Verifone Pin Pad 1000SE

Verifone Pin Pad 1000SE
Verifone Pin Pad
For merchants who don’t already offer PIN-based payment, the PINpad 1000SE
easily connects with a variety of POS terminals or ECRs. It also has a choice of USB
or serial connectivity for quick PIN acceptance, enabling merchants to take a larger
share of the debit market. Further, the USB option offers enhanced flexibility with
minimum cable clutter. It’s fast. It’s simple. It’s secure. And it’s from VeriFone.
Features & Benefits
The Highest Security Available for Less Fraud
• PCI PED approved to meet the latest standards for PIN
entry security
• Provides the best protection against fraud for you and
your consumers
Improved Ergonomics for Easier Use
• Sleek design features innovative “grip zone” to reduce
risk of dropping
• Larger, four-line display is very easy to read
• Intuitive key placement and large hard rubber keys
simplify use
• Function keys can be programmed as “hot” keys for
special tasks
• Enhanced graphics capabilities support larger fonts and
languages with graphics-based character sets
• Optional privacy shield offers additional security
protection for consumers
Backwards Compatibility and Simplified
• Fully backward-compatible with the previous PINpad
1000SE as well as the NURIT 222, so there’s no need to
swap out existing payment devices or ECR applications
• USB option provides another way to connect to payment
devices, PCs, and electronic cash registers (ECRs) – and
also minimizes cabling and countertop clutter
• Can be used with existing PINpad 1000 and PINpad
1000se cables, stands, and wall- or counter-mounting
VeriFone’s updated PINpad 1000SE improves on one of
the industry’s best-selling PIN pads by making it more
secure, easier to use, and more comfortable in hand
– all while ensuring full compatibility with both the
previous PINpad 1000se and NURIT 222 devices.
If you’re concerned with rising fraud, you’ll be glad
to know that the new PINpad 1000se meets the latest
security standards for PIN entry – effectively protecting
you and your customers. But enhanced security is just
the beginning.
As the volume of PIN-based transactions continues
to grow, you’ll also want a device that keeps your
checkout lines moving. The updated PINpad 1000se
has a larger, highly readable graphics display and
large, hard rubber numeric keys – plus function keys
for special tasks – that enhance the device’s ease of
use and minimize PIN entry errors. In addition, a new
tapered design features a unique “grip zone” that
reduces the chances of dropping.
Its USB product option – for communications and
power – simplifies cabling to help keep your counters
clutter-free. The best part is you can use the new
PINpad 1000se as a quick and easy replacement for
either the previous version of the PINpad 1000se, or for
the NURIT 222 – with no new software required.
So, if you thought the PINpad 1000se from VeriFone
was a good choice before, it just got even better.
Verifone Pin Pad 1000SE
Industries Served
• Convenience Store
• Retailers
• Restaurants
128 x 32 pixel LCD with 4 lines and up to 21
characters; superior graphics capabilities for
graphics-based character sets
16 large, hard rubber keys,
including 3 function keys
Benefits at a Glance
Factory optional USB or serial connectivity
• Better security protection and complies with PIN
• New design and larger graphics display is easier to use
and handle
3DES encryption, Master/Session and DUKPT key
management; PCI PED approved; VeriShield file
Height: 40 mm (1.57 in.);
Width: 80 mm (3.15 in.);
Depth: 145 mm (5.70 in.);
Shipping Weight
0.215kg (0.474 lb.)
-0° to 50° C (32° to 122° F) operating temperature;
0% to 95% operating humidity, non-condensing
Serial: 6-16V DC 0.5A max
USB: 5V DC +/-5%
• Connects with a variety of ECRs and POS devices
• Fully compatible with previous PINpad 1000SE and
*Optional Feature
Optional privacy shield
offers additional
protection for secure PIN
USB product option
simplifies cabling to
help keep your counters
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