto prescritto dalle direttive specifiche:
to which this declaration relates is, according to the provisions of the specific directives:
Direttiva macchina 98/37/CE; Direttiva Bassa Tensione 73/23/CEE, 93/68/CEE; Direttiva
EMC 89/336/CEE, 93/68/CEE, 92/31/CEE; Direttiva attrezzatura a pressione PED 97/23/CE
è conforme alle seguenti norme:
it complies with the following norms:
EN 60335-1, EN 60335-2-75, EN 55014-1, EN 55014-2, EN 61000-3, EN 61000-4, EN 50366.
Boscoreale lì, _________________
il rappresentante legale
This instruction manual forms an integral part of the espresso coffee
machine (also defined, herein, more simply “machine”) and must to be kept
for possible future consultation.
In the event of the machine being sold or transferred to another person, this
manual must be handed over to the new user in order to enable him to get acquainted with the
operation of the equipment and the corresponding advice and warnings.
Before installing and using the machine read the advice and the warnings contained in this
instruction manual very carefully. These have been drawn up in order to ensure safety of
installation, use and maintenance.
Possible information or diagrams regarding particular models will be attached to this instruction
The espresso coffee machine is designed solely for the production of coffee.
Any use of the espresso coffee machine other than for the production of coffee is to be considered
as improper use.
Always pull out the plug off the electric power supply before proceeding to any cleaning or
maintenance operations.
Should any modification prove necessary to the electrical system, this should be carried
exclusively by professional qualified and authorized staff.
Modify or attempting to modify this machine, in addition to rendering any form of warranty null
and avoid, is extremely dangerous.
To guarantee the efficiency of the machine and to ensure its proper operation it is essential to
adhere to the direction provided by the manufacturer and to make sure that any maintenance
work is carried out exclusively by professional qualified staff.
The use of the espresso coffee machine, as for any other electrical device, involves observing
certain fundamental rules, in particular:
Do not touch machine with wet or moist hand or feet.
Do not use the machine when you are barefoot.
Do not use the machine in premises such as bathrooms or shower rooms.
Do not tug on the power supply cable to disconnect it from the mains supply.
This machine has been designed to be used by adult persons; consequently, prevent any
children from gaining access to it for example with the intention to play with it.
Data on data place.
The voltage and frequency are given on the data plate located on the side part of the machine.
You are referred to this data plate to check compliance.
The machine is delivered attached to a special wooden pallet and protected with cardboard
packaging. Once you have removed the packaging make sure the machine is in perfectly good
condition. If you are in any doubt, do not use it and contact immediately the dealer who sold it to
Check that the machine is standing perfectly level. If it is necessary, adjust the feet.
Installation must be carried out exclusive by qualified and authorized staff, in compliance with
current national standards and following the manufacturer’s instructions.
The machine must be fed exclusive with cold water for human consumption (drinking water) and
the running pressure must be between 1 and 4 bar.
Connection to the water mains must be made following the manufacturer’s instructions and by
professionally qualified staff.
Between the water mains and the charge pipe of the machine a tap must be installed so that the
water supply must be shut off if need be.
Where the feed water is particularly hard, you are advice to install a softner. In order to eliminate
also any solid particles (i.e. sand).
It is necessary to clean the softner every seven days. On the contrary the manufacturer will not
responsible for the damage to the machine.
This devices must be in compliance with the relevant national standard in force.
Insert the water feed pipe of the machine, you find into the machine accessories, into the water
mains and into the softner and join the flexible pipes with the water feed pipe located under the
coffee cup heather.
Fasten the water discharge pipe in the housing provided (under the coffee cup heather) making
sure that:
The pipe is a hose.
The water discharge hose is not throttled in any point throughout its length.
The discharge hose present a slope at least 15% downwards.
It is advisable to see that the discharge water goes directly into an open drain trap.
Electric safety of the machine is achieved solely when the appliance is property connected to an
efficient earthed system made in compliance with current national safety standards.
Make sure that these fundamental safety requirements respected and if you are in any doubt ask
for a through check of the electrical system by professional qualified and authorized staff.
The manufacturer declines all responsibility for damage and/or injury that might ensue from any
failure to earth the system properly.
Under non circumstances, attempt to repair the machine yourself, since any intervention on the
part of persons who are not competent, in addition to be dangerous, may cause serious damage to
it. In the event of a failure, contact the dealer who sold you the machine. He will be able to give
you the address of your nearest Authorized Technical Service Centre.
It is essential that the electrical wiring system where the machine is to be installed should have
adequate current carrying capacity for the maximum power of the machine, as shown on the data
If you are in any doubt, call in a professionally qualified and authorized technician: the technician
must make sure that the section of the system cables is suitable for the power absorbed by the
To achieve a proper and safe installation of the machine it is necessary to provide an appropriate
socket controlled by an omni polar switch, with a contact-opening gap of not less than 3 mm, in
accordance with current national safety standards.
This switch must moreover be equipped with fuses, with associated residual current device
positioned in such a way as to be readily accessible. The plug may be replaced exclusive by
professionally qualified and authorized staff, and the new plug must comply with national safety
standards in force.
Make sure to unroll the power supply cable to its entire length and check that it is not squeezed in
any way.
When the machine has been correctly connected to the electric supply mains, and to the water
drainage system, you can start it up.
When you start up the machine the first time you have to proceed as follows: open the water
supply tap and insert the plug in the electric supply socket and switch on the power supply via
appropriate switch.
Make sure that filter with the desire capacity has been installed in the filter holder. After the
coffee has been loaded and pressed into the filter, the coffee level in the filter must just touch the
spray head on brewing unit.
Once the filter holder has been installed into the machine, simply press the switch or pull down
the lever; when the coffee has reached the desired level, move the switch back or let the level
return to its original position.
Some buttons regulates the desired quantity of coffee in the automatic model. Programming the
coffee brewing cycles:
• Push and maintain the fifth button for at last 3 seconds; the starting of
programming is showed by a flashing LED relating to the same button.
• In 5 seconds push the button for the regulation of quantity you desire to
memorize (the Led of the programming button remain steadily lit and lights up the
LED of the quantity you are programming).
• When you have the desired quantity, push one of the five brewing buttons to
stop and memorize the quantity.
For cleaning operation in general use an ordinary detergent for washing dishes or a solution of
alcohol; you are recommended not to use abrasive detergents or powders, since these might
damage the finishing. Rinse thoroughly with plenty of cold water. Complete disinfection can,
however, be carried out only by the Authorized Technical Service Centres, and must be done at
least one year.
This machine is guaranteed for a period of one year from the date of purchase, which is proved by
valid document for the tax purpose, issued by Authorized Dealer. The document bears the name
of dealer and the date of sale. By “warning” is meant the free replacement or repair of any
component parts of the machine, which may prove fault at the source owing to manufacturing
The warranty does not cover any parts that might prove faulty on account of negligence or
careless in use on the part of the purchaser (failure to follow the instructions for operating the
machine), faulty installation or maintenance carried out by non-professional qualified staff,
damage resulting from transportation, or circumstances which, at any event, cannot be put down
to faults in the manufacture of the machine, and it doesn’t covers the electrical and electronic
Likewise excluded from this warranty is any intervention involved in installation and connection
up of the supply system, as well as the maintenance operations referred to in this instruction
The warranty is moreover invalidated in all cases of improper use of the machine.
The manufacturer declines all responsibility for any damage and/or injury that might be incurred
directly or indirectly by persons, animals, or things, as consequence of failure to follow all the
instruction manual, and in particular the warnings concerning installation, use, and maintenance
of the machine.
Should the machine undergo repair at one of the Authorized Technical Service Centres indicated
by the manufacturer, the transportation risks involved are to be borne by user. Likewise any
transportation expenses are at any event to be borne by the user.
In any case, this warranty shall not be prolonged following on a failure of the machine.
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