Philips SWV3432W/27, SWV3431W, SWV2431W/27, SWV2431W, SWV3431W/27, SWV2432W/27 User manual

Philips SWV3432W/27, SWV3431W, SWV2431W/27, SWV2431W, SWV3431W/27, SWV2432W/27 User manual
Philips Gold Cables
HDMI™ Gold Cable
HDMI “Certified”
All Gold cables/products are tested and approved to
the HDMI standard of performance. We adhere to the
most current HDMI Standard specifications and are
Simplay certified.
Category 2 rating
All Gold series cables are category 2 rated for the
highest performance.
Metal Signal Shield
Metal shields the signal from outside interference better
than plastic while maintaining the impedance required
for the cable to perform at high speed. This style of
connector helps to provide higher performance by
keeping the connecting wires shorter and properly
in place.
Hermetic Sealed Connector
The Hermetic sealing protects the wires and holds them
in alignment while maintaining the critical impedance
of the cable. This also prevents moisture from oxidizing
the bare copper wires that would be exposed to air and
moisture in the air.
Molded Strain Relief
The molded strain relief secures the jacket and cable
to the connector virtually making the cable one piece
providing a strong, reliable, long lasting cable connector.
Protective PVC Jacket
The clear protective jacket provides a cosmetically
pleasing strong & flexible exterior.
Gold Plated Connector Contacts
Pure 24K Gold is the preferred material for connectors
as it is an excellent conductor and highly resistant to
oxidization ensuring a reliable connection.
Triple Shielding
The cable has two outer shields of 110% foil and
90% braid and individual inner “STP” Shielded
twisted pair construction to shield the signals from
outside interference.
– 1,080 Lines of resolution output
– Category 2 rated for the highest performance
– Metal signal shield
– Molded strain relief
– 24K gold connector contacts
– Triple shielding
SWV3432W/27 - 6ft HDMI cable
SWV3431W/27 - 3ft HDMI cable
HDMI™ Core Cable
– Standard HDMI cable for the cost-conscious
– Clear product visuals for easy connector reference
and uses
– Clear product descriptions focus on product
applications and ease-of-use
– Easy grip connector
SWV2431W/27 - 3ft HDMI cable
SWV2432W/27 - 6ft HDMI cable
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All rights reserved.
An HDMI cable is nothing more than a
HDMI 1.3a, Some clarity
HDMI 1.3 a/b, Glossary
conduit between two pieces of High
What specifically does HDMI 1.3 a/b add to
the 1.2 spec in terms of AV format support?
HDMI 1.3 a/b can support new formats and
capabilities in both audio and video. It increases
its single-link bandwidth from 165MHz (4.95
gigabits per second) to 340 MHz (10.2 Gbps).
With this increased bandwidth capability,
HDMI 1.3 a/b supports the demands of future
high definition display devices, such as higher
resolutions, high frame rates and Deep Color™.
Higher speed: HDMI 1.3 a/b increases its single-link
bandwidth over 200% to 10.2 Gbps to support the
demands of Deep Color™, future higher resolution
display devices, and high frame rates. In addition, built
into the HDMI 1.3 a/b specification is the technical
foundation that will let future versions of HDMI reach
significantly higher speeds.
Higher Resolution
HDMI 1080p provides over 450% the resolution of
480p, and over 225% the resolution of 720p HDTV
for greater detail and larger display sizes.
Higher Refresh Rates
We are increasingly seeing demand for display
panels with a faster 90Hz (up to 120HZ) refresh rate.
This trend will continue, as faster refresh rates
create smoother motion and less blurring.This will have
a significant impact on the gaming market.We will see
improved motion sequences and faster response times.
Deep Color™
Definition Hardware, albeit an LCD or
Plasma TV and/or a High-Def cable or
satellite box and/or a High-Def DVD
player. HDMI cables have evolved through
a series of iterations resulting in the latest
1.3 a/b specification.
HDMI 1.3 a/b, Quick Training
What is HDMI 1.3 a/b?
HDMI 1.3 a/b is an evolving standard that changes
to meet the needs of the market. HDMI 1.3 a/b
has capacity to spare, and can incorporate new
technology advancements and capabilities long into
the foreseeable future.
What new features do we get from HDMI
1.3 a/b?
Higher Speed 340MHz, double the Bandwidth,
Deep Color™, HD “Lossless” Audio™, CEC
(Consumer Electronic Control) and Lip Sync
What products or applications take advantage
of HDMI 1.3 a/b capabilities?
Blu-ray, PS3, HDTV, Hi-Def camcorder and some new
PC applications.
Why is HDMI 1.3 a/b so popular?
HDMI 1.3 a/b, High-Definition Multimedia Interface
is the first and only A/V (or audio/video) industry
supported, uncompressed, all-digital audio/video
What about new audio formats?
In terms of audio, HDMI 1.3 a/b adds additional
support for new, Lossless Audio™ compressed digital
audio formats Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD Master
Audio™ which provide up to 8 channels of lossless
surround sound. This gives users the highest quality
audio experience – the same as in the movie theater.
What about categories?
There are two versions of HDMI 1.3 a/b, Category
1&2. Category 1 cables have been tested to perform
at speeds of 75Mhz, the equivalent of 1080i. Category
2 cables perform at 340Mhz, the highest bandwidth
currently available over an HDMI cable. They can
easily handle a 1080p signal, including increased color
depths and increased refresh rates.
How long can you go?
Using 28 AWG, a cable of 16 feet can be readily
manufactured to Category 1 specifications.
Higher quality construction of 24 AWG (with tighter
construction tolerances, etc.) allow lengths of 40
to 50 feet and Category 2 performance. In addition,
cables using fiber optic or dual Cat 5 cables instead
of copper, usually in commercial applications can be
used to extend the length to 300 feet or more, at
greatly increased expense.
HDMI 1.3 a/b supports 30-bit, 36-bit and 48-bit color
depths, up from 24-bit depths in previous versions of
the HDMI specification.
– HDTVs and other displays go from millions of
colors to billions of colors.
– Eliminates on-screen color banding, for smooth
tonal transitions & subtle gradations between colors.
– Enables increased contrast ratio.
– Can represent as many as eight times more shades
of gray between black and white.
New Lossless Audio™ formats
In addition to HDMI’s current ability to support
high-bandwidth uncompressed digital audio and
compressed formats (Dolby® Digital and DTS),
HDMI 1.3 a/b adds additional support for new,
lossless compressed digital audio formats Dolby®
TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio™ for
theater-like professional sound quality.
Lip Sync
Incorporates auto AV synchronization to correct an
inherent flaw in earlier versions of HDMI.
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