2015 SYM Symba Spec sheet.cdr

2015 SYM Symba Spec sheet.cdr
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SF Moto is a small business that started in Fairfax inside of
‘moms garage” back in 1986. Currently located in the
SOMA area of San Francisco, you can find us at 275 8th.
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We operate with one simple rule: At SF Moto we pride
ourselves on helping educate Y OU (our customer) to make a
purchasing decision thats in YOUR BEST INTEREST,
whether it's about parts for your ride, protective apparel for
you to wear, service & repairs, or your next new or used
motorcycle or scooter purchase.
We truly love all things 2 wheels and will do whatever we can
to help you maximize your motorcycle experience.
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engineering since
SYM was founded in 1947, as Ching Feng Hang, an import
company of BSA motorcycles. It wasn't until 1954, that the
name Sanyang was first mentioned: Sanyang Electrics.
Sanyang Electrics was soon to be restructured into Sanyang
Industrial Co. Ltd. in 1961. In 1962, SYM formed a joint
venture with Honda to begin local assembly of motorcycles,
making them the first motorcycle manufacturer in Taiwan.
Their "money bike", the Honda CB125/150 has been made
by SYM since the early 1970's.
In 1969, SYM started assembling Honda microcars such as
the Honda TN360 and the Honda N600. These cars were
very popular in their day. It was this 32 year long
cooperation with Honda which helped SYM gain the know
how and instilled SYM's never ending thirst for perfection
and quality. For SYM its not about developing a
competitive product, it s about setting the bar.
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motorcycle, scooter
or car?
Fuel Efficieney The EPA, estimates the average
gasoline consumption for a passenger car at 21.5 mpg.
Realistically, the highway capable SYM HD200 scooter
accomplishes about 75mpg, an SYM Symba manages
100mpg and a Citycom 300i (highway capable) also
maintains 75mpg. This averages out to about 83.75 miles
per gallon, ultimately letting a scooter travel 4 times the
distance of the average car with the same amount of fuel.
“1 Economy (annual estimates)
Adult “A” fast pass $888.00
CAR (based on 20 mile round trip, $4.00/gallon)
- Annual insurance: $712.00
Gasoline (21mpg=228 gallons) $912.00
Annual total $1624.00
SCOOTER (based on 20 mile round trip, $4.00/gallon)
Annual insurance $150.00
Gasoline (80mpg=60 gallons $240.00
Annual total: $390.00
Environment Without going into too much detail,
scooters aren't just more fuel efficient, it also takes a lot less
out of the environment to build them, ship them, supply
them with fuels, parts etc. Here is why:
- The US imports roughly two million cars per year. That
translates into about 104 gallons of fuel needed to get the
car into a US port. For a scooter, only 24 gallons are needed,
whichis less than 1/4 of the fuel needed.
- The manufacturing process of a scooter only requires
roughly 10% of the raw materials and natural resources
required to build a car.
2:year factory
Engine: 4 cycle, 6.7hp
Size: 101.4cc
Bore & Stroke: n/a |
Compression Ratio: n/a 4
Cooling: Air cooled
Transmission: 4-speed
Starting System: Electric
Wheel Base: 48.2 Inches
Seat Height: 29.9”
Front Suspension: Telescopic
Rear Suspension: Swing arm
Front Brake: Drum 130mm
Rear Brake: Drum 110mm
Front Tire: 2.50-17 38L
Rear Tire: 2.50-17 38L
Fuel Capacity: 1.1 Gal.
Weight: 1 951b
a B Baby Blue / white
| B Black / white
B Red / white
Top Speed: 50mp/h
Headlight: Halogen
Classic design
Two tone
Gasoline mileage: ~100mp/g
Plenty of space for two
Dual saddle seats
Flip switch shock adjustment
Two year warranty
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