Tibboh APN details – for M900

Tibboh APN details – for M900
Tibboh APN details – for M900
On your mobile device:
1. Go to ‘Start’ > ‘Settings’ > ‘Connections’ tab and click on the ‘Connections’
2. Under the ‘My ISP’ heading, click on ‘Manage existing connections’.
3. On the ‘My ISP’ page, click ‘New’
4. Under ‘Enter a name for the connection’ enter tibboh
Under ‘Select a modem’ choose ‘Cellular Line (GPRS)’
Click ‘Next’
5. Under ‘Access point name’ enter tibboh.co.uk
Click ‘Next’
6. Under ‘Username’ enter tibboh
Under ‘Password’ enter internet
‘Domain’ stays clear
Click ‘Finish’
Click ‘ok’ to exit.
7. The device now automatically finishes the set-up process.
Open a browser and enter a website url (e.g. bbc.co.uk). You will be redirected to
the Tibboh login page. Enter the username and password you have been
provided with by Tibboh (or the student logins you have set up in your Tibboh
account). Once you have entered these details, you can use the internet as
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