Residential Voice Quick Start Guide

Residential Voice Quick Start Guide
Residential Voice Quick Start Guide
How to Log into your Sandhill Connextions voice services account Portal
You can login to your Account Portal and configure all the features that Digital Phone Service has to offer
by doing the following:
1. Go to:
2. For your username, it will be your 10 digit phone number (Example: 520-555-1212 without
hyphens or spaces).
3. To obtain your password, click “Forgot Password” on the upper left side of the screen. A
password will then be emailed to you. There will be a link provided in the email as well as a
randomly generated password.
o If you don’t receive an email, please call Customer Service at (520) 568-8890 and ask that
your email address be added to your voice account.
o Once your email has been added, start again from Step 1 above.
4. Enter this password into the appropriate field and click “Login”.
From the “Home” page, click “Features” to configure all of your phone features (e.g. Call Forward,
Simultaneous Ring, etc.).
Note: When you log in for the first time, you will be prompted to enter a 4 digit CPNI Code of your choice.
(CPNI is a security code used for verifying an individual customer’s identity before providing access to
confidential and proprietary customer information).
How to Change your Account Portal Password
When you log in for the first time, you will be prompted to change your password. Your new password
must consist of 4-12 characters and cannot contain any spaces.
1. Enter the password provided to you on the original email in the “Old password” field.
2. Enter a password of your choosing in the “New password”, confirm your new password.
3. Click “Submit”.
How to Access Voicemail
Accessing the Voicemail System for the First Time
1. From your digital voice phone, dial your 10 digit phone number or dial *62 or *86
2. The default pass code is your current pass code OR 4227
3. When prompted, enter a new pass code
4. Re-enter the same new pass code at the prompt
5. If your new pass code is accepted, you will hear “your password has been changed successfully”
6. Press the # key
7. Once in the system, you will hear “Welcome to your Voice Messaging System. If you are not
calling from your home phone, press the * key.”
Accessing Voicemail while at Home or Away
1. From any phone, dial your phone 10 digit number, or dial *62
2. Press * to access your voicemail, once your recording picks up.
3. Enter your pass code at the prompt.
Voicemail Main Menu
To listen to your messages, press 1
To change your mailbox busy greeting, press 2
To change your mailbox no answer greeting, press 3
To compose and send a new message, press 5
To delete all messages, press 7
To go to the CommPilot Voice Portal press the * key
To repeat this menu, press the # key
While Listening to the Messages Menu
To save this message, press the # key
To erase this message, press 7
To repeat this message, press 2
To go back to the previous message, press 4
To play the message envelope, press 5
To go to the next message, press 6
For additional options, press 9
To go back to the previous menu, press the # key
Note: To clear the message waiting indicator without erasing messages, dial *99.
CommPilot Voice Portal Menu
To access your voicemail box, press 1
To record your name, press 3
To change your call forwarding options, press 4
To make a call, press 6
To change your pass code, press 8
To exit the CommPilot Voice Portal, press 9
To repeat this menu, press the # key
Voicemail Management: (*62)
This service allows you to specify how to handle your voice messages. You can retrieve voice messages
by using your phone and dialing your 10 digit telephone number or dial *62, or you can choose to send
voice messages directly to your e-mail address.
All Features are located in your Account Portal. Here are the top five features.
Anonymous Call Rejection
Call Waiting
Call Forwarding
Speed Dial
Voicemail Management
Anonymous Call Rejection (*77)
This feature prevents or allows calls from callers who have blocked their phone numbers from being
identified. Blocked callers will hear a message notifying them that their calls are being rejected.
From Your Phone: To activate Anonymous Call Rejection, dial * 77. To deactivate, dial *87.
Call Waiting On/Off
This service allows you to decide whether phone calls in progress can be interrupted by other calls.
NOTE: This service is not available with all access device types.
From Your Phone: To activate, log into your account portal click “On”. To deactivate for individual calls,
dial *70 before dialing out.
Call Forwarding Always (*72)
The Call Forwarding Always service allows you to redirect your incoming phone calls to another number,
such as a mobile phone or administrative assistant. Variations of Call Forwarding include Call
Forwarding No Answer and Call Forwarding Busy. Unlike those services, Call Forwarding Always
redirects all of your calls, not just those received when you do not answer or when you are talking on
your phone.
From Your Phone:
To activate, and/or change options for this service, dial *72 followed by the phone number that you will
be redirecting your calls to. Your calls remain forwarded until you dial the deactivation code (*73).
Speed Dial (*74)
This service allows you to associate single digit codes to frequently dialed or hard to remember phone
numbers. To use speed dial from your phone, dial the speed dial code number, then #. For example, to
call the number associated with Speed Dial Code 3, dial 3#.
From your phone: To begin programming Speed Dial Codes, dial *74, the speed dial code number and
the phone number that you will be associating with that speed dial code. For example, *74 3 5205551212
programs Speed Dial Code 3 to dial 520-555-1212.
*Feature Access Codes
Call Forwarding Always Activation
Call Forwarding Always Deactivation
Call Forwarding Busy Activation
Call Forwarding Busy Deactivation
Call Forwarding No Answer Activation
Call Forwarding No Answer Deactivation
Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking per Call
Calling Line ID Delivery per Call
Call Return
Cancel Call Waiting (per call)
Call Forwarding Not Reachable Activation
Call Forwarding Not Reachable Deactivation
Do Not Disturb Activation
Do Not Disturb Deactivation
Anonymous Call Rejection Activation
Anonymous Call Rejection Deactivation
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